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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Elegant Thanksgiving Table

 As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a more elegant and beautiful dinner this year.  Maybe because  in everyday life when it comes to eating meals around here it's anything but elegant and beautiful.  I have a suspicion we're not alone in our habit of filling a plate with food and plopping in front of the tv to watch the evening news. I know that's bad... but sadly it's everyday life.

 Our family gatherings at Thanksgiving tend to be quite informal as well.  It's usually Buffet style where everyone grabs a paper plate (gasp!!) and heads for the couch or even the floor (gasp!!) to gobble up the turkey and mashed potatoes!
I remember a time  growing up when my Grandmother  hosted Thanksgiving dinner at her house!  Now that was a true Thanksgiving celebration!  
Yes... we all sat around the lace tablecloth draped dining table!  The Blue Willow dishes, linen napkins and good silverware were retrieved from the buffet.  We were always crammed shoulder to shoulder around that table but my Grandmother wouldn't hear of someone going off to eat in another location. 
Good memories!

I've gathered some photos for inspiration and thought perhaps you'd enjoy them too!  

Tall and elegant candles!  Dripless would be charming... and the long zinc tray as a centerpiece... how neat is that!

So simple.. yet elegant and wouldn't these be awesome at night!

No celebration is complete without fresh flowers... 

How about Pumpkin Pie Martini's served in elegant crystal stemware after dinner INSTEAD of traditional PP and (Cool Whip)gasp!   ...recipe HERE

So elegant!

Go visit SimplySuzannes web page for an elegant Thanksgiving Dinner menu with recipes including one for petite Pumpkin Cheesecakes with sweet sour cream topping.

Grandma would be proud!   I happened to have inherited her set of BlueWillow dishes!  They are in a box in the basement and sadly haven't seen the light of day for quite a few years.... but after our kitchen remodeling is done I have plans to retrieve them and maybe next Thanksgiving they shall grace the dinner table!
So no plans for an elegant sit down dinner this year unfortunately!
It's nice to dream.
Would love to hear about your Thanksgiving table...
fancy or paper plates (gasp!!)?

Cathy G

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Tis The Season" For a NEW PATTERN!

Yes dear friends!  That time is upon us! Here is my newest hooked rug design that depicts an old creamy painted buttocks basket filled with good cheer and merry thoughts for the Holiday Season!
I made my completed hooked piece into a pillow but it is a nice size to hang on a wall or lay on a table.
It hooks up so quick you will have it done in no time!
A fun design that is easy for a beginner in rug hooking or a seasoned hooker!
Gosh... I wonder if I'm that "seasoned" hooker?  LOL!  Sugar and spice and all things nice I hope! 
So if you are interested in purchasing the paper pattern for "Tis The Season" just head on over to 

There is a link to my Etsy shop on the left in my side bar too. There you will find more paper patterns of my designs!

Thank you as always for your kind support of my designs and my humble home based business!
Together we'll make it a success!
May your Season be Blessed and Merry!

Cathy G

Sunday, November 2, 2014

B is for Brown

Brown.   Let me count the ways I love you.  
Brown and November go hand in hand don't you think?
Is it any wonder chocolate is brown?
Oh I know there's white chocolate....  
but I'll take the brown.

Brown calico in a log cabin square... and did you see my blog background?  I took a photo of a brown paisley calico in my stash of antique fabrics and made the background photo.  A prized possession
that piece of fabric. 

A rug I hooked for a friend's birthday present a few years back.  All hand-torn strips.
I need to make another!

I've been looking at new sinks for my kitchen lately.  Oh... not really thinking of a brown one though. But when I spied this one on Pinterest..... it got me to thinking.

These sinks are surely lovely!  But they remind me too much of chocolate. I don't  think  I really need that staring me in the face everyday!  LOL! 
( besides..they are waaaayyyy to pricey for our budget!!)

The search goes on for a new sink.
No matter what color I end up with I know now that I don't have to change the name of my blog!
Whew!  Thank you dear readers! 
Your comments on my last post have brought great comfort.

So stay tuned right here on the Orange Sink blog!  I'll have that new hooked rug design ready to go in a couple of days!  And a paper pattern too!

Cathy G

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hangin' On!

Our fabulous Autumn this year is hangin'  on!  It's always a welcome thing here in northern Wisconsin if we reach the end of October and the temps are above zero!  LOL!   I snapped the header photo of some mums in the garden that are still blooming despite a couple of nights of frost!  They are hardy things!  I buried a few spent pots of them I had on the front deck in the garden and with any luck they will bloom again next Fall.

Things are a hoppin' here in the wool studio.  The ladies are buying patterns, wool and supplies in anticipation of those days ahead when we don't stick our noses out the door unless we have to!
I have been hooking on a little something too which I will wait a little longer to show you!  I used all the new wools from Rebecca Erb's Wool Studio in this design. 

It's been really really hard for me lately to sit down and do any designing!  We have started to do a little remodeling in the kitchen. Needless to say my mind is preoccupied with layout, cabinets, windows, appliances, etc.  We've decided that something MUST be done!  No stove to cook or dye wool has been difficult and stressful for me.  So... let me introduce you to the newest purchase ( and an expensive one.. holy cow!) that is the starting point for this remodel.

