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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Little Trip to Bayfield

I want you to know dear friends that I'm still here and doing okay since my mom passed away on August 12th.  In some ways it seems like an eternity since that day she left us.  So much has happened in the past few weeks I've barely had time to think about the reality of things. I've been dealing with the settling of her estate and listing her house for sale.  We received an offer on the house this afternoon.  Oh... I know I should be grateful, but it's yet another bittersweet end of the way things were that I have to accept and get used to.
It's just all so sudden and... final... I guess is the word.
We needed to get away for a couple of days.  So a short little trip to our favorite spot in Bayfield was in order.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather. Lake Superior worked her magic and left wonder, peace and solitude for a still aching heart.
Enjoy some of the pics I took while walking through the gardens and walking trails along the Chequamegon Bay.

It gives one pause to see such beauty and displays of nature. Perhaps hope and faith in better days to come as well.  Life goes on and keeping the memory alive of those we've loved and lost should be priority. My mom loved to garden above all else.  Seeing the beautiful plants and ordering things from the seed catalogs gave her much joy.  
I hope that come spring I can find some time to get back to my own gardens ( they are overgrown with weeds for the present) and carry on mom's love for seeing things grow.

Life is too short for putting things off. The important things.
Like watching the flowers dance in the sunlight!
Cathy G


  1. So good to see you post, Cathy. Did you cut your hair shorter? You look so pretty. I understand about the finality of selling the house. We sold my dads home this past spring. I was four years old when he built it and I remember playing around the foundation while family helped him to build it. I hope the new owners will have as many fond memories living there as we do. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Take care of yourself my friend. Love & hugs, Lori

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It has been 14 years since I lost my Mom and I miss her daily.

  3. Sorry for your loss, but it seems you are finding peace with it. Life goes on whether or not you are ready, or so I've found.

    Love the pictures and your hair is so beautiful. Your doggies are adorable. Glad you are back.

  4. so glad to see you post I have thought of you a lot. I know how hard it is to lose a parent no matter how sick they have been or how old we are. I think of my mom everyday and it will be 9 years this year. Love the gardens and so glad you got away to regroup.

  5. I was just in Bayfield a couple years ago when we were visiting Northern Wisconsin where my mother grew up (Ashland) a very pretty part of the country - hope you are able to get back into your routine soon

  6. What a beautiful place. Your mom now has everlasting blossoms. Your love for her and fond memories are the greatest honor one could pay. I've no doubt she is smiling upon you from above.

  7. So good to hear from you. It is so hard as so many of us know. Though bittersweet, selling the house will be one less major thing to deal with.
    Bayfield is a beautiful place. So happy you had a chance to get away.
    Sweet pic of you and the furbabies. Love the new "do"!
    Hugs :)

  8. Good morning Cathy
    I know it must be so hard for you right now - and with each milestone it will bring up memories but they will be 'good' memories of the great love you had for your mother.
    I have never been to Bayfield but hope to some day - it isn't that far from us. There are so many wonderful beautiful areas in Wisconsin that we haven't been to. Guess we should start going before we can't.

  9. You mom and I share a passion about gardening. I have so many flowerbeds that I'm getting so behind in weeding and I often wonder how long before it would turn into a jungle if something should happen to me as no one here like weeding and digging in the dirt but to me it's worth a lot of effort just to witness all those miracles that comes out of the cold wet ground in early spring.

    I bet your mom is tending God's glorious gardens in heaven and loving it. It's been 7 years and 2 months since mom passed away after much suffering and I still miss her. She was the anchor that held all the family together.

    I'm glad that you could get away for a bit. Wishing you good luck with finding the right people to lovingly buy the house.

    PS, I'm thinking of starting to blog again even if only now and then. I have another great grand child coming soon and she should also have a place on my blog like her brother and cousins.
    It's important to me to be fair.

    Happy October dear friend and warm hugs.

  10. I am glad you were able to get away, it looks the a beautiful place to relax and take the time to unwind and process things. I hope the days ahead bring you peace and joy as you remember the years you had together.


  11. You can say that again! :-) Beautiful post! Sometimes a getaway in peaceful and different surroundings is what the soul needs... this looks to be a mini paradise! :-) Love the picture in your blog header. Warm woolie hugs to you and your family...

  12. Hugs my friend, my heart still hurts for you.... Lovely pictures, very soothing to the soul.Blessings Francine.

  13. Thank you for the pictures of Lake Superior. I am a Michigander although I now live in Indiana. There is no beauty in Indiana, and seeing Lake Superior makes my heart beat faster. I love Michigan so much, I hope one day to live there again.

  14. Cathy, You have been in my heart and prayers. My pain is still too fresh to imagine when I will feel more myself again. In late July, I lost my 93-year-old father after he had been in continuing care facilities since he broke his hip in 2013. He keep having more bouts of pneumonia and fluid around his heart. It was tough to lose him. But last month, my mom died in a hospice facility on congestive heart failure. This time I was holding her hand when she passed. I miss our nightly telephone calls and find my hand going to pick up the phone around 6:45. After 73 years of marriage, they are still together.

  15. I am so glad you posted. I have thought of you and prayed for you and I knew there would be so many things to do. I am glad you took some time to get away. I wish you peace with my whole heart Cathy.

  16. Hi Cathy,
    Your post is truly beautiful and I can just feel the peace as I look at each wonderful picture!!! You really needed this time to just reflect and refresh and it takes time to move past those painful times in our lives!! You have been on my mind and in my prayers many times and may you continue to heal and renew!! Seems like the perfect place for it and those sweet pups are no doubt a great comfort!
    Please take care and so good to see your post of your special place!!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  17. Hi Cathy,
    Thinking of you, enjoy all your special memories of your mom. Plant a special flower in her honor. I like your new hair style. A hug from me to you, Nancy

  18. Just saying hi from Eagle River! I reread your lovely note often to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    One day I will get over to see you in person,
    Enjoy your Hooking and life!

  19. Bayfield is a beautiful place, I have been there. I hope you are doing well!!


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