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My home town is Rice Lake, a small town in northern Wisconsin. I own Red House Wool Studio~ an in-home wool and rug hooking business. I enjoy collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of my interests and ramblings about life. Cathy Greschner

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rug Hookers Brave Winter Storm to Hook Today... 2nd Tuesday Hook-in!

Celeste finished her wool applique by Wooden Spool Designs

Well the weather outside was frightful!
But inside Red House Wool Studio today was delightful!
Our usual band of a dozen or so stitchers and hookers was down to six. 
We shared our finishes, helped plan new ones and there was even a sneak lesson in counted cross stitch!
The chicken dumpling soup that Lisa made really hit the spot today and hubby Dave ( who sneaks home on his lunch break to partake of the lunch) called it DREAM!  

Lisa is working on this antique inspired hit and miss heart!  Oh I really want to hook one like this too! In time for Valentines Day!  She also has her next rug ready to go!  I believe Saundra Porter has drawn this antique adaptation for her.  Correct me if I'm wrong girls!  Saundra does an excellent job drawing up the old antique designs on linen!  If you are new to our blogs Saundra's blog is called Woodland Junction! And is a must to follow if you're new to rug hooking or have been hooking a long time! Learn from the best!  

Had to snap this photo of Debbie as she came through the door with snow on her goodies and all bundled up!  It was snowing and blowing but that doesn't stop a Wisconsin rug hooker from showing up to her favorite event of the month at Red House Wool Studio!  

Lisa is showing Roxy how to do counted cross stitch! Notice the glasses and how they are are trying to see those little itsy bitsy stitches!  A quick lesson and they packed the cross stitch away in favor of trying a little wool appliqué!  Both new to wool applique but I can tell you they totally fell in love with it!  Can't wait to show you what they are working on for next month!

Pat who hasn't been able to join us for awhile was here today and is working on her rug that is adapted from PJ Rankin-Hults and drawn by Kris Miller at Spruce Ridge Studio!  We are blessed to have ladies like Kris and Saundra who are good at drawing the patterns and are so meticulous! 
You always want to start with a good well drawn pattern and your rug will have a good base!  Don't settle for less when you are purchasing a pattern!

Pat is so pleased to show you her lovely finished wool applique mat! The poinsettia design by The Cottage at Cardiff Farms!  On my to do list too!  Pat's turned out so great don't you think! 

So many wonderful projects being worked on and planned for in our group of talented ladies!
All of these gals are such great stitchers and rug hookers!  All so willing to share and help one another.  We appreciate each other and it shows and is felt so warmly on a cold and blustery winters day here in the studio.  We are blessed beyond measure.
To those who couldn't join us ( and had the good sense to stay off the roads today!) we missed you terribly! We look so forward to seeing you all next month when hopefully the weather will be a little less temperamental!  

Cathy G.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Where To Begin?!!

It's winter.   
You would think a person would have time to hibernate!
Not that I couldn't use a couple months of burrowing in and resting up!
Thank you all so much for your kind comments and concerns over my recent medical emergency!
It's hard to believe that acid reflux can make you feel like you're having a heart attack.
So far treatment with a pepcid and watching the spicy foods, of which I rarely eat anyway, has 
seemed to help the symptoms.
But am I doomed to a lifetime of drinking water and eating yogurt and bananas!
I sure hope not.

I've not had much time to hook or come up with any new designs. 
Hopefully after my taxes are done ( I should be starting them this very moment but I've been putting it off in favor of playing in my wool.
Since inventory is part of taxes I can play in the wool while counting!

These little wool applique winter lovers are from a pattern by Cheri Payne called Country Seasons!
I stitched them a couple of years ago!
But every winter they make me smile!

So... where to begin!
I think I'll pour myself a cup of hot water and clear off the dining room table.
Make way for the reciept books, papers and ledgers.
The old fashioned way I do taxes 
is much like the way I do 
a lot of things.

Cathy G

Thursday, December 22, 2016

There's Something in the Air and It's Called...

STRESS!   Oh my... I had a much different blog post planned for today than this one.  But... I think what I have to say many of you can relate to.  It's been going on here a few days.  The feeling of soreness, tightness in my chest.  The uncomfortable pain going around to my upper back and at times deep into my heart muscle.  
Thinking it would just go away... I'd lay with a heating pad and tried resting off and on between wrtiting Christmas cards, dealing with a stack of bills and continuing the daily rituals... insulin shots for my pooch and on and on.  News on FaceBook of friends and family going through major difficulties...  my mind just can't shut out all the problems... let alone those things going on in countries far far from here that I have absolutely NO control of how to fix THAT!  
well...  I started feeling pretty bad yesterday morning... I decided to give a triage nurse a call and talk over my symptoms... just to see if I should make an appointment with my Dr.... and well I guess I should say it didn't surprise me.. she was ready to call an ambulance right then and there!!!
I explained that I've been having these symptoms for a few days and didn't think I was in full panic heart attack mode... but she calmly explained that women are different... our symptoms can be way more subtle than men... not like you see on TV where they are grasping their chests and falling to the ground.
We then decided it was okay if Dave drove me to the hospital since we live only a mile or two away.  And if he got me there in the next five minutes.


