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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Wool I Used and More Photos!

This is somewhat of a repost... but I added a few more photos of the rug hanging over the fireplace.  At the end of the post I've added a photo of the two wools I used in the background per Diane's request.

Time to light a candle in celebration. The binding is complete.  American Floral is now hanging over the fireplace.

Funny how putting something different on the wall leads to the cleaning and rearrangement of the entire room.

The summertime mantle.

Cathy G

I added a few photos for Lauren ... :-))  

I made the binding from black wool.  It is 3 1/2 inches wide and I had to sew some strips together long enough to go around the rug.  All hand sewn on.  I plan to do a tutorial on how I bind my rugs.... don't hold your breath though... you know how long everything takes me! 

Thank you all for your kind comments and emails.... Diane... I will run a photo tomorrow of the wools I used for the background!! Promise!  ( photos now added... see below)

The photo below shows the two wools I used in the background of American Floral.
The striped one is a Rebecca Erb wool called Norma's Magdalena Stripe.  The dark gray wool is from Heaven's to Betsy called Mighty Mouse.  I'm hoarding both wools of course!  LOL!

The swirly affect was easy to achieve.  I drew the swirls using a felt tip marker onto the linen pattern in the places I wanted them to be.  I hooked the swirls in the dark gray wool and then hooked around them filling in the background in this manner.  In places I filled in with only the darker wool, as in around the vase.  I think it gives the rug an old look and of course more primitive.

Of course I'm pleased to answer any questions you may have in regards to hooking.

You are all so very kind and I appreciate so much   your compliments on the rug!  My head is much bigger today!  LOL!

Raining here today and muggy!  
And I have to dye more wool.... ugh!!!
Cathy G


  1. I just Love your swirly affect ! Where did you purchase this pretty pattern ? I Love It !!!!

  2. Hi Cathy, I was confused with this post as I thought that I has posted a comment and there was only 2 comments on this post and upon reading through, I realized that you had reposted with an addition. lol... silly me.

    Oh I love how those two wool goes together. It's such a great lesson of how it looks before and after hooking.
    You're such a great teacher.

    The way you can tell a great teacher from a mediocre one is that a teacher love to impart knowledge freely

  3. What a wonderful patriotic piece. It looks beautiful over the mantle. Thank you very much for sharing the wools you used for the background; much appreciated!

  4. Thank you for sharing the wool!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. Stunning!!! Makes me wish I hooked :)
    Blessings, Patti

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  7. Hi there, I saw this and was transfixed. I searched far and wide and found the pattern in the need'l love booklet called Summer Spirit Threads. I almost bought the pattern drawn out for 60 bucks on ebay but it was on monks, so I was happy to buy the booklet for under 20.
    I am amazed at the wools in the background. I was convinced that it was gray and black, not the colors you show.

  8. Your rug is perfectly beautiful !!
    Excellent wool choices. So gorgeous hanging over your mantle.

  9. great post! your fireplace is so wonderful and now it looks very festive with your America rug

  10. Great job, Cathy. Thanks for the info. Your background is amazing. sarah

  11. Love this Cathy! And when you post again will you tell how you hang such a big rug so neatly on the wall.

  12. Oh how beautiful, Cathy!! I love the way it looks over your mantle...PERFECTION!! I, too, am a big fan of the Magdalena Stripe. I'm out of it for now, but am hoping to restock in a couple of weeks in Ohio!

  13. Cathy, love your rug. It's much bigger than I realized... I don't have the pattern, but have been want to purchase it. I do not have a place to get the linen. Do you sell it?

  14. What a gorgeous beautiful rug. Janice

  15. Beautiful color choices on the rug on the wall.

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  17. Cathy, Your rug is beautifully done! Your color planning and especially the background are fabulous. Love the rug over your fireplace.

    Hugs, Linda

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