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My home town is Rice Lake, a small town in northern Wisconsin. I own Red House Wool Studio~ an in-home wool and rug hooking business. I enjoy collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of my interests and ramblings about life. Cathy Greschner

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Dye Kitchen

She ain't fancy! My dye kitchen happens to be my one and only kitchen.   Trying to dye wool with no cooktop has been a challenge. But then so is cooking or doing anything else in my outdated kitchen. The old cooktop has met it's demise and is waiting for the trip to the recycler. We've had a contractor here a few times lately to give us some ideas. We've come up with a nice looking plan for a remodel.  It's looking hopeful but may be closer to Fall when any work can begin. 


Here's my wool dryer.  Tain't fancy either. But it works and saves a little on the electric bill.  I do have a dryer that works but is old.  Our washer works if you go down between cycles and give it a punch... that seems to trigger something and it starts back up again.
Sigh...  Just so you know I'm not complaining.  Just explaining. 

Oh... the dead raccoon in the photo above is the deaf dog's toy.  We seem to be getting along okay and make adjustments everyday when something crops up that used to be taken so for granted. The slight sound of the treat package opening could guarantee his little nose would be poking around the corner.  Now I can open the fridge, clang the pots and pans, holler for him to come get a treat..... and nothing.  It just breaks your heart. So we are learning doggy sign language.  
Will keep you posted on how that works out!

The fruits of my labor today. 

Cathy G

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Talk About Ugly!

Oh no.... I'm not talking about the wool!  It's life at times... it gets ugly when you have to make tough decisions.  When our health, our pets health and the ravages of age and things beyond our control seem to peck away at us.  Recently our little dog Max lost his hearing.  So now we have one deaf dog and one diabetic dog.  I think Max may have some other issues as well.  Our dogs are eleven years old. So I suppose there will be some ugly things to deal with in the future.

Some tough decisions had to be made concerning my business here in the studio.
Not pretty... but they had to be made.

The important thing to remember when the uglies start to invade and you are trying like heck to fight them off... the beauty is there.  The sun will eventually peek through and shed light, warmth and understanding.  

A few years ago I received a slip of what we've always thought to be a Christmas Cactus from my mom.  The plant my mom has is gigantic. Mom named it Fern because the lady she got the plant from years ago was named Fern. Mine has grown considerably over the years despite neglect and forgetting to water the ugly thing.  Oh talk about ugly... I think this is one ugly plant!  Except when she decides to bloom.  As you can see in the photo below... Fern Jr. is loaded with buds this year.  I do believe she prefers to bloom around Easter as she only had a few blossoms at Christmas.   Easter must be her favorite time of year.

I tend to forgive and over- look her ugliness when she is loaded with these lovely pink flowers.
I think life is much the same when the ugly comes around looking for a place to camp. If we forgive, look for the beauty in things and wait for the blossoms... it makes for a much easier trip.

Cathy G

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My New Wool Applique Pattern and Kit Now on ETSY!

I am very pleased to announce my new wool applique pillow pattern is now available on ETSY as well as a limited number of kits for the project!  Click on the photo in the Mini Etsy at the top of my blog and it will take you straight to Etsy!  

I am overwhelmed and humbled by all of your wonderful comments on our booth at the Quilt Event! I wish you all could have been there too!  If anyone ever travels to northern WI be sure to look up Rice Lake and come pay a visit!! The coffee and tea pot are always on!

We had six or seven inches of snow here today... good thing I had lots to do in the studio.. I barely noticed what it was doing outside.  

Later this evening I sat with a glass of wine and watched snow gently falling outside the window. It was relaxing and gave me a chance to reflect.  

Just what I needed today!!

Cathy G