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She lives in a small town in northern Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys primitive wool rug hooking,teaching rug hooking classes, collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of her interests and ramblings about life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

She LOVES Halloween! Lizzie's Home....

Well here it is as promised!  The tour of my friend Lizzie's home and her FABULOUS collection of Halloween!  Both vintage and artisan made pieces are lovingly displayed in every spooky nook and cranny!  Even the front porch beckons you to linger, setting the stage for what's inside!

Liz is a quilter!  She even took my beginning rug hooking class!  She has yet to finish a nice sized rug she has started but leads a super busy life!  She is married,  grooms dogs, and is a very loving and devoted daughter who is caring for aging parents!  She is a dog mom and you will meet her fur children a little further down in this post!  

Autumn splendor fills a red cupboard on the front porch!  

If you care to sit and view the scenery the striking black and white stripe cushions will keep you comfy!

Every room in this gorgeous home has been decorated with Liz's collections!  Yes it takes time and little bit of help!  She tells me it stays decorated to the delight of visitors who stop in through out the season until Thanksgiving!  I wonder what she does for Christmas!?

Part of Liz's collection are these one- of- a kind paper mache' sculptures made by Gail and Linda of The House At The End of the Road. They are an artist duo who create and sell their unique Halloween pieces together.  They are friends of mine also so if you should be interested in their work and would like more info. just email me using the email button in the upper left of this blog.
Look for their work throughout Liz's home! She has acquired quite a few of their pieces and they really make a statement as you can see them here displayed on the island in her kitchen.

I was fascinated by these long framed old Halloween prints!  They are wonderful and she was able to purchase five of them at an antique show! Look for them in the photos that follow!

New and vintage Halloween toys and candy containers fill display cabinets and cupboards through the entire house!  

Love her coffee bar as you enter the kitchen!  

I love her quilts displayed everywhere too! 

This is a fabulous piece by Gail and Linda displayed in the kitchen window!

Liz has these one-of-a-kind pieces displayed on turntables so you can view them from all angles!  She's thought of everything for your viewing pleasure!

I LOVE this bobbing for apples piece! They have a unique style and I can't begin to imagine the work that goes into these!  

Another one of those wonderful long prints!

Even the bathroom cannot escape the wonders of Liz's decorating! 

The sun room is a cozy spot to sit and read the morning paper or perhaps stitch or hook.... She will hook again one of these days I hope!  After the Halloween decorations are all packed away!  Right Lizzy?!!  LOL!!

More views of the sun room.

So meet the fur babies!  The adorable and very well behaved Scotties are named Olive and Violet!  They have their Halloween collars on!  Perfectly groomed of course!! They are the sweetest dogs!! They take after their owner!!

And then there's PEARL!  The Bull Terrier!!  OMG is she hilarious!!  The ball never left her mouth and she growls and sounds like she wants to rip your head off!!  It's all bluff however!!  I think she is just trying to get you to play!  I am told she can open drawers and loves to eat butter!  Mom has to keep an eye on the butter sticks when she's baking as Pearl can scarf one down in an instant and afterward smile that adorable Bull Terrier smile!

So here we end up in the grooming salon where my fur babies are getting groomed!  I hope they realize how dog-gonned lucky they are to be accepted into this posh and beautiful dog grooming parlor that Liz so meticulously runs!! She is booked solid and it's very hard to get your dogs in to be groomed!  But lucky me.... and Smokey and Max.  They still hate getting groomed and Smokey even threw up in the tub while he was getting bathed. Maybe next time he won't be so nervous!  

A friend like Liz is more precious than gold!!  She has a huge and tender heart for animals and humans alike!!  We are soooooo blessed and lucky to have her for our groomer and friend!!  Right Smokey and Max?  I will post a photo of them next time sporting their new do's. 

Thank-you Liz for allowing me to show case your home here on my blog!  I know my readers will enjoy getting a peek into your "spooktacular" decorating and warm and cozy home!  

