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My home town is Rice Lake, a small town in northern Wisconsin. I own Red House Wool Studio~ an in-home wool and rug hooking business. I enjoy collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of my interests and ramblings about life. Cathy Greschner

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Afternoon Delight!

When hookers gather at my studio the first few moments are spent browsing around to see what new things I've been creating or what new colors of wool I've been simmering in the dye pots.  The key lime wool in the above photo was a hit with everyone!!
Come meet the ladies of the early evening who gather here a few times a month.  


Eva hooking her house trivet on monks cloth.  Only her second project and already knows she doesn't like monks cloth!  The trivet is a pattern from Jill Holmes at Northwoods Wool.  Eva is one of my students from my first class at the WITC this spring.

Jeannie hooking one of my kits the Grinning Jack- on linen.  This is her fourth project and she is really getting her loops nice and high and is really doing a great job.   Jeannie is one of my students from my first class this Spring also.


Lorena is visiting from a nearby town and hasn't been hooking very long. She is working on a pattern she drew free hand based on a rosemaling design. She does rosemaling and sews and does a lot of different crafts.  

Saundra is also from a nearby town and learned to hook with Lorena. She is working on a cover for a brick doorstop with the likeness of a kitty she once had.  

These ladies are a delight and the answer to my prayer some time ago that I find some one to share my love of hooking. We meet here in my studio at least two or three times a month.  

I can't help thinking back to the time when I was a lone hooker sitting in my studio wondering if I would ever find ANYBODY to hook with!!   Not only did I find some ladies..... they are the sweetest, most wonderful new friends you could ever find!  I am blessed. 
Cathy G

My next rug hooking  class for beginners is scheduled to begin at the WITC ( technical college) beginning  Thurs.Oct. 6.   Email me for the class specifics or call the school to register. (800-243-9842)

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Time for a Winner........ Oh Gina........

It's time to find this little mat it's new home!  What a treat to have so many comments and emails about your color choices and preferences in mat shapes etc.!!  There are so many choices to be made when designing a rug as rug hookers know.  That's what I find so exciting about this craft. We aren't limited at all by color, style, size shapes etc.  From coasters to large room size rugs, purses, art to hang on the wall..... rug hooking embraces it all!!

To the many who are thinking of learning how to rug hook I encourage you to take action!  With all the tools you need available online and some nice instruction ( lot's of free instruction too I might add) there is no better time to learn!

I am saving all of your comments from this give-away and the many nice emails I received also ( over 67 of them!) in a notebook to read from time to time!  So very encouraging to me and when the blues hit on a cold winters day (or a nice day for that matter LOL!)  I will read your comments...... your gift to me for which I am grateful and honored to have you as readers and followers of my blog.  I think I'll have another give-away soon.... just to see all the new followers!  All you bloggers know the thrill of getting those followers!  It's a bit like hoarders...... except blog followers don't take up that much space!! :))

So now......... to the follower who will give this little mat and some added little goodies some space in her home is.........

Gina!  ....... Cat Nap Inn Primitives!   Clear some space for this little mat!  It will be coming to live with YOU!!  ( I will need your address sweetie!)  


The wool has been flying out in my studio this past week and weekend!  The photo above is a teaser for a little sneak peek!  I haven't even started cutting the wool yet for my class but that won't take long thanks to the new Mr. Townsend!   No students have signed up yet and it worries me a little.   That happened last time too.  Everyone waited til the last minute to sign up. 

Whatever happens I do have a Plan B this time.  It always good to have a Plan B right!?

Today I'm off to help my Mom pick out new carpet and tile for her basement.  Last week a water valve broke down there and before she realized the water had flooded the living area and ruined the carpet. It all needs to be replaced.  There is always something it seems that comes along and keeps me away from my work in the studio.  Oh well..... I guess I'm the good daughter. 
Congrats again to Gina! 
And Thank-you all for participating! 

Cathy G

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give-Away Time at Orange Sink Blog!

It's about time I have a give-away on this ol' blog!!  I have been gathering followers like wildfire the past couple of weeks!  Welcome to those of you who have jumped on board!  I try to keep my readers entertained  and updated on the happenings around the Orange Sink household when I'm not in the studio with my new Townsend cutter going to town LOL!.
There are times however when the brain fog really takes over and I am hard pressed to come up with anything I think you might find worthwhile to read.   I really do appreciate those who follow and comment and those who may read and don't comment.

