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Monday, May 31, 2010

An Old Flame

It was time to break out the old candle chandelier and put a soft glow on the deck and backyard this evening.  An illuminating end to a perfect day here in northern Wisconsin. 

candleabra at dusk on deck 2

candleabra at dusk on deck

candleabra A frame background

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heat Wave in Wisconsin in May..Say What?

What is up with this weather?  I'm confused.  We are accustomed to wearing sweaters here in Wisconsin  at least until after Memorial  Day.  We have been having August like weather here and to keep from absolutely fainting from this heat I've had to turn on the central air.  I think I turned it on twice all last summer. It's driven me from my beloved gardens until almost dark in the evenings.  I am watering  all the newly planted things to keep them from croaking.  The only thing that seems to be enjoying this wicked heat spell is.............

perennial garden blue lupin
......the resident garden alligator!   He is a might out of place in these parts but has resided along our stone path for the last few years in seemingly utmost content.  He over winters in a box in the basement.
perennial garden blue lupin
The garden angel is doing a good job at protecting my tender herbs and grasses in the herb garden.
perennial garden blue lupin
The newly planted lavender is coming along with the red hens and chicks I transplanted from another rock garden. Yes, that is  a bowling ball.  Anything that can withstand Wisconsin weather and comes at a cheap price is fair game for garden decoration around here.  It finds a new use as a planter or garden art.

perennial garden blue lupin

perennial garden blue lupin

perennial garden blue lupin
The Blue Lupin has started to bloom.  What a fascinating plant. It blossoms from the bottom up. I love the foilage.  It has taken a couple of years to get established but is well worth the wait.
perennial garden blue lupin

perennial garden blue lupin
I need to pick the rhubarb and make something delicious.  The ancient bridal wreath is in full bloom along the fence.  Hey!  I heard some thunder in the distance!  We are supposed to get some storms rolling through this afternoon and evening.  I always worry about the gardens and all the tender plants if we should get hail.  Well garden angel......... do your work!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Secret Challenge and Garden Update

royale geranium unopened
Have been waiting for this deep bergundy with white edge Royale Geranium to open. I talk to it each time I pass by but it doesn't seem to do any good.  It taunts me and says " when I'm ready I'll razzle dazzle you, in the meantime just keep me watered lady!"

planter w potato vine
I can't get enough of these limey green leafy vines this season. I love the black dirt showing in the planters until everything starts to fill in.

lizard w plants
Here's my little bejeweled lizard buddy who helps me in the garden with the look of adoration on his face.  I love him for that.  It's nice to be adored.

Doesn't he  just kill you with that face?

hay fork planter
Years ago we salvaged this huge old hog butchering kettle and Dave's father welded a support from old antique hay forks.  It greets visitors from the front side yard.

hanging planters
I replanted this hanging planter I bought a couple of  weeks ago. I kept the licorice plant and added those little bell shaped flowers that the hummingbirds really love. 
black iris/ wheel
The black Iris is starting to bloom.  I'm fascinated with this plant.  It is even more dark purple in real life than the photos show.

black iris
The bumble bee's look gorgeous  on that color! Where were they when I wanted a photo?

black iris close
The buds are more fascinating than the flowers!

tomato plant
Last but not least this is my Mom's tomato plant.  She spied it at a local garden center and said " how about this one?"  It already had a flower on it so that means a tomato should follow right?  

So the only other news I know is that I've joined the Secret Rug hooking challenge on Rug Hooking Daily.  The theme this time is Forest Secrets.  This is the first time I've joined any type of challenge for rug hooking.  The theme sounds interesting and fun.  The guidelines are it has to have a rock, a ring, and a touch of royal purple.  I am told these things are open to our imagination. The rug can be any size, shape and material that we chose.  The first few days after joining this challenge I almost went crazy trying to figure out what I was going to do. Pen to paper and paper to waste can seemed to be all I could come up with. Then one late afternoon I took the dogs for a walk on a wooded trail near here.  The ideas started coming fast and furious as I stopped and took  nature in from the level of a dogs nose. I finally came up with a design.  The only thing I can tell you it's nothing like what the dogs noses were sniffing that day. I have the design drawn and almost transfered onto the linen.  I really hate keeping secrets but this one will be under wraps until the July 30th deadline when we reveal our rugs to the challenge members and to the world.  Now I have to go dye some wool for the background and I will show you that!  I think that is allowed!

Monday, May 17, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around!

The backyard is shaping up. My back however is not!  Weeding has taken it's tole on these old bones and a back that has taken one too many injuries over the years!  I love to be in the gardens so much that I suppose one day I shall be buried amongst the weeds and worms.  But for now there is more work to be done! Tomorrow I am taking my  Mom to  some of the  local greenhouses and garden centers.  We will be on a quest to find the perfect tomato plant.  You see, Mom was an avid gardener before she got sick.  Where she lives now in a third floor apartment building she cannot go putter in the garden. So I promised her she would have her very own tomato plant at my house that she could tend to this summer. It will be in a pot near the new deck. The truth of the matter is I need her green thumb.  The last few years I've failed at growing tomatoes in pots. So we'll see how this joint venture turns out.



