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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Before and After!


I want to THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful comments on the new sink in my last post!!!  It's been ten days or so since it was installed and I have to say I haven't missed Mz.Orange one bit!  Maybe I'm cold hearted but this shiny new stainless steel has me crazy in LOVE! 
Hubby used to do the dishes all the time in the orange one... he said he didn't mind at all.  Says it relaxes him while looking out the window. 
Not me... doing dishes drives me insane. Always has.
And because we've lived without a dishwasher appliance for most of our married life it's been a good thing one of us doesn't mind the monotonous chore.

Remember how the old kitchen looked?  I can hardly bring myself to look at the photos.
Those old windows.... how they used to ice up for most of the winter!!   
Well, it's all gone away... 
New windows,  recessed lighting, new countertops, new sink and faucet, new cabinets, new stove and range hood and soon to be new flooring has replaced the old 50's nightmare!
There is a spot for a new stainless steel refridge. And a new ss steel dishwasher, but we are waiting a bit on those appliances due to finances! 
That's the only bad part about remodeling a kitchen.  Even with my diligent searches for good deals on the internet ( where I ordered my stove, range hood, sink and faucet) the money doesn't stretch that far.
I'll wait. For what good would a new kitchen be if we can't make the house payment?

More photos to come as we get the cabinet hardware on, new flooring and some finish work done.

....AND I need to dye my first pot of wool in the new kitchen... nervous... now where did I stash that roll of plastic?  

Thank you again for your kind words in the comments friends!  You are all sweet blessings!!
Cathy G


Thursday, February 19, 2015

The NEW Sink!

At LONG last!!  Our friend ROSS is an excellent plumber! He used to be our next door neighbor! How handy is that! We are certainly blessed to have friends we trust doing this work for us! Ross had to do some major repair work to the pipes under the sink and in the basement.  

But he has all the right tools... and a mighty nice smile! What more could a "lady in waiting" for her new sink to be installed ask for!!  

How these guys do this is beyond my comprehension!  I am in awe of the skills and abilities of these guys who do this for a living!  Hard work my friends.... and I found it interesting that they all have cell phones now and can work and talk at the same time! They are trouble shooting and setting up jobs and anwering emergency calls now all the while working on the job at hand.  Times have changed.... 

But my new Ruvati Stainless Steel Sink is now installed and boy am I LOVING it!!  
More photos to follow in another post!
I'm working on restocking my cupboards and trying to find where I put everything while the cupboards were being installed! 
It's been CRAZY!  But I can tell you.... worth all the work and commotion! 
Stay tuned!

Cathy G

Thursday, February 12, 2015

And So It Begins!

When you've waited so long for this day... it almost doesn't seem real!  But when the truck with our new kitchen cabinets backed in yesterday I think it finally hit me! 

The sheetrock was done, the old plumbing ripped out! 

Dave and I primed and painted! Patched a few holes in the floor and it looked good to go!

I wanted to start tearing into the boxes with the cabinets but knew I better wait for Mark, our good friend and master carpenter to do that job!  

We have this guy to thank a million times over for making our kitchen remodeling a reality!
Mark is a childhood friend of mine and we've been talking a lot about the days growing up together on our family's farms.  Years have past since we've actually been able to spend any time together so that's been an added plus!
And how 'bout that smile!!  
Hope he keeps smiling when he sees how crooked the walls are in this old house... yikes!!

The dividing board between the refrigerator and cabinets starts to go up! 
This really is happening!!  

Mark hangs the first cabinet! 
More to come.... 
The next couple of days will be so exciting!! 
My camera is clicking!!

Cathy G

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goodbye Orange Sink!!!

Today was the day.  Kind of sad to see the old gal go.  She didn't leave us high and dry however!  In typical Orange Sink fashion she burst forth with a spray of hot water when the guys didn't get one of her valves completely shut off!  The kitchen quickly flooded and water dripped through the floor boards down into the basement!!  
She laughed I'm sure as she watched us frantically mop up and hubby racing to the basement to find the main shut off valve. 
So after all that excitement we bid her farewell.
A short little video records the event.
More kitchen remodel episodes to come!
Cathy G