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Friday, September 28, 2012

An Overnight Sensation......in Bayfield, Wisconsin!

It was a whirlwind trip to Bayfield, WI on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior.  A quick overnighter for Dave and I and of course the two pooches.  The weather was spectacular and the leaves even more spectacular!  
We found a garage sale out in the country and parked the car to walk down their drive-way.

We passed a pile of logs and this stand of white birch trees reaching towards the autumn blue sky.

Then, right at the end of their drive, almost covered by a tangle of brush I spotted this little pyramid of stones on a tree stump. Balanced so artistically, the stones are typical of what you'd see along the shores of the lake worn smooth by water lapping over them for countless years.
I didn't place that red leaf there.... I swear to you on a stack of rocks!  That is just the way everything looked so perfectly posed in nature.  I am so glad I took this photo. 
It speaks to me of the magic and the people of this beautiful area in Northern WI.  There is an energy here.  You see and feel it everywhere you look..... and in places you might not think to look.
Most of the  rest of the day was spent lounging at the Seagull Motel and taking the dogs for walks along the  bike trails next to the lake.  

We ended the day on the little deck outside our motel room  watching the sunset and drinking "Fat Squirrel Ale" brewed in New Glarus, WI

Oh...... and the icing on the cake...... Dave spotted a beautiful 100% wool brown tweed with little red flecks in it Pendleton SKIRT at that garage sale.   He noticed it in a box of clothing that was ...... are you ready?......... 10 cents each!  
I love autumn!

Cathy G


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jumpin' Jack Cats!!!

It's that time again!  Time for Primitive Handmades Mercantile September update!  Remember to click in tonight and tomorrow to be first in line for all the wonderful hand mades!  It promises to be the best update we've had so far as our artisans have a bit of a fondness for all things Fall and Halloween! There will be a chance to win a lovely handmade prize or two if you sign up for the newsletter and a "Spooktacular" freebie design from Robin at Bird in the Hand Primitives!  Her designs are always fabulous!   Come join the fun!!  

                                                     Cathy G

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Candy Man!

I've decided to try my hand at making a pumpkin head doll for Fall-O-Ween.  I tend to not use patterns on the things like this that I create......  I guess because of the nature of the wool.   Wool is so easy to manipulate and when sewing and stuffing kind of takes on a life of it's own.  When this guy materialized out of some plaid wool I knew he needed a wool scarf to keep the Autumn chill away. His prized wool "Candy Corn" just made sense since his head is a pumpkin and I didn't want him holding another pumpkin.  So here he is in all his candy corn glory.  He told me he wanted to check out Ebay for awhile and join the Jol Halloween Rug that I have on right now too.  It looks like the rug will soon be going to  a new home!  So how about  it "Mr. Candy Corn Lover"!  Maybe you can charm  your way into a new home too!  Your smile certainly charmed MY socks off!!

Head on over to Ebay by clicking on "Mr. Candy Corn Lover's" mug shot in the upper left corner!

Cathy G

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Rug Now on EBAY!

Ebay......  I'm giving it a try again!   I've decided to try and sell my latest hooked rug  which is hooked from a pattern designed by Ginger over at "Primitive's by the Light of the Moon".
I loved the pattern the moment I laid eyes on it!!  She calls it "All in the Family.  Well..... talk about fun!  Color planning was easy!  I  just picked all my favorite Halloween colors!  
It turned out cute as 'pumpkin' pie!   
Click Here to go see the auction.  

.....back to the studio I go..... time to get something new on the frame....

Cathy G 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Ready

The wool has been flying here in my little studio!  I'm  finishing up and starting some new projects for  the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update  which is only about ten days away!   Halloween, pumpkins, and Fall is our theme this month!  As we transition from ninety degree days to the crisper Fall evenings I've found it necessary to dig out a few quilts and homespuns for the bed. 