This past weekend Dave and I cleaned the garage and held a mini garage sale.  It was sort of a preview of a bigger garage sale to come in a couple of weeks.  We didn't put an ad in the paper. Around this town all you have to do is stick a sign out on the corner and people flock to your garage. In fact you best not start cleaning your garage and putting things out on the lawn if you don't want someone stopping to ask if you're having a sale! 


I'm happy to report that we had some great customers that thought our junk was cool! They took some of it but thank goodness we still have some left for the next sale. Otherwise I would have to  start going to the never ending sales around here to find more junk for our next sale!  Isn't that how it works? Why sure, I know that for a fact because I've seen some of the very junk I sold years ago on other peoples sales I've been to. Dave says it just keeps circulating around the town. You know, he might be right. So if you stop by in a couple of weeks and see some of your junk on my sale that's okay. Just buy it and sooner or later I'll be around to take it off your hands at your sale!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog Dance Art Show-Part Two!

What a whirlwind weekend it was! Mother's Day celebrations and of course the Dog Dance Art Show opening night are now history! The art show was awesome! Trying to photograph the event and talk with the artists and friends at the same time was no easy feat! Dave was kind enough to grab my camera and snapped some photos! Thank-you kind husband!
Nancy Dutmer's art studio is a small space but the artwork was displayed with an artist's eye for balance and interest! A dark pink wall featured the miniature works of art as well as my hooked rug pieces. I found it fascinating to see my work intermingled with other artists creations. It was a great experience to meet other working artists in my area and talk about what we do! Talk about inspiration and creative energy! My photo work doesn't begin to capture the shows depth of talent, but this is what I have!

Pink Wall-Miniature Art

CJ Conner artist
CJ Conner-Artist

CJ Conner artist
CJ Conner- Artist

CJ  Conner artist
CJ Conner with her granddaughter who is in CJ's painting above! Love that painting!

art show
Dave and my friend Lisa viewing the artwork

Food-Art Show
Even the wine and cheese were artfully presented!

art show,Nancy Dutmer artist
Lisa viewing Nancy Dutmer's fabulous painting on fabric the Ekaki (japanese for art)

art show
Yours truly viewing the Miniatures and my hooked Funky Birch Tree on the luscious pink wall

Gene Green artist,art show
Artist Gene Green painted the watercolor of pet pig Olivia!

Nancy  Dutmer Fabric Art
Close-up of Nancy Dutmer's fabic painting! It is fabulous! crazrtist.etsy.com 
art show
Visiting with artist  Rene Redfield who sells her prints  online BlessedEarthCreation.etsy.com

I am happy to have sold a couple of my hooked Geometric Sunflower Coasters that evening! The show will be on display at Nancy's studio and Gallery downtown Chetek, Wi for the next few weeks. The tourists and summer folk will surely be delighted to have available for their purchase some of our area's finest art work! If any of my blog readers would like to purchase an art piece that I have pictured here just email me! Hope you enjoyed the show!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sneak Preview of Upcoming Dog Dance Art Show!

I zipped down to Chetek, Wi this afternoon to deliver my completed hooked pieces to the Dog Dance Art Studio and Gallery. You are cordially invited to attend opening night ceremonies and meet  some of the artists.Tomorrow evening May 7th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM wine and Wisconsin made cheese will be served. The art will remain on display through out the coming week. For those who live too far away and can't make it I am devoting my next couple of posts to this show. I took a few photos today as a sneak preview of some of the art. Let me say this " I think I am a little bit out of my league when I saw some of the art. The featured artist is CJ Conner. Take a look at her website and I think you'll understand what I'm saying. www.cjconner.com

Fish Pillow
Painting on Silk Fish Pillow-Artist Nancy Dutmer

Art Show/Cockroches/Nancy
Painting-Artist CJ Conner

Art Show/Mermaid Nancy
Painted Mermaid Dummy Board and Paintings-Artist Nancy Dutmer

Art Show/Cj Conner
Painting- CJ Conner

Art Show/CJ Conner
Painting- CJ Conner

Art Show/Love Fish Nancy
Love Fish Hangings- Artist Nancy Dutmer

Art Show/Moonglow Rug

Of course this last piece is one of my hooked pieces that will be for sale which you probably recognize. Well, a girl has to start somewhere and it may as well be here and now! Thank-you all my wonderful blogging buddies for your kind encouragement and well wishes for me at my first attempt at showing my work. I am gonna need it!!