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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is Winter Over Yet?

Max got a haircut yesterday. Today he is a little pouty but I think he feels much better. His fur gets like sheeps wool all matted together if he isn't groomed regularly. Smokey, our other furry guy, lucked out and didn't get a grooming yesterday. He has a skin infection and is on antibiotics. Yes, he's our diabetic dog so this is worrisome. The vet did a blood test for thyroid and that came back okay. Thank goodness, we don't need two of us in the family on thyroid medication. So we're not quite sure what's causing Smokey's infection. Let's hope it clears up soon. He get's a little Benedryl to help with the itching.
Speaking of itching, I'm sure itching for a change in this gloomy weather. We are all going a little nutty around here waiting for Spring. This is no easy time of year with taxes due, bills coming in, the wood pile nearly gone.......oh well. It's time for a little comfort food! This afternoon I threw together a nice scalloped potato and ham (left over and frozen from New Years Day) casserole. I added celery, onions, sour cream, a can of Crm. mushroom soup. It's baking right now. Dave has a couple of sporting events to cover tonight(he's the sports and outdoor editor for our local newspaper) so that should give him some fuel to keep going.
I've finished hooking and steaming the penny circle rug.
penny circle rug  done/before binding
I think I am going to try a different type of binding than I've used before. Wool strips cut on the bias with a cording. I plan to use the wool jacket in the foreground for the wool strips. I have to dismantle the jacket first. I may change my mind and use a cotton twill tape which is how I usually bind my rugs. I've never whipped the edges on any of my rugs. For some reason I prefer the look of rugs that don't have the whipped edge. It's another one of my odd personal doohickies! I can't explain it!
I want to tell you about a new hook I just got. It's pretty darn nice. It has a sponge type handle. Very comfortable to use. It took a little while to get used to it because it feels so different in my hand. It's soft compared to the wooden handled ones I have been using. I've developed a knot on the end of one of my fingers from hooking and it's becoming really uncomfortable to hook. So I thought I'd give one of these babies a try. So far I really like it. And the best part is the price. Only 3.99 plus shipping! Here is the link to the company if you'd like to order one for yourself.http://www.mcgtextiles.com/detail.cfm?ID=15
new sponge hook close I think it's always nice to pass on information about a product or something that I have found useful to my fellow rug hookers and bloggers. Hope you find it helpful.
Well, I have to run and get supper on for DH. Max is on the alert and waiting for him to come home. Daddy has to leave again Max to cover the wrestling and hockey teams tonight! So we better get that hot dish out of the oven!


  1. I can't seem to break those "January Blah's" either. And, I too turn to comfort food. Laughed at your menu - I made ham and scalloped potatoes yesturday! Hang in there...spring is on the horizon.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Max looks so cute in his sweater! And I hope Smokey is OK.

    Your penny rug is lovely! I've never tried the bias wool strips for binding. I like the effect!
    The new hook is interesting. Let us know how it works on the long term.
    Your scalloped potatoes and ham sounds so good! I really need to lose weight but all I want in the winter is starchy stuff! The thought of a cool green salad on a cold day just gives me chills! LOL!
    Take care!

  3. Max looks wonderful but I think that all dogs perfect that sad face from time to time, to tweak our heart strings.

    All the small mats i have done to date, I have used cording and whipping finish. I have been tossing around how I am going to finish the NL icons as I want it as a wall hanging...

  4. Cathy, your penny rug turned out beautiful! Love the colors.. Your pup is too cute!

  5. I love the colors in your penny rug! Also, will definitely check out that hook. Thanks for passing on the info.!


    Oh......the little sweater on your poochy is adorable!

  6. What a pretty pup! My dogs are always worn out from going to the groomers that they sleep all day afterwards. Lovely wool work too! Karmen


  8. Funny, your first pictures of Max, he looks depressed, then on the last one he's really perked up :)
    Your casserole sounds so yummy...maybe it's because I've also been craving comfort food, it's snowing here and I haven't had breakfast yet :)
    Don't you just love how rugs look after they've been steamed?! Good luck on the covered cording...I really think you'll love it!

  9. Boy, Max matches the couch & blanket...Funny...You surly have a beautiful Pup.
    I just LOVE your Penny Rug...I make Penny Rug Mats etc. and love the old look and feel of the over dyed wools.
    Thanks for sharing your (Almost) completed project with us. Such a Treat!!!

    My Best


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