If you have been a little bit shy about commenting or don't know how....... Feel free to hit the Email Me button over there on the side bar and leave me your comment.

Oh...... what am I giving away?  Thought you might like to know that little tid bit of information LOL!

How about the little round hooked mat in the photos here! 


It measures about 10 1/2 inches across so it fits in a lot of places. The colors are nice and warm and go with any season.  The more I try and pare down the things I decorate with these days the more I LOVE little mats like this that can be left out year round.  Made with 100% wool strips hooked through a lovely linen backing.  Most of the wools have been hand-dyed by me!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on this post!  Just say Hi!  If you want to help me out you can also tell me what shape and size of hooked mat you would find useful in your home.  What color palette you are into like neutrals, brights, earthy etc.  I am trying to decide what my next hooking project will be and maybe you all can lend some inspiration here!

Thanks in advance........ can't wait to hear from you!   You can sign up to follow my blog too if you wish!  I also have some other little goodies to go along with the mat for the lucky winner!
Good Luck Everybody!

P.S.  Let's end this give-away soon so you can get the mat in time for your Fall and Holiday decorating!  Mon. Sept. 19th will be the deadline okay? I'll draw out of the hat on Tues the 20th!  Appreciate you putting the word out on your blogs too!   Hugs!!

Cathy G



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

When thinking about 9-11-2001 this photo always comes to mind. 
This is the actual moment the world changed.

My thoughts today.

Cathy G

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stripping Gears

For all fellow rug hookers who read my blog this post is for you!!  
I'm sure you are all familiar with the little Bliss cutter in the photo above.  This is the cutter I bought off Ebay used several years ago.  It has been my faithful companion cutting all the wool for the countless rugs I've hooked over the past 6 years or so. Recently I have been having major problems with getting it to cut straight or cut at all!  Not good timing as I have a lot of kits to do up now before my classes start in Oct.  Hubby tipped her over to examine the underside after my countless complaints and whining the other day. To my horror he announced the gears were stripped! Poor Bliss should be sent to the manufacturer for an overhaul!  I couldn't imagine being without some sort of cutter at this time right before classes.  Just couldn't imagine it.  
Serious discussions ensued.  The state of the economy ( ours to be exact), the fact that repairs are being made on quite a few household things at the moment, the price of groceries, the dogs need haircuts, Hubby needs a vacation and his truck is making bad noises.......  very long discussions....................


Yep!  That is our front Porch yesterday.  After the UPS man made a visit!!


My rug hooking readers know exactly what this is!!!


Come along now and share my excitement!! I've dreamt about this moment for years!!  The case itself is awesome!!!


The top lid opens for a darling little space to store hooks, scissors, candy LOL!!   What ever you want to keep handy........  OH!!  and then...........


The whole lid opens and ...........another LIFT OUT little caddy holds the cutter blades etc. and the attachments for using the long blades if you decide to get them....... I ordered #6 # 7 # 8  for now!



under that little caddy you lift out is the mean, lean cutting machine himself with a nice hard foam protection around him!!  


The instruction booklet!  Read it later!...............


Well.... I had to read it now I guess.  Wanted to be sure I was dropping the cutter cartridges in the right way!!   Oh would you look at that!!  Doesn't need the wrench and any adjusting........ Just drop that baby in and.............


Cutting wool!   OMG!!!  Better than sex!!

If you come knockin'  and my studio door is rockin!   You'll know why!!

Cathy G

The Big BAd Boy Himself!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Decorating with Moon Phase Syndrome

There's a bit of fall decorating going on here.
I have an apple theme going on a primitive shelf leading down into
 the studio.


Replaced the Petunia's in some pots with some Mums on the front deck.


Nature decorates for the most part by herself.  My remaining( her sister tree didn't make through the winter)  Pee Gee Hydrangea tree is loaded with blossoms and they're hinting a blush of pink.  I hope to getting around to making a wreath this year. 


The window box replanted with Mums and metal Sunflower decorations.


The back deck and all the hanging baskets holding their own.  They require constant watering to keep them blooming now.  The night before last the temperature dropped to 40 degrees so I fear it won't be long and frost will take care of all that watering!  It's bittersweet to let them go.  I have been known to drag to them all into the house night after night.  We'll see what happens this year.

I believe there is another full moon upon us by weeks end.  Those of you who are moon phase sensitive will know it without looking at the calendar. Expect the symptoms to alleviate and have more clear head days by next week.  At least that is what I'm hoping for.  

Cathy G