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Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa Rug on My Selling Blog! It's Really Not Too Early!

I thought I'd make a little announcement that I finally have something for sale on my selling blog. I worked all day on it for just one item. I don't know if this is going to work or not, selling on a blog. I could just put my things on Ebay I guess. The hardest part is getting things ready to sell. I kind of lost my job at the gift shop I used to work at. They had to hire someone else to cover for me when my Mom got sick. I thought rather than try and find another part-time job that pays lousy I'd just try and get some type of business going at home and on the internet. The selling blog is seperate from this one. That way I can keep this one for ranting and rambling and whatever. It's just a beginning.....maybe it will actually be successful. I think anything is possible on this WWW. That is if the power grid doesn't fail..Lol it better not! Click here to go to my selling blog or on the permanent button at the top right of this blog! Thanks to everyone!


  1. Great Santa - I love that his coat isn't the traditional red - very fun tree too!

  2. Hi Cathy

    Yes, Gabby is a five foot stone structure called an inukshuk. It is a Inuit (we used to call Eskimos) stone person. The Inuits used them to tell other people of different things, or to point in the direction of the herds. If you go to my April 29, 2009 post, you will see a picture without the snow.


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