I like to keep them folded with the backs facing out showing the old homespuns and calicoes. My decorating has taken a more sparse and simple look this fall.  My goal is to extend that mode of thinking throughout the entire house.   I may have to part with a few things to accomplish that though.

Thank-you so much for all of your great comments on our class reunion photo in my last post!  Indeed I think we all looked pretty darn good for pushing sixty!  In our class of 116 students 14 are no longer with us. It's hard to believe that so many are gone.  Makes it even more meaningful when we get together and I think everyone appreciates each other more so.  Rest in Peace my fellow classmates..... you shall never be forgotten. 

Cathy G

Monday, September 10, 2012

Class of 1972 Chetek, WI 40 Year Reunion!

seated, left to right, (Melodee Mason Eckerman- Cameron,WI)  (Cindi Frisle Bloomquist- Cedar, MN) (Tim Berg- Mendota Heights, MN) (Gary Olson, Graham, Wash) (Loren Campbell, Burnsville, MN) and (Rick Bowers- Chetek) kneeling, Mark Gilberts, Mundelein, Ill.; Mike Peterson, Lindstrom, MN.; Kathy Karshbaum Nelson, Cameron,WI; Barb Zinsmaster Gulllickson, Cameron,WI; and Sharon Candler Balts, Dallas,WI and standing, Dennis Olson, Chetek; Mark Lorentz, Eau Claire,WI; Bob Matson LaCrosse, WI, Chetek; Paul Johnson, Cameron,WI; Cathy Johnston Greschner, Rice Lake; Scott Howard, Houlton; Dick Brouillard, Waterloo; Diane Johnson Hjelter, Hutchinson, Minn.; Kathy Cernohous, Chippewa Falls; Doug Huset, Chetek; and Cathy Willis DeZarn, Chetek.

What a bunch!  It was a really nice turn out for our 40 year class reunion!  Way to go kids!  The thing I found most endearing was that we had difficulty recognizing each other after so many years!  That was the fun part...... seeing the expression on faces as they finally realized who the person was they were talking to!  The years keep ticking away!   All of us have gone in so many different directions from dentists, careers in the navy, authors of published books, factory workers, etc. and so many are now retired from their careers.  One thing we'll always have in common though is that we graduated from Chetek High School in Chetek, WI 1972!   Love and Peace my friends!   And prayers that we all make it to the next one!!                                                      

                                                                           Cathy G

Friday, September 7, 2012

Born To Be Wild!!

Tomorrow is my 40 year high school class reunion.  Typing that ( the 40 year part) gives me pause.  For starters.... where did all the time go since I graduated in 1972?  Probably the biggest question after that is what has my life become and what will my classmates think?  To be truthful... I'm way past worrying about what my classmates or anybody else for that matter  thinks about me.   I have to say I'm very comfortable with what I have become.  And "God willing" I'm looking forward to what the years ahead may bring.  But every now and then my over active imagination likes to dream up scenarios of what my life could have been  like..... or who knows.... it ain't over yet!!  LOL!!

Maybe tomorrow instead of pulling in to the reunion rendezvous in my 2005 Ford Freestyle( with the damaged bumper that never got repaired after I backed into that telephone pole winter before last).... I could be pulling into the parking lot on my shiny red Harley-Davidson!   Wearing black skinny jeans and weighing 20 pounds lighter of course!  How about a pair of sharp looking motorcycle boots to go with the skinny jeans......

I'd be leaving on a tour of the USA .... saddle bags packed with my rug hooking gear.   Is there a  very tiny  collapsible frame out there?  Gene Shepherd should maybe get on that!  LOL!! 

At least at the reunion tomorrow I can tell them that I have become a "hooker" in the last few years!  That should raise an eyebrow or two!  

Seriously though I am looking forward to hearing what some of my classmates have been up to.  It is a very informal gathering and there is no program planned.  Just a few old fogies sitting around sharing stories and talking about the kids...... and grandkids.   Oh btw..... it's probably a good thing Dave and I never had kids.......


Cathy G