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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goodbye Orange Sink!!!

Today was the day.  Kind of sad to see the old gal go.  She didn't leave us high and dry however!  In typical Orange Sink fashion she burst forth with a spray of hot water when the guys didn't get one of her valves completely shut off!  The kitchen quickly flooded and water dripped through the floor boards down into the basement!!  
She laughed I'm sure as she watched us frantically mop up and hubby racing to the basement to find the main shut off valve. 
So after all that excitement we bid her farewell.
A short little video records the event.
More kitchen remodel episodes to come!
Cathy G



  1. LOL! She really went out with a bang, or....maybe a SPLASH!
    I hope she'll have a second life as a garden planter or something.
    BTW, your kitchen is going to be really nice when finished.
    Love those big windows!

  2. But not forgotten! I think you could find something great to do with that sink. It is a unique sink you have to admit. I have never seen that color, maybe avocado green but never orange. Your new kitchen is going to be grand.

  3. Funny. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  4. There was NO "go softly into the night"

  5. Those old gals never leave quietly, they exit in style! ;)

  6. She wanted to make sure you'd never forget her! Lol. She was a classic for sure

  7. Poor old Orange Sink, she feels no longer useful but as long as your blog keeps the name, she'll never be forgotten. She served you well for many years. She kind of grows on you so maybe she can serve as a planter and grow some herbs just to stay connected to the kitchen, lol.

    Looking forward to seeing some new home renovation in your kitchen.


  8. Goodbye orange sink...gone but not forgotten...I admit I cannot wait to see your replacement...

  9. So long orange friend, waiting to see new one..Francine.

  10. It still must of been hard to let it go. Even though I am sure you will love your new kitchen

  11. Oh no!!! You must keep her for something. A planter maybe? :)

  12. OH NO! Please keep her for the yard! She will be missed but I know you are ready for the remodeling to be over.

  13. Oh my goodness! lol! Feisty ol' gal! :-) Looking forward to seeing what your decision was on a new sink!

  14. I feel sad for the orange sink. Give her a new life in the garden. She can retire into the flowers.

  15. Hope the ole' gal enjoys her retirement. Well done orange sink!

  16. A day to remember!
    Looking forward to the new reveal!
    Blessings & Good Bye Orange Sink

  17. Orange we going to miss her! Think about extending her life by recycling her into some sort of garden art. Cathy, are you going to change the name of your blog to white sink etc?


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