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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Friends Near and Far~ Encourage One Another!

Yesterday was our second Tuesday of the Month Hook-in here at Red House Wool Studio! Our merry band of hookers and stitchers numbered seven of us! The flu and other ailments kept a few home and we wish them full recovery in time for next month's gathering.
A big WELCOME to our newest rug hooker!  Kathy is being taught by Cindy to hook and appliqué! Now can you believe this is her very first rug?!!  Oh my goodness!  She says she LOVES it so far and is already talking about designing her own rug!  That is when you know someone is hooked for ever!
Cindy had the pattern she gave to Kathy and purchased it from Carrie Martin www.onerugtworug.com  
Kathy has finished several wool applique' projects as well! We are excited to see what she will bring for show and tell next month! 

Our most prolific hooker Lisa has finished the hooking on her doves rug ( antique adaptation by Sally Kalin Pine Island Primitives). Don't you just love the colors she chose! She is doing a fabulous job on the antique rugs she loves so much! 

Everyone gathered around to admire and offer advice on another antique adaption of a sheep rug that Lisa is working on!  Oh the colors in this rug are wonderful! She's so close to finishing this one too!  Now the binding Lisa!  We all know you love to bind ( not) LOL!  But they are not really rugs until they are bound as I like to remind ( myself included)! 

Working together and enjoying each other's company!

Cindy helps Kathy with the binding on her rug! It's so encouraging to see the help and encouragement  amongst our group. I believe it is a trait of rug hookers and wool enthusiasts the world over! How we delight in helping our "sisterhood" learn to work with their hands and create. A gift beyond measure as it has a healing quality.  Who wouldn't love to give and recieve such a precious gift! 

Cindy shares a cute wool pincushion she made using wool applique pennies!  We all loved the vintage look and the way it is lightly stuffed with crushed walnut shells to give it weight and that old feel! 

Nancy had her wool applique piece machine quilted and it is really beautiful! She can't wait for Fall to display it in her home!

I received this beautiful Valentines Cyclamen plant from Cindy!  It is just gorgeous!  I have never had a Cylamen plant before.. so I hope it's easy to grow!  Thank you Cindy dear friend!  
As I mentioned in my title that friends near and FAR encourage one another, I recieved this photo of a Santa rug that my online fellow rug hooker and friend Marolyn from Sierra Madre, California designed and hooked!  
We have been emailing and keeping in touch now for a couple of years and she is so encouraging to me and a wonderful lady!   I have this plan to someday travel to all the places that I have online friends to visit them in person!  In the meantime we need to keep sharing our rugs and happenings through emails etc. 
Isn't this rug just as awesome as they come! The design, color planning and that blue bird ( oh how I love it)!  The beard is really great!  
Thank you so much Marolyn for letting me share it! 
It makes me want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! 
But Easter and Spring shall take place first..
and I for one WELCOME them both!

Cathy G

Sunday, February 5, 2017

I Heart My Scarf!

Well.... here it is!  My results from sewing a few pieces of wool together, cutting out some heart shapes from different textures and appliqueing them on with the blanket stitch. Pretty simple and something fun to do with wool besides just hooking rugs or making table mats!
Wish I had more time in a day... I'd try making more wearable items.
I used to sew all my clothes when I was in high school.
More out of necessity than for the sake of sewing.
But it did teach me some basic sewing skills.

So are you watching the Super Bowl tonight?
I may be keeping an eye on it as hubby is glued to the screen.
The half-time show is what keeps me watching... at least until half-time.

Then it will be bed-time for this old gal.

Enjoy the game if you watch!

Cathy G

Friday, February 3, 2017

She Plays with Wool....

Recovering from the flu or something... I was awake all night throwing up with stomach pains.  With all I've had going on lately with my health wasn't sure it was the flu.   I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning which of course I missed.   I'm feeling much better tonight and will have to reschedule that appointment.

I've been playing in some neutral shades of wool.
Not at all sure what I intend to make... there is a vague idea in my head.
It's fun and relaxing to play with scraps not having a definite plan.

It surely is a good thing to give our creative minds that space.

Space to play and dream.

Perhaps something useful will come of it.
Perhaps something beautiful or just something that isn't much of anything.

