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Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Weed Like No Other

Last year when I let my gardens go entirely to weeds because of not being able to work in them, a strange plant took root on the edge of my rock garden. I thought about yanking it out... then just never got around to it.  I didn't know for sure what it was but remember  as a kid we'd see them growing alongside the dirt road by our farm. They got about 4 or 5
 feet tall and grew a stem in the middle where the yellow flowers bloomed along the side. We kids used to call them Indian Tobacco. Of course my younger brothers had to try rolling up a leaf and smoke it to see if it actually was tobacco. I don't recall them getting sick or anything... oh the stories I could tell ( five kids growing up on a farm) but I digress.
Maybe the real reason I let this thing keep growing, knowing it was a weed, was the memories it brought back of my childhood.

It is really quite pretty as far as weeds go.  The silvery hairy leaves are gigantic. I got a chuckle as I read more about my prized weed online.  Out west where the plant grows on the prairies they call it Cowboy's Toilet Paper! Oh man... I think I'll pass on trying THAT out! But I know two brothers who maybe would give it a whirl.... just sayin'! LOL!

Anyhoo... the real name of this glorious weed is Common Mullein. (Verbascum Thapsus)
The Reader's Digest North American Wildlife Guide says they are also known as Velvet Plant or Flannel Leaf. 
According to Wikipedia the plant has astringent qualities.  It was used in making torches.  Witches might use these torches to ward off evil.
Hmmmmmm..... lots of interesting stuff you can learn about something growing right in your own backyard!

Here's a pic of something else we have growing in our side-yard this year....  I think Hubby is down-right proud of his little gardening effort this year....

He usually doesn't entertain much interest when it comes to gardening. Probably because he works long hours and has more projects going around here than you can shake a stick at!
I had purchased a few Red Norland seed potatoes on a trip to a greenhouse and had intentions of planting them myself in a garden. Well, the gardens I have right now are just little rock gardens and don't have the proper room for growing potatoes.  On youtube I found a video of how to grow potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket! 
Wow... I was intriqued so I told Dave the potatoes were his responsibility. He reluctantly watched the video and followed all intructions to a T.   I am happy to report the taters are growin' like weeds... just not as big as MY prize weed though!  LOL!

If you want to grow your own spuds in 5 gallon buckets go look up Hollis and Nancy on YouTube!  I LOVE their gardening videos!  I just love listening to Hollis' sweet southern accent!

Well, there's more going on but I will save  it for another post!

Happy Gardening!
Cathy G

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our June Second Tuesday H00K-IN at Red House Wool Studio!

A most beautiful day with cooler temps this morning brought eight lovely ladies to the studio for our monthly Hook-in or stitch-in!  We all shared our works of hand,  ideas and helpful hints!  There's always a wealth of info. and everyone  is so willing to share their knowledge and talents!  Well ......except for her recipe for zucchini salsa LOL!   Rhonda  ( in above photo)  whom you met a post or so back is carefully guarding her family recipe and for good reason... she sells the salsa to friends and relatives!  Now if everyone had the recipe I imagine sales would drop off quite a bit!  I think it's wonderful when someone is so enterprising and can make a few bucks from a family recipe!  I think she should sell the recipe!  But I do imagine mine wouldn't turn out like hers anyway!  LOL!!

Our dear beloved Betsy is back after some heartbreaking things that have happened to her.  Betsy's husband passed away suddenly a month ago.  We are so thankful she has decided to not let her sadness overcome and is keeping busy with making changes and of course keeping her hooking and stitching a focus. Here she shows off two cute pincushions she created ( can't remember the designer)  but aren't they adorable! 

Betsy loves to make these wonderful large pillows and they are awesome let me tell you!  You just want to hug them and cozy up with one on the couch or bed! I especially love the sheep! 

So as tender hearts are broken, they can slowly mend. Just looking at this playful bunny rug Betsy hooked makes you smile! The colors are so soft and playful!  It's always a treat to see what she brings along for show and tell!  

Shirley and Saundra are busy getting something accomplished!  

Holly completes another block of this wonderful quilt! 

Lisa is working on a great patriotic rug with an Uncle Sam! Can't wait to see this one with the unusual background wool she's using!  It's getting close to that 4th of July holiday... will she get it done by then?  Remember she's a hooking maniac!! 

The girls wanted to have me in a couple of photos as I am usually taking the photos!  So Saundra grabbed my phone and took a couple of yours truly watching the girls hook!

Watching and helping is usually what I get done and what I enjoy the most!  There's just too much excitement and color planning going on for me to sit and hook on my own rugs!  I will share some projects I am working on soon... promise!

Our other Betsy is hooking on something... hmmm... it looks patriotic!!  What ARE you hooking on Betsy B.??? 

Oh MY star spangled... FISH!!   A whale I presume?  He is great so far!!  And wait until you see the great background wool she chose for this spiffy guy!!  You will love it! But will have to wait til next time so see it!

Saundra and Cindy prepare our lunch from the variety of dishes everyone brings to share! 

These mozzeralla balls with baby cukes were delightful!  Cindy always makes the best fresh goodies!  So appreciated when one doesn't eat the gluten anymore!

 Will you look at this yummy spread!  And look at the second bowl next to the tortilla's.... YES... that is Rhonda's SECRET zucchini salsa!  Be sure and put me on your list of buyers when you start to make your next batch for sale Rhonda!!  I just have to have more... and am thinking wouldn't it make a great gift! 

Thanks for looking in on us this month!!
Cathy G