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Friday, September 8, 2017

Seven New Rug Hookers Begin Their Journey!

They traveled four or more hours from the Minnesota (Battle Lake) and North Dakota border area to take a beginning rug hooking class from me!  Seven friends who quilt together and wanted to learn rug hooking in the worst way!
Their eagerness to learn and the excitement that exploded the minute they walked through the front door of my studio was all I needed to know they would be a dream class! 

Watching as they pulled their first loops and hearing the sighs and exclamations of "oh.. I was hoping I wouldn't like this" then laughter.. I knew they were on their way to joining the forces of rug hookers world wide!
There's nothing like it.... 
the thrill of putting a rug hook in the hands of those who can touch fabric and turn it into magical works of art.
Rug hooking comes natural to these kindred souls.... all they need is a little instruction and knowledge of the right tools and
some gentle reassurance that the hard earned money spent on the right hook, wool cutter, frame, and the beautiful wools will provide them hours of pleasure and satisfaction  for years to come!

Rug hooking becomes a therapy of sorts... as those of us long time rug hookers can tell you.
We applaud the time, sacrifice and energy it took for you all to attend this class!

Please welcome Penny,  Kari, Karen, Jean,  Faye, Jolene and Denise to our wonderful world of rug hooking!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage here at my studio!
My hope is to see those rugs now that you will be working on!
Big hugs and Best wishes as you hook your way to Happiness!

Cathy G

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Remodeling Begins....

I've always had issues with narrow doorways! 
This one is our bedroom doorway... or I should say WAS our bedroom doorway.....

Last week the remodeling started on this doorway which is something I've wanted for a very long time! I could always envision a wider opening... kind of utilizing the hallway making it seem more a part of the bedroom.  Well.....

.....mission accomplished! I could feel the difference in the room immediately as the doorway  went from a mere 30 inches wide to a whopping 72 inches wide!! 
Oh be still my heart!  Never having to bump my elbows or struggle to get a piece of furniture ( which happens frequently around here LOL!) through that old narrow door!

I've also never been a fan of looooonnngggg narrow hallways... but ranch style houses usually come with them!
In this case it was a blessing... the long wall....  because it allowed space for this......

A HUGE 6+ foot rolling door!  Yes... the beauty had to be custom built! Our talented carpenter Dan Borntrager did a great job on the construction and installation!

I held my breath as the guys carefully carried it through the doors 

to it's new home on the bedroom door opening!

Using a burnished steel track and rolling hardware it works so slick!  Rolls super smooth and quiet!  
I probably won't keep it closed much... I am loving the more spacious feel!  
We have more remodeling in the bedroom underway as I write.

Dave is tearing out the closets in there.... wait! I changed my mind several times on this idea due to a dire lack of closet space already in this house!! 
But never fear...  
a small bedroom directly across the hallway will become a big walk-in closet!  But my printer, bolts of wool and all my pattern making supplies, file cabinets etc....  need to find a new home.
Don't worry... I've got it all figured out!
The extent of my "hair brained" ideas 
never seems to end!  LOL!

So carry on honey... the sooner you can get the old closet torn out..
the sooner I can paint, have Dan do a little remodeling to remove yet another door, install new laminate flooring and  a few more changes can take place! 

In the meantime.. I need to go check on the new rolling door!
And pick out a door handle!! 

The fun begins!!

Cathy G

Saturday, July 15, 2017

When the Going Gets Tough....

The two Betsys hold Betsy's ( on the left) patriotic whale rug!  She used a great gold wool to hook the background!  Just love how it's turned out!

You know what they say!  Yes... "The Tough Get Going!"  That's my mantra these past few days.  The heartbreak of  losing our dear little Smokey is still fresh on our minds but you know what helps is having good friends come around and share their delightful work.  Several of us in our hooking and sewing group have lost those close to us in the past few months.  Some are undergoing health issues... Saundra, Lorena, and Sharon we are thinking of you and hope you can join us again soon!

Betsy ( it's so fun having two Betsy's in our group) and they are SIL's, has finished her little patriotic cat rug with that same gold background I believe!  So sweet!  And look at that darling little leather suitcase she found at a flea market!  OMG it makes the perfect little sewing tote!  So jealous you found that Betsy and only 15.00!!   

Betsy has finished her hooked rug footstool!  And it is GORGEOUS!!  

