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Monday, June 2, 2014

Revamping a Tee

The other day I bought a Hanes tee-shirt at Walmart for 6.88.  It was another of my usual "shopping for clothes" escapades where I grab something without trying it on after I have my cart loaded with groceries.
When I tried it on at home it fit quite lovely... except after wearing it for 15 minutes I noticed that it scratched and picked at my skin in the spots where that goofy machine stitching was all around the neck and the raglan sleeves.  Dang... I hate when that happens! 
I am one of those fidgety people who cut tags out of clothing because they irritate the boogers out of me!
I know... you get what you pay for you may be thinking to yourself.
But wait!  What if I turned the thing inside out and wore it that way? It actually had kind of a good funky look that suits me fine and it didn't feel itchy...except... the Hanes logo and SIZE XLG was stamped right on the fabric at eye level where you know... everyone standing in a line anywhere can read what's on the back of your shirt.  Now maybe I'm a little vain  ... but I don't think it's anyone's business what size my tee shirts are. That's kind of private information don't you think?  

So here's the next brainy idea I had and one that kind of reminded me of my high school days.  We were always redoing our clothing back then... splitting the sides on a pair of jeans and making them even wider on the bottom by sewing wild colorful fabrics on.  Good little Hippies that we were... jean jackets were embellished with peace signs and such.  Sound familiar?
So today it felt pretty "righteous"  to be sewing something on a tee. Even if it was a little tame heart cut from a pair of old faded and worn stripe ticking shorts that I  pulled from the rag bag.

I'm wondering now if there's anything else in my closet that I could be wearing if I took time to get creative... what about you? Have you revamped or enhanced a piece of clothing more to your liking?
I want to know!!

Cathy G


  1. You're a smart cookie. Maybe you should forward this to Hanes. They may get the idea that we don't like that itchy thread. I'm the same, I cut out all the labels. They seem to itch more once they've been put through the dryer. The heat must harden the synthetic thread.

    Yes I have enhanced some pieces here and there.
    Damed mosquito is buzzing around my head in the office... Welcome June alright.

  2. We obviously grew up about the same time because you reminded me of how I changed my outfits, made jeans skirts and changed the jeans pant legs. Yup, we were a mix of the 'make do' and the hippie generation. Thanks for the flash back.


  3. I think that is a cute idea. No, I guess I haven't done anything like that in a long time.
    I always liked the look though.

  4. I know what you mean and it turned out cute!!!!

  5. How fun!! I'm always seeing cute re-vamped clothes on Pinterest...I need to do something like that too!

  6. Evening Cathy,great idea and love how it turned out, Blessings Francine.

  7. I'm that same way about tags and itchy stitches. Even that one on the side, down by your waistline. Snip snip ever time. The patch is very clever and I'm gonna do that to a couple things.

  8. Yep! I remember those days too! Great idea! Enjoy your day Cathy!

  9. HOW FUN! I loved this post - you are a gal after my own heart....I DO NOT LEAVE ONE TAG UN-CUT in my clothes, they all come out.
    I even cut them off our kids baby cloths and clothes as they got older - I figured if they bugged me they must bug them too. LOL
    Goodness aren't we 'anal' people lol
    Love what you did with the shirt - great thinking my friend.

  10. I love clothes that come with printed tags, if not I too cut out those scratchy ones.....have had to make a repair, revamp or two when cutting out tag didn't go smoothly......

  11. Perfect! I can't stand tags. Your turned your shirt into a real find!

  12. Brilliant fix, Cathy, AND cute!
    Hugs, Linda


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