Halloween Hugs!!
Cathy G 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

OK Momma Nature... Can we Talk?

"An inch of snow fell last night.  As I was sound asleep, I really didn't have to lay eyes on it. Thankfully it was all melted by morning.  Still you torment me with freezing temps tonight and I have a beautiful red mum in the garden that is just starting to bloom.  So I guess I will  have to throw a blanket over it."

"Yes Mom Nature... have you seen the Fall... as in AUTUMN colors that are filling my studio!!?  Not white or red or green!"  

"Black cats and...

spooky stuff....

Orange, gold and okay maybe a white Jack-O Lantern or two.
But that doesn't give you the go ahead to go cool off our Fall fun with the white stuff!

Now that I've ranted... and I'm sure you've listened up Mom nature!
 A little more Autumn if you please!!"

Tomorrow one of the  fur boys and I are going to a new groomers!
She happens to be a good friend of mine. 
And wait til you see her home and grooming salon!
Oh... and did I mention she is an AVID collector of HALLOWEEN!  
Yes I took photos last time I was there.
Tomorrow I hope to take a few more as the first time I spent so much time ogling and relishing the moment that my photos weren't that great.
Here is her front porch for a teaser!

You are in for a treat!  Yup!  As in Trick-or Treat!! 

Cathy G

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Borders and Hoarders

I'll explain the title of this post in a few minutes.  But first I want to bring you up to speed on how the Maggie B. rug is coming along.  In particular the decision I made on the border treatment.  

As you can see the border I am adding around the original pattern is quite wide (about 4 inches). I am adding the border because I want the rug to be more of a statement in the space for which it is destined. 
I have to thank Margaret Z. one of my dear blog readers for helping me with the decision to add the squiggly line you see on the very outside edge of the rug.  If you have the Maggie Bonanomi book from which this pattern is taken ( A Day at Sunny Brook) you can see a rug on page 46 that has a double squiggly line around the outside. Margaret was so kind to bring that rug to my attention suggesting that I might try something like that on my Tulip and Peony rug. Well...my brain lit up with excitement!  I had this vision of a hit-n-miss treatment in a wavy shape but I also felt I needed to bring the white of the peonies and white line ( actually a dirty cream) of the inside border to the edge of the rug.  I loved the idea of another line and had hooked a straight line for a few inches until Margaret brought my attention to the wavy lines.  Thank you Margaret! I do think it's what the rug would approve of!
What do you think of the wavy hit-n-miss thing I'm doing?!!  It is a little different that's  for sure! I hope I made the right choice there as I really don't want to reverse-hook  all of that area now! Oh mercy!  That would irritate me to shreds!!

So unless I hear different from anyone .... :-O  I am going to hook on doing the wavy hit-n-miss on the border!  

Now to explain the hoarders part of the title.
As some of you know from reading a few posts back,  Mr. O Sink and myself have been trying to downsize our collections this year and clean out the basement. In the midst of our own trials with this process we had to clean out his mother's apartment this summer as well.  I've come to the conclusion that we are all just hoarders by nature.  But I am bound and determined to beat the odds that we will die with a house full of junk  that someone else will have the job of disposing of.
Hubby has been doing pretty good on his end of the disposing.  Nearly 2000 Sports Illustrated magazines ( of which I am convinced would have reached to the moon if put end to end) have since been recycled and some of the more valuable ones sold.  That is just one of the collections.

This coming week-end there is a Flea Market at our local fair grounds.  It is only about a quarter of a mile from our house.  This is I think the third year they have held it and it looks to be a very popular event.  The booths are a bit pricey at 100 bucks each. But we talked it over and have decided to haul some of our "stuff" to this Flea. 

