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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Novemberish" Thoughts and Turkey Rug Finishes

(Pattern design by Anne Nichols from the Needl' Love Book Falloween Threads)
Hooked by Lisa Halverson

"Novemberish" is kind of how I've been feeling today.   You know those kind of rich browns, golds and rusty reds you see this time of year in the fallen leaves and foilage. Different than the brighter oranges and fire reds of October. 
 Lisa and I finished our Turkey rugs and the dark and light backgrounds are  equally appealing! Lisa's, in the photo above speaks November all over with that great brown she used in the turkey's body!  I can't get enough of this rug!  Just gorgeous my friend!

I chose neutral wools for the back ground in my rug.
Maybe not quite as "Novemberish" as Lisa's rug...  but the reds, rusts, greens and golds take on a festive kind of feel~ Oh... dare I say.. a "Christmasy" sort of look and feel! 
Nothing wrong with a Turkey for Christmas... or any time of year for that matter!
So there you have our finished rugs!  Yes they both are bound as well!  ( Bells and horns tooting in celebration... LOL!)

Other "Novemberish" thoughts and happenings around here:  Still having some sadness overtake me and missing my Mom terribly... mornings are bad for some reason.  As the day progresses though all the duties and things I must attend to seem to help ease the sadness.  Mom's birthday would have been this month on the 14th.  That will be a hard day I'm sure.  I decided I need to do some things right now to take care of myself and to keep my spirits from sinking into a big black hole.  I went and got my hair cut on Monday!
That was a big deal for me... yes I have been wacking my own hair off for quite a few years ( like 30 years maybe?) I was a beautican once upon a time!  But I've been admiring these new layered shorter cuts on people and knew that my Cathy Sissorhand would probably screw it up looking in the bathroom mirror in reverse and trying to cut the layers!  LOL!
So off to the beauty shop with a cut from Deanna!
( My lovely niece Alicia goes to her and highly recommended her)

So here is the back! 

It is so easy to wash and dry!

I do love it now!

Another little pincushion and needle book I stitched with "Novemberish" colors of wool. Pattern by Primitive Gatherings.

So for now my hook and scissors are resting.  But not for long! 
I have another pattern drawn on Linen... not my design though.  In time I will be designing again. Right now I have many more duties to fulfill as we sold my Mom's house and I have to turn over the keys on Friday.  THAT will be hard. But I need to put the past behind and move on into the future. 
There are plenty of things I want to accomplish in the coming new year.
Plenty of changes  ahead to adjust to ( like a new President.. won't that be a challenge!) LOL!
and still trying to figure out how to manage this new hairstyle..  it doesn't look as good after I blow dry in the morning as it did in the salon!  

Enjoy these "Novemberish" days.

Cathy G


  1. Your haircut is very cute and stylish. Love both turkey rugs. Very fun to see the difference. Love your pinkeep and needlebook too. I also love the bottom of your basket, gave me a new idea!! Hopefully the hard days will get easier with time. Still miss my mom (gone 14 years already) but now it is with sweet memories.

  2. Both rugs are stunning! Two different takes...amazing how different they are.
    Nice haircut as well! Have a great day.

  3. Love the rugs!!! Love the haircut!!! I'm also dealing the loss of a parent and am finding odd things set me off unexpectedly... I never know when. Praying we both have brighter days ahead.
    Blessings, Patti

  4. I love your hair!!! What a very cute hair cut. I am working on that turkey rug. It is so fun.
    I love how yours turned out. I like your needle book too. Today would have been my Dad's birthday. He would have been 82. I admit to not being able to get with it today. I know how hard it is to put your life back to some kind of order.
    I think you are doing so well. I am amazed at how you have been able to move on.
    My Mom died in 1969 and do you know, there still isn't a day in my life that I don't miss her and think about her and still wish she was with me. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a lovely day.

  5. Hi Cathy,
    LOVE both rugs!!!! Amazing how the same design can look sooooo different with a change of colors!!! Both beautifully hooked!!
    Your haircut is darling and I am gathering my courage to get mine cut as well!! I have been so nervous about finding a Salon here in AZ and just keep putting it off as my hair keeps growing longer and longer!! You have inspired me and you look wonderful!!!!
    I still have moments when I still really miss my mom but time has really helped with the deep hurt of loss and I pray that each day will get better for you!!
    Big Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. I love both the rugs. I think this will be next on my frame, so I have plenty of time to finish it -- for next year. I love the colors of your turkey and flowers, and I think it would look fabulous with Lisa's dark background. You new do is very stylish and looks great on you. Take each day one at a time. Keep busy. Hugs and blessings to get through the next few tough days.

  7. Both the rugs are lovely. Your "do" looks great as well, but a new hairdo takes time to get used to, at least for me. I have worn my hair short for years and got the urge a few months ago to grow it out and now wonder why I thought short looked good on me. Lol

    Losing your mother is tough at any age, sounds like you are taking care of yourself and that will help you ease on down the road. keep on keepin' on.

  8. Love your hair cut !!!I love your turkey rug , both of them are beautiful, can't decide which one I like the best , both are wonderful !!!

  9. Afternoon, I love the rugs, colours are so beautiful!!! And I do love turkeys... The new do looks wonderful, very nice. Hugs Francine.

  10. I love your hair and your turkey. On my sisters birthdays both born in May I always plant a flower in my flowerbeds in honor of them. I am not sure what your mother liked but doing something in her honor helps with the grieving.

  11. Hey we could be twins!! haha Same haircut and colour but different glasses! Love your work!

  12. Great haircut. Glad you are having some better days.

  13. Love you with the new coif. Those turkey rugs were awesome as well.

  14. I adore seeing two versions of the same design - these turkey rugs are both awesome! I shared a couple on my blog today that are fun too! Love your new haircut - I wonder if I will ever go that short? Hmmmm......

  15. Love your new "do"!!!
    Also love the turkey rugs. That one is on my hooking bucket list!
    I know it's bittersweet but lucky you that your mom's house sold so quickly. I held on to my mom's for a few years which was a huge mistake.
    Happy November.

  16. Totally awesome turkeys... They are both beautiful. So interesting to see them done in two different variations.
    Just what I need, more inspiration. I am attempting my very first hooked (small) rug... have been so frustrated.

    Thanks for sharing, with Peace for all,

  17. Gorgeous turkey rugs !!
    You are an inspiration to many who have endured a loss or who are grieving a loved one.
    Your new haircut is very spiffy and polished !

  18. Good evening Cathy, I feel the same way about my father as you do your mother...some days are very difficult...tears come quite easily...but I keep putting one foot in front of the other...Wonderful turkey rugs, both are gorgeous...speaking of gorgeous, you look good!!! love the new doo...

  19. Sometimes a new haircut is a wonderful "start over". And when we do it, we are usually ready. Yours looks amazing!! And I also think it makes you look younger. Everything else on the blog is incredible, as usual. This is the game changer. Congratulations on being brave. xox


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