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Friday, September 8, 2017

Seven New Rug Hookers Begin Their Journey!

They traveled four or more hours from the Minnesota (Battle Lake) and North Dakota border area to take a beginning rug hooking class from me!  Seven friends who quilt together and wanted to learn rug hooking in the worst way!
Their eagerness to learn and the excitement that exploded the minute they walked through the front door of my studio was all I needed to know they would be a dream class! 

Watching as they pulled their first loops and hearing the sighs and exclamations of "oh.. I was hoping I wouldn't like this" then laughter.. I knew they were on their way to joining the forces of rug hookers world wide!
There's nothing like it.... 
the thrill of putting a rug hook in the hands of those who can touch fabric and turn it into magical works of art.
Rug hooking comes natural to these kindred souls.... all they need is a little instruction and knowledge of the right tools and
some gentle reassurance that the hard earned money spent on the right hook, wool cutter, frame, and the beautiful wools will provide them hours of pleasure and satisfaction  for years to come!

Rug hooking becomes a therapy of sorts... as those of us long time rug hookers can tell you.
We applaud the time, sacrifice and energy it took for you all to attend this class!

Please welcome Penny,  Kari, Karen, Jean,  Faye, Jolene and Denise to our wonderful world of rug hooking!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage here at my studio!
My hope is to see those rugs now that you will be working on!
Big hugs and Best wishes as you hook your way to Happiness!

Cathy G