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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Dye Kitchen

She ain't fancy! My dye kitchen happens to be my one and only kitchen.   Trying to dye wool with no cooktop has been a challenge. But then so is cooking or doing anything else in my outdated kitchen. The old cooktop has met it's demise and is waiting for the trip to the recycler. We've had a contractor here a few times lately to give us some ideas. We've come up with a nice looking plan for a remodel.  It's looking hopeful but may be closer to Fall when any work can begin. 


Here's my wool dryer.  Tain't fancy either. But it works and saves a little on the electric bill.  I do have a dryer that works but is old.  Our washer works if you go down between cycles and give it a punch... that seems to trigger something and it starts back up again.
Sigh...  Just so you know I'm not complaining.  Just explaining. 

Oh... the dead raccoon in the photo above is the deaf dog's toy.  We seem to be getting along okay and make adjustments everyday when something crops up that used to be taken so for granted. The slight sound of the treat package opening could guarantee his little nose would be poking around the corner.  Now I can open the fridge, clang the pots and pans, holler for him to come get a treat..... and nothing.  It just breaks your heart. So we are learning doggy sign language.  
Will keep you posted on how that works out!

The fruits of my labor today. 

Cathy G


  1. Talk about "making do", good for you, most of us are truly spoiled. When I do dye, utmost care has to be done not to mess up the granite counters--BTW--I'm not thrilled with them, they are not as carefree as I was led to believe. Your finished product is fab-u-lous, love the colors.

  2. No kitchen until Fall? Wow! I enjoy barbequeing during the Summer months... but, it's nice to be able to cook indoors (in the a/c, or out of the rain) when you want to... Hugs to the pups!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    You are a true "make do" kind of gal and my hat is off to you!! Our pioneer foremothers would be so proud!! Shows you have a true creative spirit!!
    Hope you can get something before the fall too!
    Hugs to the doggies!
    Love all the beautiful wool too!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Okay, I'll stop my complaining about my kitchen, thank you. Sign language for your doggie, we need that. We have a 15 year old dog that has lost almost all of his hearing and a great deal of his site. Sad when you open the snacks and they don't come running.

  5. I like your make do attitude Cathy. I'm very spoiled too and since I have a dye kitchen upstairs. However, I like using an old crock pot that I bought at the thrift store for $9.99 to do some of my dyeing and it works great... and when the process is done I unplug it and just leave it till morning to cool and then rinse the wool... My wool dryer of choice are plastic hangers that hang near the wood stove and it dries in no time without using expensive electricity.

    Poor old doggie, so heart breaking seeing them getting old and there's not much you can do.


  6. I need to get with the program I haven't dyed in so long.
    your wool looks great.

  7. make do or not, the colors you made, are just beautiful!
    hard getting old on dogs I think because they are so responsive to us, hugs to yours, and to you!

  8. Hey ir works!
    Love your colors....and that twig bench:0)

  9. For not having a "working" kitchen - your dyed wool is lovely. Amazing how resourceful we can be when we want our wool. lol
    Dinner ? Well that's another story !

  10. Your 'dye kitchen' looks a lot like mine only CLEANER and more organized. Our appliances are limping along on their last cycle too. I guess when people have been in their homes for a good long time, everything seems to konk out at once.

    I was wondering about sign language when you posted about Max becoming deaf. It will take patience, but he will adapt. We have had cats who have gone blind and ones who couldn't hear. They are more accepting of their disabilities than we are.
    If you want to 'talk' to him, put his head under your chin and he will feel the vibration from your throat. It may make him feel more connected.
    I know how much you love your two little doggies. It's so hard to see them grow old!

  11. Such beautiful blue wool, Cathy! Even without a stove top! Hope the renovation happens sooner than later. Sarag

  12. Your dye kitchen is just perfect! And your appliances...well ...I have a dryer that won't shut off until we go down and open the door....and it's not that old! There's always something to be remodeled in our homes isn't there? Your wool is beautiful! Poor dog..I'm sure he is quite happy being in your warm and loving home....have a great day!

  13. Love your get-er done attitude. Nothing can stop a good hooker on a mission with wool!! Beautiful colors. I hope the renovations go smooth and he can start before fall.

  14. Morning Cathy, love simple, that willow drying rack is wonderful. Love the colors of the wool, the blue is bluetiful :) Blessings Francvne

  15. LOL.

    I'm sorry for your dog, how sad. Love your wool dryer....didn't even notice the dog toy till you pointed it out.

    Beautiful dyed wool.


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