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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things are Hopping Around Here!

I know I've been absent from blogging for awhile!  Things have been hopping around here getting ready for the first session of my beginning rug hooking class at WITC.  I'm happy to report the success of the first class and hopefully introduce to you soon all the newest rug hookers from our area!  Nine ladies of the ten students were present and Mary Kay got the flu so she wisely stayed home to rest!  We will see you next week I'm sure Mary Kay!  
I love teaching and only felt a little rattled and slightly shaky when nine pairs of eyes were closely observing me hooking and watching so closely!  I had them take their hooks and hold them in their hands while watching me hook for a few minutes!  By the time they sat down and pulled their first loop the hooks felt a little more natural to hold and soon they were all hooking away!  After about a half-hour I was hearing things like " Wow.... I like this!"   And " I could see not wanting to stop doing this!"  Well, what do you think?  Are they hooked?    Oh yeah!!   They're hooked!!
I didn't take photos as the class flew by so quickly and I was hopping around like a jack rabbit answering questions and checking everyone's progress!
So stay tuned .... it promises to be exciting  as the next class session takes place next Thursday!

As if I didn't have enough on my mind last week, the Chronotype our local newspaper wanted to do a feature story on me!  The reporter Valerie Leair did a great job!  I tried to talk her into becoming a hooker too so we'll see what happens there! LOL!

Here is a bad photo I took of the newspaper article.

It was a full page spread!  I wish I could somehow link you to the story online.  The newspaper has a paid subscription for online subscribers..... and so far I have been told ( by my hubby who is the sports guy.... that you can't link to the story unless you are a paid subscriber.) Well, unless you are interested in what happens around our fair city of Rice Lake, WI I doubt you will want to subscribe just to read about me. 
(although I do have to tell you Dave writes some pretty interesting stuff in his outdoor pages and journal every week.... nature writing at it's best.) A sub. would be worth it for that alone!  ( your welcome honey ;-)) 

Now, after all of that excitement I had wool from Heavens to Betsy arrive here yesterday!  Jill Holmes of NorthwoodsWool.Com  and I went together on a big order.  I relaxed last evening by washing and tearing it into quarter yard pieces. Yes.... that is relaxing to me. Then I like to sit and stare at it for awhile. So here you go...... sit back with a cupa something and stare away!  It relaxes the mind and body!

Oh one last thing!  The rug in progress at the top is a pattern by Robin Leuschen of Bird In The Hand Primitives.  I love this adorable pattern she designed called Oh Spring!  I have been thinking that a lot lately as in "Oh Spring.... where art though?!"  I hear a major snow storm could be headed our way this week.  Ugh!  Anyway Robins pattern is a punch needle pattern that I adapted for rug hooking.  Her pattern is available Here if you would like one for yourself!  Isn't Robin doing a great job on her hooking?( See her blog)   She is teaching herself and I see the makings of a master rug hooker in her future!  You go Robin!  Enjoy every Loop!!!

Cathy G


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Let The Sheep Out!!

Okay..... I confess.... that would be me!  I was going to wait until tomorrow to show you my sheepy creations for tomorrows update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile!  It's just too darn exciting for me to contain myself!  Here is a little sneak peak.  But I won't say anymore about it now so you will have to go to the "Merc" tomorrow and see all the sheepy things and other beautiful hand mades by the artists and I do mean ARTISTS who have been working their little fingers off to offer you top quality and unique creations! Join us after midnight tonight........  and throughout the day tomorrow 
Friday ( Feb. 17th) for this months update!!  

I wanted to let you know too that I have my second PAPER rug hooking pattern all ready to go for sale over on my selling blog Red House Wool Studio. This is a fun spring pattern called "Flowers and Tongues".   Hop on over there for more details.  
So much going on it makes my head spin!  I'm cutting wool for the class kits and getting the final things in place for that.  Try multiplying everything you do by 10!  That's how many students are now enrolled!  It's a full class so if any one local logs on here and is interested in learning to hook rugs please contact me.  I will set something up so you don't have to wait until next years class at WITC to start learning!
I'm off to the studio!  See you tomorrow!

Cathy G

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Delivery!

About an hour ago a certain newspaper man took a break from early week deadlines at the office to make a delivery!  A certain wife was so busy rearranging white tulips and a single red rose in her nicest white ironstone pitcher that the newspaper man slipped out the door and back to work with nary a kiss!  