And she's started this chicken rug... this is only a day or so of hooking.... she's catching up to Lisa!!!  

Rhonda our newest member is making more wool appliqu├ęd and crocheted bags.  She's used the designs in Rebekah Smith's first Wool Applique book.

Love her beautiful stitching!!

The colors in this one are fabulous!  I believe she sold this one to one of our gals here!!

Rhonda starts hooking a new rug also!  She has a great eye for design and color!

And Nancy with her handy dandy needle in hand is working on a quilt block! A winter theme and of course I can't tell you who the designer is!  Please help me out and comment if you know.
I'm so bad at writing things down during our hook-in day as it gets so busy!

Had to show you my Mullien weed!  Would you look how tall this crazy thing has gotten!  Dave measured it and it's over 7 feet tall!   The yellow flowers keep blooming up and down the the top stem thingy!   I know there must be a name for it... comment if you know! 

I'd like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind words of sympathy and caring about the loss of our Smokey!  
It sure helps to know so many of you know the feelings we have, having lost a dear pet of your own. 
Your words and cards have meant so much!
I can't begin to tell you how much it means also that you keep following here on the blog. 
I'm determined to post a little more now that I have a little more time.
There's projects in the works here at the Greschner household.
Some things I've been wanting to do to the house are getting a start!

Here's a sneak peak until next time....

Cathy G

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Smokey Our Beloved

On Thursday June 29 we had to put our beloved  little Smokey dog to sleep.  Our hearts still ache and  I can't even write or talk about it much without having to grab the box of kleenex.  
Life is sure different around here.
He would have been 15 years old this Sept.
The vet said you hardly hear of diabetic dogs living to that age.
Even so.... we didn't have him near long enough.

Here I go.......
just can't write about it yet.
But I wanted you to know.

Cathy G.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Weed Like No Other

Last year when I let my gardens go entirely to weeds because of not being able to work in them, a strange plant took root on the edge of my rock garden. I thought about yanking it out... then just never got around to it.  I didn't know for sure what it was but remember  as a kid we'd see them growing alongside the dirt road by our farm. They got about 4 or 5
 feet tall and grew a stem in the middle where the yellow flowers bloomed along the side. We kids used to call them Indian Tobacco. Of course my younger brothers had to try rolling up a leaf and smoke it to see if it actually was tobacco. I don't recall them getting sick or anything... oh the stories I could tell ( five kids growing up on a farm) but I digress.
Maybe the real reason I let this thing keep growing, knowing it was a weed, was the memories it brought back of my childhood.

It is really quite pretty as far as weeds go.  The silvery hairy leaves are gigantic. I got a chuckle as I read more about my prized weed online.  Out west where the plant grows on the prairies they call it Cowboy's Toilet Paper! Oh man... I think I'll pass on trying THAT out! But I know two brothers who maybe would give it a whirl.... just sayin'! LOL!

Anyhoo... the real name of this glorious weed is Common Mullein. (Verbascum Thapsus)
The Reader's Digest North American Wildlife Guide says they are also known as Velvet Plant or Flannel Leaf. 
According to Wikipedia the plant has astringent qualities.  It was used in making torches.  Witches might use these torches to ward off evil.
Hmmmmmm..... lots of interesting stuff you can learn about something growing right in your own backyard!

Here's a pic of something else we have growing in our side-yard this year....  I think Hubby is down-right proud of his little gardening effort this year....

He usually doesn't entertain much interest when it comes to gardening. Probably because he works long hours and has more projects going around here than you can shake a stick at!
I had purchased a few Red Norland seed potatoes on a trip to a greenhouse and had intentions of planting them myself in a garden. Well, the gardens I have right now are just little rock gardens and don't have the proper room for growing potatoes.  On youtube I found a video of how to grow potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket! 
Wow... I was intriqued so I told Dave the potatoes were his responsibility. He reluctantly watched the video and followed all intructions to a T.   I am happy to report the taters are growin' like weeds... just not as big as MY prize weed though!  LOL!

If you want to grow your own spuds in 5 gallon buckets go look up Hollis and Nancy on YouTube!  I LOVE their gardening videos!  I just love listening to Hollis' sweet southern accent!

Well, there's more going on but I will save  it for another post!

Happy Gardening!
Cathy G