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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Surviving A Tornado!

You may have heard about the deadly tornado that ravaged through Chetek, Wisconsin yesterday afternoon leaving one man dead and 25 people injured! My sister and her family live right in the path where this dangerous twister went through!
Gail was home babysitting four-month old Carter,  when the sirens started going off and the hail started to hit the house.  She has two dogs and a cat that would not follow her down the basement stairs when she gathered up the baby and made a mad dash for cover!
What she said "seemed like an eternity" the wind howled and there was so much noise she was certain the house above was gone!
Praying and holding on to little Carter ... who didn't even cry... Gail heard the window break out of the bedroom next to the one they were in!  She said you could just feel the pressure!

Thank goodness the house survived! Broken up a bit but the roof stayed on! 
Gail, Carter and the dogs and cat made it through!
When she came upstairs and looked out the window.....  the barn had collapsed! (above photo)
The little shed behind the house was completely gone with only the cement foundation remaining!

It was devestation everywhere she looked!

My hubby surveys the remains of the barn ( I think he's eyeing up that nice old barn wood)  and will probably be down there tomorrow helping to clean up and rescue some of that wood!

And Maggie, Gails horse has survived as well!  She was somewhere near the barn and I can hardly believe she didn't get hurt!

My brother-in-laws machine shop... part of the roof blown off and insulation covers everything down below!  What a mess to clean up!

The Ford tractor met some leaves from a smaller tree!
Lots and lots of  big old pine trees are down.
The landscape... which was so pretty with all the trees is now open and the neighbors can see one another!  Not good when you live in the country and enjoy your privacy!

The Oriole feeders were busy and they all were left hanging just like this after the tornado.... and the birds sure were feeding.  I wonder where they all go during these huge storms? 

The chickens survived! Their coop was in the barn but not sure where the chickens rode out the tornado!  Shortly after the storm Gail's dog Babe... grabbed hold of one and injured it. They don't think it will make it!  Sure...  a chicken makes it through a tornado only to be brought to an end by the family dog.
Ah yes Babe..... but then maybe it was your brother Duke who was the culprit. I don't think he's telling...
The local restaurants Red's and the Bowling Alley in Chetek donated Pizza to all who needed food after the storm.  With the electricity off cooking is hard!   The kids...my niece Alicia and her hubby Justin chow down after helping clean up! 
Justin is a logger! How convienient that your son-in-law happens to be a logger and knows just what to do!  

A processor picks up the big logs, cuts them in eight foot sections and loads them up! 
Clean-up made easy.... the power line crews  were pretty impressed as they stood watching! 
Hopefully they get those lines back up and electricity restored!

My sister Gail is still smiling through it all!  She is one tough cookie but was not looking forward to using this Luggable Loo... a toilet seat that fits over a 5 gallon bucket!
She was pretty darn happy when her hubby got the generator hooked up so water now flows freely to the toilets and showers!   
She said the Luggable Loo is going back to the store.  
I don't know Gail.... they say more storms are coming tonight!  
I think you better keep it around for awhile and go buy some flashlights.... which she said they didn't have one in the house that worked!

You done good little sister... and I hope you get your life back to normal soon!

I also would like to send prayers to those who are injured and the family who lost their loved one.
We have to count our blessings even after the losses we've endured.

Cathy G

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Second Tuesday Hook-in At Red House Wool Studio

Cindy brought this cute pin cushion she made!  
Isn't it adorable! 

After having to cancel our last month's Hook-in here at Red House Wool Studio it was sure great to have a nice group here again this month!  The projects are awesome as you will see in the photos!
Nancy ( above) finished this adorable bunny pillow in wool appliqué!  I was super busy and neglected to get the name of the designer. 

We have some seriously talented stitchers in our group and Holly is one of them! I am totally in love with this  Christmas stitchery.  Again I didn't get the name of the designer.  I will try and update the blog later but if anyone knows please leave a comment! 

