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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Talk About Ugly!

Oh no.... I'm not talking about the wool!  It's life at times... it gets ugly when you have to make tough decisions.  When our health, our pets health and the ravages of age and things beyond our control seem to peck away at us.  Recently our little dog Max lost his hearing.  So now we have one deaf dog and one diabetic dog.  I think Max may have some other issues as well.  Our dogs are eleven years old. So I suppose there will be some ugly things to deal with in the future.

Some tough decisions had to be made concerning my business here in the studio.
Not pretty... but they had to be made.

The important thing to remember when the uglies start to invade and you are trying like heck to fight them off... the beauty is there.  The sun will eventually peek through and shed light, warmth and understanding.  

A few years ago I received a slip of what we've always thought to be a Christmas Cactus from my mom.  The plant my mom has is gigantic. Mom named it Fern because the lady she got the plant from years ago was named Fern. Mine has grown considerably over the years despite neglect and forgetting to water the ugly thing.  Oh talk about ugly... I think this is one ugly plant!  Except when she decides to bloom.  As you can see in the photo below... Fern Jr. is loaded with buds this year.  I do believe she prefers to bloom around Easter as she only had a few blossoms at Christmas.   Easter must be her favorite time of year.

I tend to forgive and over- look her ugliness when she is loaded with these lovely pink flowers.
I think life is much the same when the ugly comes around looking for a place to camp. If we forgive, look for the beauty in things and wait for the blossoms... it makes for a much easier trip.

Cathy G


  1. Hmmm.... it seems like when it rains, it pours too... look forward to those brilliant blooms once the uglies are overcome! Sending you big hugs! ~Sharon

  2. Those plants really are beautiful when they bloom. Mine never blooms at Christmas either. Usually thanksgiving in October for some reason. I hope Max is doing better. Millie had a health scare last week too. Its so stressful.

  3. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with stressful and upsetting issues. After this terrible winter things were supposed to be better!

    It's so hard to think about our furry kids getting older and the health problems they will have to deal with. That's when they need all the love and patience we have to give.

    Fern is lovely. I guess even the usually less than attractive plants have thier day of glory.

  4. Hope things get easier son, Cathy. My Cairo is 12 and I call him the Million Dollar Mutt, because his vet bills cost a fortune, but I would;t trade him for anything. Sarah

  5. It sounds like a very stressful time for you Cathy and making ugly decision is all part of running a business sometimes. I hope that the business issues will clear away for you because you are such a nice and creative entrepreneur, I would hate to see the demise of such a wonderful studio. Of course I have no idea what the issues are but I can wish you success and peace of mind.

    The health of older pets is so stressful that i decided that I would not get anymore pets. It was just so painful for me and I'm not usually emotional.


  6. Sorry, making tough decisions is the pits. Hoping everything will work out. The decisions about your studio scares me-----even though I'm miles away, your blog is a link to another friend. Blessings to you. Marie

  7. Cathy, You're right....Christmas cactus' are UGLY when they are not in bloom, but boy, when they do....beautiful!!! Ours stay in the sunroom until they come into bloom and then they get to move into the house. Those wools, however, are yummy!!!

  8. I love your outlook in this post! The beauty is always there, it is our perspective that needs to change to see it. Forgiveness, patience and hope bring joy.

  9. Decisions......undoubtedly the hardest part of life. Move forward & don't look back......and buy more stash!!! Lol

  10. I'm sorry about your puppies.

    Lovely cactus

  11. Its really hard to see our beloved pets age and we worry so about them. I'm so sure they feel how much you love them and that is all they want from us.
    Life is full of good and bad and having the right attitude gets us through it all.
    Wishing you hope courage and strength.

  12. Oh it is so hard to have old pets and worry about them.
    Are you going to have to move your studio?

  13. I get it, Cathy!! I always say we have to have the valleys in order to appreciate the peaks in life! Onward and upward!!

  14. so sorry things have been rough for you, hope the coming week will be better! hugs to you & fern, she's a beauty in disguise!

  15. Reading between the lines of your post I feel for you! Life is one challenge after another and sometimes it would be nice to be spaced further apart the heart breakers simply hang in there and know that we all feel for you, hugs cheri


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