The weather forecast is for rain on Sat. The market is on Sat. and Sunday with set-up Friday afternoon.  We rented an indoor space  in one of the large commercial buildings so we should be okay unless the rain keeps the shoppers away.  But we're hoping for a crowd.  And in particular a crowd that hasn't seen the hoarders episodes on tv.

Cathy G. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Wool and Easy Beef Stew in the Crock Pot

So here is a photo of the wools before I cut them all up and hook them into my Maggie B. "Tulip and Peony" rug!  Man this rug is taking a lot of wool!  I'm hooking mostly in a 8.5 cut so it is hooking up quite quickly!  The difference between the 8 and 8.5 cut strip for speeding up the hooking is quite remarkable!  Anyone else notice this?

The progress so far.  I'm hooking on the very outside edge to see if it will help me to determine how I want to hook this border.  I'm leaning towards a simple wavy line and using all the wools in a hit-n-miss fashion.  Any ideas out there for me?  Mz. rug hasn't voiced any ideas as of yet.

Now for that easy Beef Stew in the Crock pot....
I took an arm chuck roast that was on sale this week at the market and browned the heck out of it using olive oil in a dutch oven on my little hot plate ( no stovetop yet).

While it was browning I chopped some onion, celery,  peeled a few ( 4-5) potatoes and cut in cubes, got out a package of baby carrots and washed them.

Then I tossed all the vegetables into the crock pot.  Added a little Wylers Beef Granules (about 1 heaping tsp.) Added about 1/4 cup of water and a  Tbsp. of Minute Tapioca.

Now take that browned Roast and plop it on top of the veggies in the crock pot and snuggle it down a little by scooping a few of the veggies up around the sides of the meat.

Now pour about half a can of Campbell's HomeStyle Zesty Tomatoe Bisque soup on top of the roast.

Turn on high an let cook for 4 hours.  If you want  it to cook all day (perhaps you need to go to work)  just put the crock pot on med.  

It was crazy delicious and I did not add any salt or other seasoning!  The soup has enough salt in it as far I'm concerned to warrant drinking a bottle of wine to cure the thirst!  LOL!

The wine of choice was this Gnarly Head Authentic Red from California. 

Feeling gnarly headed in Wisconsin. So I think I'll go hook on my rug!

Cathy G

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Anatomy of a Rug

I love looking at other people's rugs.  Getting close up to the hooking.  Looking at the back of the rug... examining each loop.   What intrigues me the most  is looking at the colors of the wool they used. 
When I'm hooking on my own rugs I often wonder what someone, perhaps a hundred years from now will think of my color choices.  Not that it makes one iota  of a difference what colors I choose now because I use what I like. 

I use what makes sense to me... my eye.  

That being said...  I think there has to be some sense of what colors look good next to each other.  That may be what keeps me so passionate about rug hooking.  With each rug there are new discoveries. Being surprised, delighted and downright flabbergasted at how a certain wool looks hooked and how it can change the look and color of the wool next to it! 

So far I have used 17 different wools in this rug. I have to remember to stack them all up tomorrow and take a photo in the daylight. 

There are browns, solids, plaids, eggplant, corals, antique rose.  Dirty sheep, creams, taupes, silver gray.  A gorgeous rusty, orangey, pumpkin plaid that I wish I had a bolt of!!

( rug design by Maggie Bonanomi~ Tulips and Peonies)

All along I am thinking about the outside border that I've added to make this rug larger.  My  drawings,  of which you can see around the outside edge will probably not make the cut. I have a couple of different ideas brewing. One is a simple wavy line in the Dirty Sheep wool and filling in with all the wools I've used in the rug. Hmmmmm.... I'm waiting for the rug to speak.  I will hear it... no matter where I am.  Sometimes I hear them call to me when I am in the shower... "Hey you... I would like the horizontal stripes in corals, browns and rusts for my border!  Are you listening?"
Oh I hear you rug... just hold your peonies... time will tell.   Let me get the rest of those funky leaves and stems hooked tonight and we shall talk!

Cathy G.