Kathy is working on her own design in this wonderful hooked rug! A rainbow will grace the sky and I can't wait to see as she gets  more hooked! Way to go Kathy!  She is new to hooking and already a designer!  LOVE that! 

Cindy has a Polly Minnick design all enlarged and ready to transfer onto linen!  This is going to be one big and beautiful rug!!  Love love love it!! 

Shirley is making good progress on her colorful rooster rug! 

Our snowbird Betsy has returned from her winter home in the south!  And she has brought with her a work of many colors and techniques to show! 

Quilling, proddy, beading, as well as use of ribbons and fun fabrics will all come together in this rug! Fun fun fun!  She is inspiring us all!

Cindy has finished this adorable sheep rug and I believe she told me the pattern was from the back of a rug hooking publication.... again... I wasn't writing things down and cannot remember what book she said.... it gets pretty crazy around here on hooking day!

She is going to add these GIGANTIC vintage buttons for wheels on the cart!  How adorable is that!

Nancy brought this FABULOUS stitchery!  It is just gorgeous! 

A close up of her exquisite stitching!

Lisa is starting another wonderful primitive rug!  You guessed it... no clue who the designer is! LOL!

Well this rug I DO know who designed it because I did! LOL!  Yes Saundra is hooking my smiling white Jack-O-Lantern design!  Her hooking is wonderful and Saundra is looking fabulous!  She had a heart attack last fall and has recovered after having heart surgery! We are so glad to have her with us and are reminded of how precious life and our friends are to us! 

Celeste is almost done with this fun and whimsical runner!  I think I recall that it's a Threads That Bind design!  It is going to hang in her mother's room at the nursing home!  It will brighten the days for her Mom and the room for sure Celeste!

The first Mother's Day without my mom will be this Sunday.  This photo was taken of her on Mother's Day in 2010.  She was so pretty that day holding a bouquet of lilacs we picked from our tree in the front yard. She'd had heart surgery just a few months before this picture was taken.
Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!
Cathy G

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Visit With a Couple Beers!

A couple of years ago I met a special lady online who found me through my blog!  She is a rug hooker from Oregon named Marie Beers!  She hooks with a group out there and we email back and forth quite a bit and needless to say we've become very close friends but have never met in person... until yesterday that is!!

Marie and her husband were making a cross country trip from Oregon to Florida and up the east coast to Rhode Island. Their trip was a monumental one as they were carrying precious cargo. Marie's mother passed away in late February and her cremains were to be buried with family on the east coast. So they were on their way home when they decided to make a swing through Wisconsin!

When rug hookers meet we have so much to share and I was excited to see her rendition of my "Tree Birds" pattern she hooked!  She personalized it with their names and the date they married!  I always love the personalization of a rug that can be passed down through the generations.  Isn't this just a lovely rug in all aspects!

Marie is also working on a pattern by Marijo Taylor called River and Raven's Roost    who she happens to live near and both attend the same rug hooking group! I have always adored Marijo's designs and I really need to hook one sometime soon! 

Another thing we found out about each other during their visit was that our husbands are both lovers of specialty beers! Marie's sweet hubby Bob or Bobby as she calls him and my sweet hubby Dave got along famously as they discussed all the local beers around the country and their favorites!
If you are a beer lover you don't have to go far in Wisconsin to find many micro-breweries and sure enough Dave had purchased a few various bottles so we could imbibe with our home-made pizza I made for dinner!
Marie and I both admitted we are not big beer drinkers but on occassion we will enjoy a cold one with pizza!
You may get a kick out of the names of some of these locally brewed beers! 

Marie had a favorite and I might add that Bobby thought it was a pretty great beer too!  Can you guess which one?    LOL!   Yes!!  It was the Totally Naked!  Bob described it as a very smooth and not "hoppy" beer!  
You can imagine how the conversation went and the laughs shared!
Do please notice my go-to beer on the far left... it's a gluten free beer and very good.  I've been eating gluten-free for two and a half years and found a couple of beers that are gluten free!
Well it was a pleasure getting to know "a couple of great Beers" from the state of Oregon!
I hope you had a wonderful time and you can rest assured Dave and I enjoyed your visit very very much!  
We were going to send a few bottles along with you but you were already down the road a good measure before I realized they were still sitting in the fridge! 
Well you'll just have to make a trip back to Wisconsin soon!