Now how's that for an upgrade from a hot plate! LOL! Wowser!  It arrived last week and our super nice electrician got it temporarily wired so I can use it while waiting for the remodel to get underway! 
I keep telling myself that I really needed that double oven...  a splurge that I hope pays off in the long run!

Max has given his approval but he can't quite figure out where the old wall oven went! The square on the floor is where the cabinet stood that housed the old oven.  Out it went and I was never so glad to take the hammer after it!  It's really opened up the galley style kitchen!  The plan is to put a new fridge where the new stove is sitting right now and the stove will have it's permanent home on the wall a little further down. So a few new cabinets are in order as well as  new counter top.

But this will all take time.  And money.   We're determined so are doing a lot of the work ourselves with the help of a few talented friends who are guiding us along the way. 

You may be wondering if our infamous orange sink is part of the new remodel plan.  Well.... perhaps not. But we shall see...  if I decide to get a new sink ( and it won't be orange believe me) do I have to change the name of my blog????  Oh mercy.... it's on my business cards and all my patterns and everything! 
Yikes... tell me I can still call the blog Orange Sink.... as Stainless Steel Sink just doesn't quite have the same ring to it!!  

Cathy G

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

She LOVES Halloween! Lizzie's Home....

Well here it is as promised!  The tour of my friend Lizzie's home and her FABULOUS collection of Halloween!  Both vintage and artisan made pieces are lovingly displayed in every spooky nook and cranny!  Even the front porch beckons you to linger, setting the stage for what's inside!

Liz is a quilter!  She even took my beginning rug hooking class!  She has yet to finish a nice sized rug she has started but leads a super busy life!  She is married,  grooms dogs, and is a very loving and devoted daughter who is caring for aging parents!  She is a dog mom and you will meet her fur children a little further down in this post!  

Autumn splendor fills a red cupboard on the front porch!  

If you care to sit and view the scenery the striking black and white stripe cushions will keep you comfy!

Every room in this gorgeous home has been decorated with Liz's collections!  Yes it takes time and little bit of help!  She tells me it stays decorated to the delight of visitors who stop in through out the season until Thanksgiving!  I wonder what she does for Christmas!?

Part of Liz's collection are these one- of- a kind paper mache' sculptures made by Gail and Linda of The House At The End of the Road. They are an artist duo who create and sell their unique Halloween pieces together.  They are friends of mine also so if you should be interested in their work and would like more info. just email me using the email button in the upper left of this blog.
Look for their work throughout Liz's home! She has acquired quite a few of their pieces and they really make a statement as you can see them here displayed on the island in her kitchen.

I was fascinated by these long framed old Halloween prints!  They are wonderful and she was able to purchase five of them at an antique show! Look for them in the photos that follow!

New and vintage Halloween toys and candy containers fill display cabinets and cupboards through the entire house!  

Love her coffee bar as you enter the kitchen!  

I love her quilts displayed everywhere too! 

This is a fabulous piece by Gail and Linda displayed in the kitchen window!

Liz has these one-of-a-kind pieces displayed on turntables so you can view them from all angles!  She's thought of everything for your viewing pleasure!

I LOVE this bobbing for apples piece! They have a unique style and I can't begin to imagine the work that goes into these!  

Another one of those wonderful long prints!

Even the bathroom cannot escape the wonders of Liz's decorating! 

The sun room is a cozy spot to sit and read the morning paper or perhaps stitch or hook.... She will hook again one of these days I hope!  After the Halloween decorations are all packed away!  Right Lizzy?!!  LOL!!

More views of the sun room.

So meet the fur babies!  The adorable and very well behaved Scotties are named Olive and Violet!  They have their Halloween collars on!  Perfectly groomed of course!! They are the sweetest dogs!! They take after their owner!!

And then there's PEARL!  The Bull Terrier!!  OMG is she hilarious!!  The ball never left her mouth and she growls and sounds like she wants to rip your head off!!  It's all bluff however!!  I think she is just trying to get you to play!  I am told she can open drawers and loves to eat butter!  Mom has to keep an eye on the butter sticks when she's baking as Pearl can scarf one down in an instant and afterward smile that adorable Bull Terrier smile!

So here we end up in the grooming salon where my fur babies are getting groomed!  I hope they realize how dog-gonned lucky they are to be accepted into this posh and beautiful dog grooming parlor that Liz so meticulously runs!! She is booked solid and it's very hard to get your dogs in to be groomed!  But lucky me.... and Smokey and Max.  They still hate getting groomed and Smokey even threw up in the tub while he was getting bathed. Maybe next time he won't be so nervous!  

A friend like Liz is more precious than gold!!  She has a huge and tender heart for animals and humans alike!!  We are soooooo blessed and lucky to have her for our groomer and friend!!  Right Smokey and Max?  I will post a photo of them next time sporting their new do's. 

Thank-you Liz for allowing me to show case your home here on my blog!  I know my readers will enjoy getting a peek into your "spooktacular" decorating and warm and cozy home!  

Halloween Hugs!!
Cathy G