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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Went Shopping in my Basement!

I want to thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post!  I appreciate so much your interest in my kitchen remodel and the GREAT suggestions as to what would look good on the new white tongue -and- groove paneled wall.  I actually had some of the same ideas like putting one of those great big oversized clocks I've been seeing on decorating blogs. For sure all of your suggestions would've looked wonderful....
so what did I decide?  Well as some of you may remember my favorite place to shop sometimes is my own dungeon of a basement.  I have been purging down there the past couple of years but there's  a few pieces I've been hanging on to.... you know... in case I might need them some day...LOL!
So after digging about down there I came up with this old and HEAVY beveled glass mirror. It has a wonderful frame with a little tinge of that antique brass that goes nicely with the new hardware on the cupboards. After a little sweet talking to the  Mr. about my idea of hanging this very heavy mirror on that new wall... which required drilling a hole and putting in a plastic anchor,  he gave in to my plea's!

I like the way it reflects the scene from the windows on the opposite wall! It almost makes it feel like there's a window now on this wall!

I am still playing around with the accessories. I do like a cleaner, less cluttered look and want to keep this space clear for food prep.

So what do you think?  So far I'm loving it!   An added benefit to shopping in your own basement is the price! 
Yes... it doesn't get much better than free!!

It sounds like a lovely weekend coming up here in the north land! 
Hope yours is lovely as well!

Cathy G

Monday, June 15, 2015

More Kitchen Remodel... Before & After!

Do you remember the before?  The other half of our galley style kitchen with the old lower cabinets that we decided to keep and refurbish a bit. 

Here's the after!  Here's what we did..
Painted the cupboard a deep greenish brown,
Dave built a new countertop from plywood and together we put new ceramic tile on the surface. ( yes we're still married LOL!)
Added new hardware pulls and handles to the drawers and doors.
We kept the old soffit and had new recessed lighting installed. 
Then... the part that really made a huge impact ( and was my idea... we have been going back and forth through out this remodel on whose idea everthing was...  I know...we need to get a life..LOL!), the wall behind the cupboard Dave covered in 5" tongue and groove pine boards and painted them white. 
Then we had our electrician install a couple of new outlets and a switch to turn the recessed lighting on and it's almost done.
There's still some fussy trim work on the corner edge. 
Now.. I've been thinking about how to decorate that nice white wall.... an empty slate for now.
It's always good to live with it that way for awhile.
I have enough "stuff" around here that I could hang there and have thought about a shelf, but for some reason I am thinking something new and different. It hasn't come to me yet.

Any suggestions.... ideas... out there?? 

Then we moved ( with the help of some friends) the big old solid oak cupboard that was in the studio filled with wool into the kitchen! Man that thing is heavy! 
Now the microwave sits in that little cubby instead of taking up valuable counter space. In a small galley kitchen, counter space is always an issue.
But that microwave kind of bugs me now.  It looks so white and big!! Maybe I should look around for a smaller one in black and stainless.  Eventually I want to replace our fridge with a stainless steel one too. 
At least everything works! I am happy that I can cook and most importantly dye wool!!
All in time is my constant mantra!
I'm still pinching myself that I have a wonderful new kitchen!

Summer is going fast isn't it?!!  
The rains have made the weeds grow... well like weeds!!  LOL!! And you know what?  I'm just letting them grow this year!! 
Maybe a little weed soup is in order! 

Cathy G

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Summertime and the Hookin' is Easy" at Red House Wool Studio!

Thought I'd share a photo essay of the activities the last couple of months here in the studio when we all get together for hooking on the second Tuesday of each month! 

Shirley hooked my Home Sweet Home Pattern!! OH my!! What sweet hooking and what a great rug!!

Cindy hooking on my Mr. Chill pattern!  Another sweet rug in the making!

Pattern is by Lana Omlor

Lisa is always turning out some beautiful rugs!  The photo above this one is one of hers also! I LOVE this rug!!

I really love this photo so had to share it again!  Max is a constant companion at our gatherings! He just loves the ladies and they love him!!  

Betsy is new to our group this summer!! She is one of those snowbirds who fly south to Florida in the winter!  She is hooking on this patriotic rug she designed!  Welcome to our group Betsy!  

Sharon is starting on this huge patriotic rug also.... it has a horse in it!  It will be fun to see as she gets along further which shouldn't be very long as she's hooking in a 9 cut!!  

Debbie and Shirley hooking away!!

Cindy is hooking on this curly sheep pattern! Design by Melissa Elliott.  She plans to hang it in her beauty salon that she owns and operates. Can't wait to see this finished! I hope she'll share a photo of it hanging in her salon! Such a cute rug..it looks so fun to hook! 

Debbie will have her Merry Christmas rug hooked by Christmas this year... right Debbie? LOL! She is coming along so well! I LOVE it!! 
As for your's truly... I have so much work to do in the coming weeks! Especially wool to dye!  It's been flying out of here as fast as I put it on the shelves!  And that's a good problem to have!!
Also look for my new wool applique' paper pattern soon to be listed in my Etsy shop!  
( and I haven't forgotten the photos of the kitchen!) Next post... I promise!!

Talk to you soon!!
Cathy G

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Class with Class!!

Patient ( with me),  very kind and very good students!! The Stitching Sisters Quilt Guild in Chetek, WI were truly a class with class!!
Some were new to the wool appliqué world!  Some had tried their hand at wool applique before! There were many questions about the wool itself.  Questions like how to full/felt the wool before using.  I heard comments like how nice the wool felt to work with!  One student thinks she may want to try rug hooking now too!
So how nice is that!!
In the photo above two students are missing, they had to leave before the class photo was taken.
Congratulations to my first wool applique' class!
I'd say all were happy and hopefully are stitching away at home now to finish their projects.  
Thank you Stitching Sisters!!
( Oh and your lunch was awesome too!)
The perfect end to a perfect day!!

Now back to life here in the studio.  Tomorrow I have to take my Mom to the Dr. and later this week I have a dentist appointment. 
Always something to keep me from  getting to my dye pots!!
Soon.......... I hope!! 
I have some new wool coming that I ordered especially for over dyeing.
It should be here later this week.
I'm excited about that!
So it's going to be a good week I think!

We have a few more things to do on the other half of the kitchen remodel.  Can't wait to show you the  before and after photos!!
All in time!!

Thank you for sticking with me through my lulls in blogging!!
You are the best dear friends!!

Cathy G