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Friday, January 29, 2010

My Guest Blogger Today Is:

Smokey/blog 1

My Name is Smokey. Mom's busy today and said I could write the blog post for her. My brother Max got all the attention the other day with his blue sweater. Mom put my sweater on me today. Mostly because I kept scratching my owies and licking them. This morning Dad took me to see Dr. Woods again. I got to touch noses with the cat that lives there. She doesn't have claws which is a good thing!

I got some more medicine there. I like medicine. I get a little piece of chicken each time I get a pill. I think the pills are making me feel better. I have diabetes so it's taking longer to get rid of my skin infection.
This winter has been very cold but I like to poke around in the snow. Sometimes when Mom's not looking I eat a frozen poopsickle. Boy does Mom get mad. She calls me in the house and smells my mouth. I never really get a spankin'. She just says she is gonna do it!

Mom pets me a lot. I think she's pretty worried about me.

I can hardly wait for Spring! My back yard where Max and I play is all icy now. We have paths that Dad shoveled for us so we can run down to the trees where we go potty. It's too hard to run across the snow to catch my ball which is all I really care about doing. I hope the snow starts going away pretty soon! I heard Mom say the other day we should pack up everything and move to someplace warm. I don't think Dad wants to move though. He likes winter!

I have to rest up now. Dad will probably be home soon and take us for a walk. Mom hasn't gone for a walk with us all winter. She says it makes her knees hurt and she gets headaches from the cold. She likes to stay home and work on the rugs she makes. I think she is just about done with one she has been working on. I saw her taking pictures of the edge of the rug so maybe she'll show you in a couple of days. She has to go take care of our Grandma today. I really wish she'd take me along. I love to go see Grandma! It's a new place to sniff around and we get treats there sometimes! Well, bye for now! XXOlick lick Smokey


  1. Gosh Smokey I hope your skin heals in a hurry. My little Eloise (Jack Russel Terier) doesn't like the cold either. Your are very cute and lovable. I hope your mom lets you use her keyboard again soon!

  2. Smokey I sure hope your skin condition clears up soon.
    Isn't it great your dad cleared the snow paths for you . He must really love you.
    You have pretty curly hair.
    Stay warm

  3. Cathy,
    Your furry family members are so adorable. Sending love to help heal Smokey.

  4. Hey Smokey! You are such a handsome boy in your green sweater! I hope you get to feeling better soon. My kitties don't like winter either, they lay by the woodstove all day.
    Hi to Mom!!!

  5. I enjoyed this blog, we also shovel or plow snow paths for my dog, didn't know if another people did this too, the deep snow is difficult for her to do her business.

    Thanks for the Smiles.

  6. Oh Smokey......you are a very entertaining pup! Hope your boo-boo's heal fast.

  7. Dear Smokey,

    You are so cute, I'm wondering if you are real! Are you perhaps stuffed? We don't have any dogs living at our house right now because my sister, Rosie (another kitty like me) is too old and sick, and mom and dad said it wouldn't be fair to her. Secretly, I'm pretty ok with that.

    Your new pal,

    ps Willow wanted me to tell you "hey" from her. She can't type.

  8. Hi Smokey
    My name is Maddy and I don't like the cold either. The other day, when I was outside, trying to do my business, it was soooo cold, I couldn't move and I was holding up two paws at the same time.

    Mama ran to put on her foot covers and came out and scoped me up in her arms. The only thing was that she was getting ready for work and only had on a sweater and uddies....brrRRRrrr

    Hope the neighbours weren't watching !!

    licks and snuffs,

    your pal, Maddy

    PS: What we do for our pets!! Julie


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