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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling a Little Brain Dead? Check out Gudrunsjoden!

Drop whatever it is you're doing at this moment and click on this link! What we don't know about marketing in this country we can learn from the Swedes. This website is so fantastic, the colors are to dye(pun intended)for! The shoes and the "shoe movie" well.....just get over there! Check out the entire website and watch all the little movies. Then come back and tell me what you think! Inspired or what?!!


Textiles Become The Medium For My Creativity
From the Gudrunsjoden Website


  1. WOW! Cathy,
    What cool clothing!!! I love the shoes! Wish I were young and skinny! hahaha!
    The photography is really fantastic. And Yes! the colors and patterns are a feast for the eye.
    Thanks for providing the link!

  2. LOVE THIS SITE!!! thanks so much for the new discovery. even the music is cheerful and sunny. very inspiring!

  3. One of my favorite sites!!! Have you ordered their catalog? It's very fabulous. Like having a book, and free!


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