Cathy G

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Burlap and Ticking

The clock is ticking!  Reminding me of those looming deadlines!  So why am I dreaming up yet another project that I hope to have finished in time for the Primitive Handmades  Mercantile update on Feb. 17th?  I have no answer except for this pile of burlap that's been sitting on the shelf in my studio.  I purchased it online a few months ago and loved the different colors it comes in.  Did you know that you can buy burlap in almost any color imaginable?   I purchased it Here  
So maybe it's just another hair- brained idea of mine but I thought why not try and create something with two different fabrics like burlap and vintage ticking and then throw in a little wool for even more creative fun?

Sneak peek again..... the verdict is still out on whether this project will make it to the Mercantile. I just might keep it for myself!!  LOL!
I wanted to let you know that my beginning rug hooking class is for sure a go!  There are now 8 lovely ladies in waiting!!!  Wow!  Two spots left if you are still kicking around the idea of learning rug hooking and live around this area!  I keep putting off the project of drawing my patterns out and getting the wool cut!  Now I have no excuses knowing the class WILL be held.
Tomorrow the ladies are coming for some hooking, chatting and catching up on everyone's lives!  Eva had back surgery since she was here last so we will want to know all about her recovery process.  My 30 year old niece had the same surgery on her back yesterday. Can you believe she is supposed to come home from the hospital today already?  They really do things a lot different and (better I think) now days. 
I had some blood drawn today at the clinic for an appointment next week with my Endocrinology Dr. While checking in the receptionist asked me if I had a computer?  I hesitated but said "yes".  She proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to I could sign up for their new program where I can view all my medical records on line.  She sent pamphlets home explaining it all.  You can even view test results etc.  Hmmmmmm..... sounds like they better have a secure system if they are putting all this private stuff on the internet.... I'm gonna have to think about this one!
I hope to have time to bake some oatmeal banana cookies ( sugarless) before the ladies come tomorrow. So maybe I should get my butt off this computer!
Thought I'd leave you with a great quote I heard today by Roger Miller. 

"If I had my life to live over again..... I wouldn't have the time!"

Cathy G 

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Countdown Begins!

Sort of like the groundhog who was forced out of his hole five days ago  to check for his shadow, I've been holed up in my studio... surfacing only to let the dogs out, make more tea and throw a log on the fire.
What's been keeping me so "nose to the grindstone"?
Deadlines looming and things to hook, sew, draw, bind, package, unpackage, prepare and get ready!
I think I may have taken on a bit more than I  realized!
But I am excited!  Things are happening!  
My class has 7 lovely ladies signed up now!  I'm pretty sure this one's a go.  It starts in 18 days! So there's plenty of time for any one thinking of signing up to do so. However the class capacity is 10 so if you have been thinking about signing up I'd give the school a call right away to assure you have a spot!
I am working and getting everything ready to fly..... these ladies want to learn to HOOK and I won't let them be disappointed!!
So was this a crazy time or what to sign up for another fun selling adventure?  Maybe you noticed on my  sidebar I have a link and announcement that I will be selling my hand made wares on the new selling blog Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  We have an update coming on Friday Feb. 17th (there will be one on the 3rd Friday of every month.) This is the first time I have  ever participated in something like this so I have been learning the ropes as well as getting my hand mades made!  I've given you a little sneak peek in the photo above of one of my items.  It turned out sooooo nice....... you don't mind me giving myself a little plug do you?!  Hey.... I need all the self confidence I can get!  The sellers who are participating are the best there is in the market today!  So I have been a little nervous as well that I can measure up to such talent!  
I'll give you another reminder as the day gets closer for the update and a preview of my things..... so keep on the watch!
I am still diligently working on my patterns for sale and hope to have another paper one ready for your spring hooking!  So stay tuned for that too!
My deepest thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post for my sister Michelle. She is doing fine.  No doubt she still has sad thoughts about the life of that young woman and how helpless we are when we can do nothing to save a life.  What we can do though is be aware of those around us and treat each other with all the kindness and respect we can. Whether blogging and commenting on  blogs or standing in the line at the grocery store. You never know how a smile or a simple kind word will affect someone you meet. It creates a positive energy flow that keeps on going like a river. You never know that your simple kindness may in fact save a life of someone down stream!
Sweet blessings my friends!

Cathy G