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Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Few Things to Share Before I Forget!

I never did share photos of our last second Tuesday Hook-in!   So many wonderful things were shared including this hand-decorated vest that Holly was wearing!  Maggie Bonanomi made this for her back in 1994!  It is signed and dated...how cool is that!  

I took photos of this all around and as you can see it is so awesome!  

The back....

And the signature and date just under the arm.
That Holly... she is always full of surprises!  And what about her crow necklaces!!  She doesn't remember where she got them but at a folk art show she thinks!!  
So fun!

Nancy shows her newest project... a turkey pillow... the design is by Buttermilk Basin I believe. I LOVE those colors!  Great finish Nancy!

Rhonda was just starting this cute wool appliqué...  I hope she brings it in November so I can share more info. on the design! It sure is a fun piece so far... don't you think?

Lisa is working on this wool applique runner from Rebekah Smith's new book.  She has adapted the design to have two deer, the pattern has one deer.   Lisa is new to wool applique and is very brave to take on a bigger runner!  But did you ever know Lisa to fear taking on a 
bigger project?  

We had a special guest as this month's gathering!  Carol from Lodi, WI.  She travels to Rice Lake frequently to help out her elderly dad.   She has wanted to stop forever... and finally she did!  What a delight she is and she brought her rug from Lori Brechlin's challenge a while back.  What a treat to see it in person!

Yummy wools and fabulous hooking! 

Carol is a wonderful quilter as well.  She brought this fabulous one with the tiniest postage stamp size squares to show us.   Look at it close up....

I just LOVE her colors!  
I have been wanting to try a little quilting myself but I think I will start with a something a little easier!  
Life has been busy here to the extreme... I keep thinking I'll have more time as each day passes and all I do is get further behind.  
But hopefully I will be able to post again soon.

I did finish this rug for a client... my Home Sweet Home design.

I have to sew on a label and send it off soon.

Are you ready for the weather to change?  We are expecting snow in the next couple of days... so we've been busy buttoning up around here!
SO many things to do before we settle in for that loooonnnnng winter's nap!!  LOL!!
What is a nap anyway?  LOL!  I think I need one!! 

Cathy G

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Autumn Valley Hook-in Stillwater, MN... tons of photos!!!

A trip with my friend Lisa to the Autumn Valley Hook-in in Stillwater, MN was just the medicine I needed!!  I haven't been to a hook-in for at least four years and I was ITCHING to go!!  Well... it didn't disappoint!  I met people who I had only talked with online and practically all my hooking friends from our group who meet here every month were in attendance!
Warning.... TONS of photos follow!  I will try and explain as I go and hope I remember everything!
My brain is a little tired from all the excitement and inspiration overload today!

The very first booth just inside the door was Cathy Stephan from Red Barn Rugs in Hamburg, WI.  I have been wanting to meet Cathy since we share the same first name spelled with a C and we share the love of rug hooking!  Her business name is similar also with Red Barn and mine being Red House! LOL!  We must both like red buildings! LOL!

My friends and hooking group are shopping a little in Cathy's booth!

Lisa was shopping like a maniac! She was so excited as it was her first hook-in ever!  I almost had to tie her up as she raced from booth to booth!  Do you think she had a wonderful time?!! 

Cathy herself... I know she was warm from the rush to set up her booth and besides that it was raining pretty good when the vendors arrived... around 6:30 am to be ready for the doors to open at 9:00!  It takes a good amount of time to set up and haul all that lovely wool in and hang the rugs!  These girls work hard for every cent!

A favorite in Cathy's booth this pumpkin rug! And all those gorgeous yarns!! 

Another favorite in Cathy's booth this wonderful sheep rug/pillow!!  Oh my how I love this!!

And.... this was the raffle rug the hook-in committee hooked!  OH MY!  LOVE!!   I wonder who won this fabulous piece? It was called Sherlock and Watson!  Designed by Carol Rae Dunn. 

Lisa found Lauri Lausen from L.J. Fibers at the Wooly Red Rug in her booth!

Laurie has this fabulous new book out... a wonderful collection of Herbal Folklore and hooked and punched projects!  Of course a copy had to come home with me!!  I can't wait to snuggle in bed this evening and savor each page.... that is if I can stay awake... 

Some projects in the book.... I just love the softer color pallet and dyed wool!

More applique and punch needle from Laurie's book!

There was a nice variety of vendors at this show! This is Mayumi Takahashi sporting her hand made jewelry!  It was fabulous!  She was part of a group called Creative Juice Commissary. The photo below shows some of their work collectively.

Kim Kaelin from FancyThisFolkArt.com was part of this group along with Pat Weaver, Judy King,Teresa Jacobson, Mary Beth Schuller.

More items in the Creative Juice Commissary Booth!

And really... there IS actual hooking going on!! 

You might even see a little knitting going on!

A small rug show of course! 
I tried to get the names of the rug's makers on the  second photo following the rug photos. 
I know I didn't get all of them so bear with me....

This was a fabulous Waldoboro style rug ( hooked and sculpted)!

Any one recognize the lovely lady in this photo? Why yes it is Sharon Smith! I didn't get a chance to talk to her personally... but seeing a famous designer was very fun!! 

Ginny Glover from Cabin Fever Hooked Rugs had a very very lovely booth! I have always admired her work and her booth didn't disappoint!

This great rug on display in her booth features some wonderful spot dye wools....

This hand-dyed sparkle wool in her booth really caught my eye!!!

Some more of that sparkle overdyed in a rich pumpkin!!  Ohhh... I want some to just pile up and look at!! 

More of Ginny's rugs..

And the day was over all too soon... I even came home with a little door prize...

....this wonderful little hand-made basket and small cutting board from Village Crafters booth!
Yay! I never win anything and this was especially fun... the basket is the perfect size to hold my business cards in the studio!
The icing on the cake to a perfect day!
(A special Thank you to my friend Lisa for driving me around and getting us there and back in record time!)  
Cathy G