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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Hunting Tradition

In our neck of the woods in northern Wisconsin, deer hunting is the official start of the Holiday season.  With opening day this Saturday, I can say with certainty that the lefse,  cheese, rifle shells and orange hunting apparel has disappeared off store shelves this week with a vengeance! 

My earliest recollection of deer hunting is watching my dad and his buddies carve up the deer carcass 
in the basement of the old farmhouse where we lived.  Not a pretty site for a nine year old girl who fainted at the sight of blood!
Pretty much explains why I never felt a desire to take to the woods with a rifle. 
I still don't care for venison, but it seems like we always end up with a little of the meat in the freezer each year.
My hubby  loves to deer hunt.  On both sides of our family we have nieces and nephews who are hunting fanatics!  Now there are GREAT nieces and nephews who are following their parents into the woods,  learning the rules and traditions of the hunt! 

I love the old antique rugs which depict deer hunting! Long before blaze orange was ruled as the color one must wear while in the woods...wool coats, pants and hats would be worn in bright red and plaids of many colors.  Don't you just LOVE the hunter's pants in the  rug shown above? Do you think they were hooked from old hunting pants that had seen better days?

I wasn't able to find too many photos of vintage and antique rugs depicting deer hunting. 
But aren't both of these rugs just great! 

The maker in both instances has captured the spirit and tradition of the hunt!

Just had to share this new deer rug because of the striking colors and design! Dave would love this one for his man-cave!

And this one as well!  Interesting border on this rug!

It's fun looking for photos of deer  and deer hunting rugs online! 
Perhaps one day I will have to hook a "deer hunting" rug of my own.

My niece Anna and her daughters Kaitlyn and Courtney on last years hunt in the photo below.
They were successful and will be hunting in the woods again with their mom and dad!
Yes, deer hunting is a tradition in these parts!
Be safe young ladies and gentlemen!
May the hunt go well with you!

Cathy G


  1. My dear father, having been Michigan born and raised with two brothers, loved hunting too. We lived in Colorado when I was little and I have memories of his bringing home deer and pheasant (we always got a beautiful feather!). When we moved to Texas, though, it was a different kind of hunting. I'll never forget the time I went with him (not to hunt but rather to be his "eyes"). Eighteen degrees, and us giggling and drinking coffee in the deer blind. So cold! But it was a special time and now a warm memory. And yes, he did get a deer on that last day of deer season!

  2. Your story could be my own. We have a deep passion for this here in good ole' Wisconsin! Love the rugs! Yes, I can see old wool hunting clothes recycled into rugs, In fact, I'm sure my mom made a braded rugs with some.

  3. beautiful rugs! hunting season is well-upon us here in VA too ~

  4. my family hunts also my grandfather was a Maine guide for years. Yes I ate deer meat. I don't get it much anymore as my family lives hours away.
    love the old rugs.

  5. wonderful story rugs...I've never eaten deer meat and am happy to keep it that way...but am surrounded by folks who hunt and many who donate their kills to local food banks...

  6. No deer meat for me. I know it's just a mental thing, but I can't eat bambi :)
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs :)

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