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She lives in a small town in northern Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs. She enjoys primitive wool rug hooking,teaching rug hooking classes, collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of her interests and ramblings about life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Aftermath!

Things have settled down slightly after the whirl-wind of the quilt show this past 4th of July weekend. I'm happy to report the second day of the show was much busier than the first!  I sold a little of everything and met a group of gals who I think may be my next class of enthusiastic rug hookers!  
While at the show I was working on the rug in the photo.  My 1820 Sunflower design that I am hooking for a customer!  I was able to demonstrate and get a few loops pulled on this commissioned piece as well!  Multi tasking at it's best!
So now that the show is history....

....and my wool is stacked neatly on the shelves again here in the studio  ( you know how much of a twit I am about that LOL!) I can concentrate on a few things for Fall.
Yup... Fall!  It actually feels like Fall here in Wisconsin this morning.  It is 60 degrees with a crisp chilly breeze.  I know we are probably still in for some humid hot weather... hopefully... but there are signs of early Autumn about.  

And as you may notice... a few signs of it in my studio as well! 

A gentle reminder to stop and listen to the chimes singing in the garden in the summer breeze. 
The loons calling as they fly overhead.

I love Autumn but need to slow summers pace.  So many things yet to accomplish in the next few weeks.  Moving my 92 year old mother-in-law to an assisted living home....traveling with family to a deceased aunt and uncles inurnment in Milwaukee are but a few of the things which will keep me busy as July zips by.

Cathy G

Friday, July 4, 2014

Quilt Show Video... the quilts! Different link so I hope you can see this one!

Another video I shared on FaceBook today of the quilts at the quilt show in Chetek, WI where I am set up with my wool booth.  I tried a different type of link so those of you without FaceBook accounts can view it I hope.  Let me know if this works for you.  I went back to my last post and changed the link so maybe you can see the video of my booth too.  I am so bad at figuring all this techy stuff out!  But I am so proud of myself for learning how to use the video on my phone.   I want to share so much more with you through videos.

So the show...  you may be wondering how it went today!  Well.... very very slow!  There was a 4th of July parade that is a hugely popular event in town!  I had a few customers and a couple of small sales. I'm told tomorrow is usually the better day.  There is a craft show in the park... so we'll see.  Kind of disappointing so far.  But lets see how tomorrow goes.  I decided I could force  myself to sit indoors one more day!  Sheesh... the most beautiful weather of the summer and I'm sitting indoors at a show with no customers!  

Well... hope you enjoy the video if you can view it!!

Stay safe this weekend.... Happy 4th of July dear friends!

Cathy G


Video of my Booth at the Stitching Sisters Quilt Show Today!

Here is a video of my booth at the Stitching Sisters Quilt Show in Chetek WI that starts today July 4th!  My first attempt at a video with my iPhone.   I didn't speak loud enough but hopefully the video tells the story!  Enjoy!  Cathy G

Monday, June 30, 2014

I'll Be Peddling Wool at the Stitching Sisters Quilt Show July 4th!

A peddler of wool!  That's what I guess I'll be this coming Friday!  One of the lovely stitchers from the Stitching Sisters Quilt Guild has asked me to join them as a vendor at their  10th annual quilt show in Chetek, WI.  About 20 minutes from my home, Chetek used to be my home!  My parents moved there from Rice Lake when I was in High School!  I became a Chetek Bulldog as the school mascot is known by. I was not happy about moving there.. but that's a whole 'nother story for a different day!
Chetek is a quaint little tourist town!  Resorts by the dozens dot the shores of the many little fishing lakes. Hundreds of vacationers will be wandering the streets of Chetek this weekend. They do it up in true old fashioned 4th of July style with water ski shows, fireworks and activities for young and young at heart!
With only a few days to prepare my wares and wools I've been rummaging around the house trying to find cute display things.  Down in my dungeon I found this old blue swirl enamel dish basin. So guess what... it's now a wool holder! 
I've been making fake displays in the studio but heaven knows why I do that... they never turn out like I envisioned for some reason.
So if you're in the area and are so inclined... please join us at the Stitching Sisters Quilt Show this Friday, Sat. and Sun.  I may be only setting up on Friday.  If I feel well enough to do Sat. I may do that day also.  More than one day may be all this former Bulldog can handle. 
I've turned into more of a Poodle these days... tee hee..

July 4th, 5th and 6th
Chetek Community Center~711 First Street
$2  Admission
(turn at Ohde Drug)
Over 100 New and Antique Quilts
Guild Challenge
Vendors (new this year... a wool peddler!)

Cathy G

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Wool I Used and More Photos!

This is somewhat of a repost... but I added a few more photos of the rug hanging over the fireplace.  At the end of the post I've added a photo of the two wools I used in the background per Diane's request.

Time to light a candle in celebration. The binding is complete.  American Floral is now hanging over the fireplace.

Funny how putting something different on the wall leads to the cleaning and rearrangement of the entire room.

The summertime mantle.

Cathy G

I added a few photos for Lauren ... :-))  

I made the binding from black wool.  It is 3 1/2 inches wide and I had to sew some strips together long enough to go around the rug.  All hand sewn on.  I plan to do a tutorial on how I bind my rugs.... don't hold your breath though... you know how long everything takes me! 

Thank you all for your kind comments and emails.... Diane... I will run a photo tomorrow of the wools I used for the background!! Promise!  ( photos now added... see below)

The photo below shows the two wools I used in the background of American Floral.
The striped one is a Rebecca Erb wool called Norma's Magdalena Stripe.  The dark gray wool is from Heaven's to Betsy called Mighty Mouse.  I'm hoarding both wools of course!  LOL!

The swirly affect was easy to achieve.  I drew the swirls using a felt tip marker onto the linen pattern in the places I wanted them to be.  I hooked the swirls in the dark gray wool and then hooked around them filling in the background in this manner.  In places I filled in with only the darker wool, as in around the vase.  I think it gives the rug an old look and of course more primitive.

Of course I'm pleased to answer any questions you may have in regards to hooking.

You are all so very kind and I appreciate so much   your compliments on the rug!  My head is much bigger today!  LOL!

Raining here today and muggy!  
And I have to dye more wool.... ugh!!!
Cathy G