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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Gobbler On My Frame

Happy tuesday! I thought you might enjoy seeing what I'm hooking right now... a Primitive Gobbler design by Anne Nichols which can be found in the Falloween Threads book by Needl'love.  I have wanted to hook this pattern for years!!!  Well with a little prodding by my friend Lisa... she's hooking this one right now too... I decided what the heck, it's now or never!
It sure is a fun design to hook and color plan. I chose a neutral background for this one and you can see some of the wools I'm using in the photo below.
Lisa is hooking hers with a dark background... now I want a dark background one too! LOL!
We egg one another on... or should I say we "encourage" one another!  

We've been sharing photos of our progress on our smart phones.  I thought I was smart when I hooked til midnight last night and couldn't wait to show Lisa via text how much I had hooked.  Well that fast little Lisa sent me a text  at 8:00 this morning with a photo of hers mostly hooked!  I think she hooks while she sleeps!!  LOL!!

The stairway to the basement is coming along nicely too!  Dan the carpenter got the wall boards put up and I am loving it!  I want to hang something ( a rug maybe ?) but I kind of enjoy the nice clean look of a new empty wall for a change!  Will probably wait until the steps and carpet are done now. 

I thank you all for your kind words on my last post!  I have been reading your blogs and not commenting so much as I'd like to.  I feel guilty as I know how much I enjoy reading your comments on my own blog.  Hopefully I can turn over a new leaf!  

Cathy G


  1. Wow Love your stairway & the wood going sideways , looks great !!! And I Love your Turkey & the wools you are using are beautiful colors !!! Fun to hook the same pattern along with a friend & challenge each other , you will get it completed so fast !!!

  2. Your gobbler is looking might fine. I'd be torn between a dark or light background. I've also looked at that pattern for years, guess it should be the next on my frame so it would be done for Thanksgiving 2017. The stairway is looking good, love the bead board wall.

  3. Love your stairway, love the wool and love your gobbler. I also hooked that design and must say your colors are lovely. Was proud of mine but boy do I love yours too.

  4. Love the wall! And the turkey I did a turkey last year and I love him.

  5. I tried my hand at hooking for the first time this summer. The piece turned out nice enough but I can see where I would have trouble with circular shapes. I might be trying to be too symmetrical or something. Your turkey looks lovely! I guess I'll just be a wannabe hooker. LOL

  6. That is a wonderful rug and I love your wool choices, they work beautifully in the piece.


  7. Your hooking project is so very beautiful. The wools you are working with are lovely and perfect for Autumn.
    When I see the pic of the stairway - oh, that big open white space begs for one of your gorgeous rug hooked pieces !!

  8. Your turkey will make a nice debut for Thanksgiving! It is hard to resist not hanging a rug on a blank wall

  9. This is the nicest gobbler i've seen so far! :-) Yes... I can see many hooked mats on that fresh new wall! :-)

  10. I LOVE THIS DESIGN!!! Turkey's are my favorite animal. :)

  11. This is one handsome turkey...Would love to see your friends in progress. Interested in seeing the difference between light and dark backgrounds. Either way, I am sure they will be beautiful.

  12. I pulled my turkey rug like this out to display for fall. My background is dark but when I see your light background I love it. Of course I had to change the date 1975 my husband and my first Thanksgiving together.

  13. I love your new stairway. I have that rug on my frame too. Its such a perfect rug for fall. Lately I just love turkeys I wonder why.
    Have a lovely week Cathy.

  14. How bright and fresh!!! Beautiful. And your turkey rug is awesome. You are truly an inspiration.

  15. beautiful colors in your rug ~ I have most of those wools myself ~ they are just so pretty! and what a difference your stairwell has now! awesome!!

  16. I LOVE your turkey. That's another one I have on my bucket list! Thanks for showing the wools used. I, too have most of those.
    Stairway is screaming for hooked rugs :)

  17. Enjoyed reading and catching up on your blog. YOur new basement studio is going to be so wonderful. love the post you've saved - what a great spot! So sorry to hear of your loss - I treasure every single moment I have with my folks who are off on another trip. Hugs to you - Mel

  18. Thanks for sharing that beautiful view out your kitchen window. Great turkey rug!

  19. Love your rug, Cathy! It's been on my list for years too. You are so inspiring! Love how your new stairwell looks too. Great idea with the old post. So much character. And our hubbies wonder why we save things! The boards remind me of the shiplap look used on Fixer Upper. Love the look!! Lori

  20. What a beautiful fellow! The wools you are using are wonderful together. Great new look for your stairwell and that table is a beauty!


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