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My home town is Rice Lake, a small town in northern Wisconsin. I own Red House Wool Studio~ an in-home wool and rug hooking business. I enjoy collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of my interests and ramblings about life. Cathy Greschner

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Our Tuesday Hook-in for November and Some Chit Chat!

Being so busy with our Christmas Show this past week I didn't get a chance to post the pictures of our second Tuesday of the month Hook-in here at Red House Wool Studio!
Sherry is a brand new rug hooker!  I LOVE her hair don't you!  When I was a young girl I always wanted red hair!  Just like Sherry's!
She took right off on her first rug!

This is Mya!  She is brand new to rug hooking also!  She plans to hook a rug similar to my hit and miss square one you see on the table!  She took right off as well!  I know these girls are going to be wonderful rug hookers!  Diving right in and learning to  pull those first few loops is all it takes!

Remember Tammi? A few posts back I introduced her as she was working on her third or fourth rug! Turns out she is a FABULOUS applique'er! Look at the stitches on this wonderful pieced mat by Primitive Gatherings!  I could stare at it all day long!

Many of you know Pat... a most talented  rug hooker... she's working on my Merry Christmas design doing such beautiful work!  She brought this Halloween rug that she had framed!  It is wonderful and a design by Jody Aman and available on the Need'l Love website. We love spending a few minutes when everyone arrives for a bit of show and tell! 

Had to show you my little scraggly Christmas tree!  I LOVE them very sparse and with a few little red berries ( fake ones that I added)!  My friend Lisa cut this one along the ditch for our Christmas show and it was left over so I rescued it!   It's just the kind of tree I wanted! 
So it will be a very busy few weeks now before Christmas and the end of the year!  Can you believe it?!  I'll be another year older in December too... Old enought to retire! Yikes! I can't decide if I should sign up for Social Security as being self-employed for many of my working years I sure won't get a big check! But maybe it's time.... 

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends!
Cathy G

Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Vintage Antiques Christmas Show photos!

My friend Roxy hams it up for the camera!  This past weekend was a whirlwind of packing, loading, unloading, setting up and tearing down!  I'm still recuperating from the constant motion and excitement of doing this show with my friends Roxy, Sue and Lisa! Here are a few snaps as we are setting up and some of the show before the crowds showed up Friday morning!  It was a total and complete success!! Buyers came from near and far!  
Are we doing it again next year?  LOL!!  Ask me again next year... for I must concentrate on my next show in March... the Quilt Event at St. Joseph's School!  
I hope you enjoy the photos!  Here is a link to a video also! https://www.facebook.com/cathy.greschner/videos/10206341198027291/?l=5163110517955378768

Lisa is a trouper and pushed herself to the limit with a bad back!  She finally put her back brace on. 

Dave and Sue did some heavy lifting!  

Our centerpiece of the show!  This wonderful early sleigh!  It sold to an antiques dealer on the second day of the show! 

I'd like to thank all my friends and family and neighbors for coming out and making our show a tremendous success!!  It was a wonderful two days and I hope you are all enjoying your purchases! 

Thank you from all of us!
Roxy, Lisa, Sue and Cathy

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Friend Gail's Halloween Collection~Come Tour Her Home!

It's kind of scary... and loads of fun... when you get a chance to roam around my friend Gail's home and see her marvelous and HUGE collection of vintage Halloween memorabilia!   Her love of these colorful and hard to find pieces is evident in every room in the house.... including the powder room as you will soon see in a photo! 

Gail's  kitchen is filled with many neat old store display pieces like this metal spice cabinet which works perfect for displaying the hundreds of small pieces which are all neatly organized!

You can't help but smile or laugh out loud at some of the whimsical ways she displays, like these little skeletons in the  half moon tin.

Candy candy everywhere! Displayed in one neat old jar after another! 

An old wooden tote with orange paint... perfect for a Halloween display!

Gail loves to collect old advertising signs and this is a beauty from the Gustafson's Creamery which was here in Rice Lake!  A most sought after local piece of history!

A couple of neat old vintage Halloween costumes hang in the entryway.

I love this stenciled floor in the hallway... nevermind my foot... lol!

A most unusual iron bed in one of the bedrooms.

More spookiness waits upstairs.... 

.... and I just love the color Gail painted the stairs...don't you?

The resident pooch.. Relfie... followed us up the steps! Isn't he a cutie?

I told you the bathroom even has a year round Halloween touch! LOVE the black and orange tiles!! I should have closed the lid before the photo though...LOL!  

A very rare metal and glass spice container probably from a general store... the containters swing out to access the glass holders.  Of course Halloween candy fills the jars! 

The old sink is wonderful in Gail's laundry room! 

Gail with some of her Halloween creations! Wonderful paper mache' pieces she's collaborated with a friend in the past to sell.  I believe she still has some available but in very limited numbers. Let me know if you would like to know more about them. 

Thank you Gail for letting us browse through your lovely home today and feast our eyes on your rare and wonderful Halloween collections!  We had so much fun!

So after we had all this fun touring Gail's home... our little band of friends hopped in the car and took a road trip to some local shops... looking for more Halloween and vintage goodies!

left to right: Sue, yours truly, Gail, her sister Dawn and Liz

We need to do this more often.... right girls?

Cathy G