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!
Cathy G

Monday, April 10, 2017

Our April Hook-In Cancelled!

I'm sorry to announce our second Tuesday of the month  Hook-in has been cancelled for this month.  It seems it is a busy week for almost all who usually attend.

Some travel quite a distance to come each month and we've gotten a little ice and snow mix here on the roads tonight.  It's possible the roads will be a little slick in the morning as well.

I'm hoping we all can meet again next month so mark your calendars!

I've been very bad at keeping up with my blog too!  I apologize to all my readers who look forward  to my posts!  

Dyeing wool, cleaning and sorting,  still going through my mother's things and I guess you could say still in kind of a mourning situation has kept me preoccupied.
I've been a little better....on occasion I even forget that she isn't just down the street, waiting for me to come take her grocery shopping or to an appointment.
Sigh.... keeping busy is the best remedy I've found.

I  know I'm  not alone  in this sorrowful land of losing a loved one.
So many dear friends have lost someone this past year.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Stitching soothes the soul. Calms the mind and brings peace to the heart.
I finished this little table runner recently.
Still trying to perfect the flystitch... it's a fun stitch when you get the hang of it! 
Pattern and kit by Primitive Gatherings.

The little bird pin-cushion is one I made a few years ago.
Seeing the real birds arriving and setting up "housekeeping" in the trees brings a smile!
 It's a sure sign a new season is beginning.
Sunnier days, warmer and longer will be here.
New projects as well as a few changes on the home front are in store.
I will be sharing some of this soon!

Thank you for stopping by dear friends!
I will be back soon!

Cathy G

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Second Tuesday of the Month March Hook-In at Red House Wool Studio

And what a great day it was!  Lots and lots of projects to share and admire! 
Celeste is having so much fun with her rug she adapted from designs in Rebekah Smith's Wool Applique' Folk Art book! 

Look closer at the wools she used in the background!  Each square different! LOVE the colors in this rug! So warm and inviting!  Great job Celeste!

Nancy is showing her wool applique' blocks while Holly looks on! 

The design is from the new Wool Works magazine.
Love the colors  she chose! This is going to be gorgeous when completed! 

Allow me to introduce a newcomer to our group!  You may remember Rhonda from a few posts back! She took a wool applique' class here when we did the bunny pillow from Rebekah Smiths Wool Applique' Folk art Book.  Rhonda does these wonderful crochet bags and decided to add the wool folk art blocks to the front of them!  Wow!  How awesome they are!  What an eye for color this lady has!  She has hooked a mat from a pattern from Kathy at Red Barn Rugs also.  Rhonda certainly has a gift for handwork and design!  Hairdresser by trade but I think she should consider a career in rug and applique' design don't you!! I am so glad she has decided to join our group!  She's an inspiration to all of us!

More of her work!

She always puts her own touch on a pattern! Love the addition of the flower on the bunny!

It was a very very busy day for me today! I didn't get much of a chance to snap more photos!  The time just flies and soon everyone is heading out the door with their new woolens and supplies!
I am so blessed to have such an enthusiastic and supportive group!

I'm back to the drawing board working on a new rug design.
Put my last effort away and have learned from it I think!
This design stuff is not for the faint hearted... we all have inherited gifts and talents it just takes a lot of practice to bring them out!
So practice I must!
After seeing all the beautiful projects today I just have to get back on that bandwagon and keep trying!
Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement & suggestions! 
 I truly appreciate each and every comment! 

Stay safe and warm if you live near the blizzard in the east and southeast!
I hear you are getting clobbered!! 
Been there haven't we my friends here in WI!

The sun is shining and very little snow on the ground here.... oh and I just spotted a robin hopping in the front yard!

Cathy G