It's all part of the process of creating.

I'm reveling in that process!

Cathy G

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Looking for Inspiration.... Sophie Digard

Lately I've felt the need to look up from my pile of tax papers and take a deep breath!  To take what's left of January to try and renew my creative juices.  My hope is that this year will be one of many changes. Changes that will allow me to get back to designing, hooking, dyeing and doing the things which I have a deep love and need to do!
About a year ago I happened to come across the work of a french artist who's work just blew me away!  She's a crochet artist who dyes her own threads and fibers used to create her work.
Sophie Digard inspires me.
The way she uses color in such intricate, delicate and interesting ways.

Some of her creations are fun and whimsical like these crochet dog necklaces! I love her use of velvets with the crochet!

When I see the geometric patterns in the scarves she's well known for... I see ideas for hooked rugs!

The use of textured yarns...  with neutrals, and darks!  Isn't it exciting!
Are the wheels in your mind turning yet? 

I study her work with an eye to the interesting and pleasing color combinations she uses!

The details and little surprises of unexpected stitches combined with velvet over crochet!

Wearable art... how lovely!  Would I have the patience to create such intricate things?

Stitching on a linen shawl... so delicate and worthy of studying each shape and design.

I think that is her amidst her work!  I was not able to find a whole lot of information or more photos of her online.
 Do a google search and look on pinterest where I found most of these photos of her work.

So.... tell me.... are you inspired?!  
Is there an artist or two whom you look for inspiration?

What about their work makes you happy, calm or inspired to create your own works of art?

Thinking Spring... looking forward!

Cathy G 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rug Hookers Brave Winter Storm to Hook Today... 2nd Tuesday Hook-in!

Celeste finished her wool applique by Wooden Spool Designs

Well the weather outside was frightful!
But inside Red House Wool Studio today was delightful!
Our usual band of a dozen or so stitchers and hookers was down to six. 
We shared our finishes, helped plan new ones and there was even a sneak lesson in counted cross stitch!
The chicken dumpling soup that Lisa made really hit the spot today and hubby Dave ( who sneaks home on his lunch break to partake of the lunch) called it DREAM!  

Lisa is working on this antique inspired hit and miss heart!  Oh I really want to hook one like this too! In time for Valentines Day!  She also has her next rug ready to go!  I believe Saundra Porter has drawn this antique adaptation for her.  Correct me if I'm wrong girls!  Saundra does an excellent job drawing up the old antique designs on linen!  If you are new to our blogs Saundra's blog is called Woodland Junction! And is a must to follow if you're new to rug hooking or have been hooking a long time! Learn from the best!  

Had to snap this photo of Debbie as she came through the door with snow on her goodies and all bundled up!  It was snowing and blowing but that doesn't stop a Wisconsin rug hooker from showing up to her favorite event of the month at Red House Wool Studio!  

Lisa is showing Roxy how to do counted cross stitch! Notice the glasses and how they are are trying to see those little itsy bitsy stitches!  A quick lesson and they packed the cross stitch away in favor of trying a little wool appliqué!  Both new to wool applique but I can tell you they totally fell in love with it!  Can't wait to show you what they are working on for next month!

Pat who hasn't been able to join us for awhile was here today and is working on her rug that is adapted from PJ Rankin-Hults and drawn by Kris Miller at Spruce Ridge Studio!  We are blessed to have ladies like Kris and Saundra who are good at drawing the patterns and are so meticulous! 
You always want to start with a good well drawn pattern and your rug will have a good base!  Don't settle for less when you are purchasing a pattern!

Pat is so pleased to show you her lovely finished wool applique mat! The poinsettia design by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms!  On my to do list too!  Pat's turned out so great don't you think! 

So many wonderful projects being worked on and planned for in our group of talented ladies!
All of these gals are such great stitchers and rug hookers!  All so willing to share and help one another.  We appreciate each other and it shows and is felt so warmly on a cold and blustery winters day here in the studio.  We are blessed beyond measure.
To those who couldn't join us ( and had the good sense to stay off the roads today!) we missed you terribly! We look so forward to seeing you all next month when hopefully the weather will be a little less temperamental!  

Cathy G.