Dave, home from work in a few minutes... we were in the ER and I was admitted faster than you can say Merry Christmas!  
EKG buttons attached, X-rays ordered, Blood tests, and then a CT scan followed. 
To make this short and sweet.... I wasn't having a heart attack!
Whew... did I dodge a bullet?  What was causing all this distress and pain! 
They did find my esophagus had a little swelling...hence the feeling of fullness when I swallow. And of course my old thyroid problems.  Which are chronic and I am under a Dr.s care sort of.
So I was released with orders to REST for a few days... follow up with my Doc after Christmas.

Well... today is my Birthday.
They saw on my records yesterday in the ER of course..
I told them I decided to make the call and come in and get checked as I didn't necessarily want to die on my Birthday!
Nurse laughs and said "my my, listen to miss negative here"!

Thinking of ways I can try and deSTRESS my life today... on my 63rd birthday.

I think it's time to quit all the nonsense of worrying about things I have absolutely NO control over and maybe UNPLUG from world news,  FaceBook, phones and whatever..
Hard to do.  I love my online friends and the family that seems to be the only way we know what's going on with each other.  
But maybe a little less of it... a little less working round the clock( with a business in your home you don't get much of a break) 

The Winter Solstice ( which is what I had originally planned to write this post on)  is a time to turn inward... maybe make a few of those changes.  Think of precious little things surrounding us that get overlooked in all the RUSH!
The word folks should be "HUSH"....... see the little birds flitting about in the snow and the rabbit who silently hopped across the backyard in the moonlight. 
The great earth is turning on it's axis... ever so slowly in the vastness of space.  
Our days are filled with magical happenings... 
Far removed from the violence and the hatred...
I need and I suspect others reading these words need .. to take note.

So Celebrate the Season,  Sing and Rejoice!

It' good for the heart!
We make the Choice!

Quiet Christmas Blessings Dearest Friends and Family!

Cathy G

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Stitchers and Hookers at today's Hook-in!

Oh what a time we had today at our second Tuesday of the month hook-in here at Red House Wool Studio!  Please meet Holly ( love her name and the color of her hair!) She is a newcomer here at the studio!  She is a long time quilter and has found her way recently to wool applique and cannot get enough!  Holly fits right in with all of us as we all like antiques and can't you tell by her projects she loves the primitive colors and designs!  I know you'll love it here Holly!  So glad you found us!

Did you think this was a plate of Christmas Cookies!  Well... look closely!  They are adorable wool pins made by Cindy and Shirley from wool strips or worms as we so affectionately call them!  They made one for each person who came today!  Thank you ladies!  What a treat!  We were all feeling so Christmasy and loved wearing our darling pins!!

Celeste is always working on something fantastic!  Look at her newest project!  A wool applique by Wooden Spool Designs!  She's made great progress! And the *Be Warm* block was so appropriate for today as the temperature was well below zero when some of these gals drove a couple of hours to get here this morning!  Brave Wisconsinites! We don't fear a little cold weather when there's wool and good friends awaiting!

Lisa is working on a design by Lori Brechlin of NotforgottenFarm called Glad Tidings!  She's using wools and colors out of her comfort zone.... and loving it!!  We talk about that quite a lot here in the studio!  Yes... we all have our dislikes and likes when it comes to color... and maybe design styles!  But Lisa says she is having so much fun with this rug and is happy she took the leap to try something different!  

Lisa is partial to horse rugs... and has done a fabulous job on this one by American Country Rugs!

Well would you look at this!  All the hooking and trying new things has led Lisa to try her hand at designing!  This is her new design and I think it's totally awesome!  I am trying to talk her into making it into some kits for the studio!  What do you think?  She can do that in her spare time between her full time truck driving job, raising her family and taking care of her horses!  We'll see... but she will "get er done"  if she sets her mind to it!   BELIEVE me! 

Talk about believing... Cindy has stitched this sweet little Santa pin cushion using a pattern by Buttermilk Basin!  I believe in Santa how 'bout you?  Especially when he shows up on a sweet pin cushion!  Santa baby... I could use one of these under the tree!  Just sayin'!!  

Sipping candy cane flavored coffee, stitching, hooking and planning our next projects!  

Everyone was eyeing up this cute little thread basket that Holly had in her sewing basket!  How handy would this be!  She explained a friend made it and used to sell them them at craft shows.  

Welcome another newby wool appliquer to our group today!  Meet Eva! I've known Eva for a few years and have been trying to get her to join our happy, growing group here on the second Tuesday!  Well today she finally was able to make it!  She's had knee replacement surgery not  too long ago.  She does a lot of quilting and boy you should see her quilts!! Maybe she'll bring one to show next time she joins us!  So welcome Eva!  I hope you enjoyed today as much as I did!  After a little lunch...

Everyone headed back out into the cold cold weather!  Some had a little  shopping to do  before they headed home but I'm sure they still felt the warmth that was shared here today!   Good friends, good food and wooly projects had us all in good spirits!  
A Merry Christmas to All!

Cathy G

( For a short video of todays hook-in event head over to FaceBook!) Click on the link in my side bar! 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas in Blue!

There's something about blue Christmas lights... so peaceful and beautiful on a winter's night!  

This house in a neighborhood near us has  the most spectacular lighting  display in town!  Dave and I agree we both love the blue lights! Against the fresh 4 to 5 inches of snow we had today it was picture perfect! 

We stopped this evening while on our way home after a little shopping....   

And will drive past again I'm sure this Christmas season!

I'm getting ready for second Tuesday of the month hooking here this week!  Sounds like we have a couple of new gals joining us!
So stay tuned!
Can't wait to see what everyone is working on!

Peace and Love,

Cathy G