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Monday, November 2, 2009

Progress on The Hooked Mittens!~ A Choice to Make

You gals are pretty good guessers!  Gayle and Kim from Cabin Creek Farm guessed mittens and so it is! I bought this kit/pattern from Tish Murphy (Tishkits) Minneapolis, MN.   I don't know if she has a website.  I will do a search later and let you know what I find.  The kit has all the wool and fleece for the mitten linings included. It looks a little tricky to sew them together so we'll see how that goes.
I'm not real crazy about the colors of the background wool that came with the kit. As you can see they are teal and blue. Beautiful colors but I just don't like it with the colors  in the circles.  So.....I am faced with a choice.  What direction do I go with the background here.  I've been holding everthing from black to grey, cream, lime green(the color of the fleece lining), a soft mauve pink.  I've changed my mind at least twenty times already.   I have to decide something pretty soon as I get real impatient to finish something when I finally get  started.  I hook all night sometimes like a crazy woman.  Lately though, with all the care giver duties and stuff going on with my Mom  I have been so dead tired at night I can't stay awake.
We have Dr. appointments this afternoon and I need to grocery shop so I will have to wait to get back out in the studio until later.
Speaking of the studio, Dave and two of our best buds installed electric baseboard heaters out there last weekend.  So far I have been keeping real toasty. We will have to see how well they work when the temperature falls below zero this winter! The pic above is of the fellows, cute as heck don't you think?  Dave is on the left, Dann and Mike (from PA.)  Thanks guys..........
On a side note: Kim from Cabin Creek Farm asked about the little white resin Jol in the photo with my White Jol Hooked Mat.  I bought several of them last year at a country shop we have near here. I have been trying to find the company that makes them online, but no luck yet. They are the best looking little things I've found and use them throughout the house.  If anyone knows the company that makes these let us know. It would be fun to offer them for sale on my selling blog (just a thought).


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  1. YAY! I guess right! My choice would be to hook the background in a cream color - it really would really make the circles POP!


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