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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bears Will Be Bears!

About 11:30 pm last night as I sat in the studio near a window working on my laptop I heard what sounded like footsteps crunching in the snow.  Not little footsteps like a dog or human would make. No... something much larger.  More like something with big padded feet and some weight behind it crunching through the hard frozen snow in our backyard.
I took a nervous quick glance over my shoulder to peek out the patio doors in time to see the owner of those big padded feet come strolling right past.  If you count the panes in the window up to about 3 1/2 you should get the idea how big this creature was.... and that was standing on all fours!  Scared the you know what right out of me!   
I've seen a few bears in my life time.  But never one this close and with only a thin layer of glass between us!  
Since everyone else in this household has sense enough to go to bed early and were sleeping soundly I figured it was about time to rouse (him) and warn of the danger in our backyard.
To make a somewhat long story short... in the dim light from the streetlights and waxing gibbous full moon we watched the hungry bear lumber through the backyard searching for the bird feeders ( which were already emptied by hungry birds). 
I have to say Mr. O sink was pretty excited as well.  But not once did it ever occur to ME to open the patio doors and yell at the bear.  Is that a man thing?
Well it startled me and the bear of course went from a slow waddle to a lumbering gallop across the yard and scaled the big pine tree you see in the next photo (the one closest to the A frame). It's just amazing how a creature that big can climb a tree with such speed and the agility of a monkey.
Okay Mr.  O sink.... are you happy?  Yelling at the bear didn't really accomplish much other than to have a 300 pound dog- eating beast resting in the pines in our backyard.
Opps...before you know it the bear came right back down out of that tree!  As determined as ever to carry on his search for food.  The bears are awake from their winter hibernation and maybe as disgruntled as we are about the slow arrival of Spring weather.  It has to make the search for food a little harder and perhaps the journey a little longer at night. 

We watched as he continued to make his way across the park and into the neighbors yard below us.  
So long story short... bears will be bears.  It doesn't matter that it feels and looks like the dead of winter in northern Wisconsin.  The calendar says March 26th.  The bears are awake. As good a sign as any I guess but I would much prefer to see a Robin.

Cathy G


  1. Wow, what a great post. I would have been soooo excited and a wee bit scared too. Not much luck of me seeing any bears here in Philly, but your post made me feel like I was right there with you. Thanks :) Hopefully this will be the last of the snow for all of us. ~Nan

  2. Wow a bear, well if they are awake your spring has to be around a corner. I just can't believe all of that snow. It looks
    very pretty though. I would have never thought of yelling either. :)

  3. Ok...That would have scared the poop right outta me for sure !! and I can see me panicking if hubby opened the door even a crack ....lol ....wowsa...

  4. OK now thats something I have never seen in my backyard, would have scared me to death not expecting to really see one. Poor bear, spring is just not co-operating with his calendar. Thanks for sharing. Vicky

  5. Oh My Goodness! I would probably still be standing where you were - frozen to the spot. I'd have to say you can keep the bears up north with you and don't send them south to Ohio - please! ~Ann

  6. Oh my, but I'd have had an 'equalizer' handy if I lived there or anywhere near bears. Sure don't want to meet up with one who is really hungry, for certain he could go thru a glass door or tear down a wooden one. Glad he went on his merry way.


  7. would not want one that close to me!
    make sure you don't leave any garbage in your cans where they can get into it, it is a sure draw.
    take care!, hugs!

  8. OMG!!! What a sight to see.....I guess the bears are so hungry, just looking for food.....neat post, Blessings Francine.

  9. Wow Cathy, you win the prize for sure for the most interesting sign of Spring. It's must have been really scary to be so close to that hungry bear.
    Not a great time for a walk outside especially alone. I have a tamer sign of spring to report. I saw my first two robins this morning.

    I'm glad that nothing bad happened. Your husband will have something to write about in his column.

    Have a safe week,

  10. He opened the door? Seriously?? That would not have been an option I would have considered either Cathy. Great story though

  11. Oh my goodness Cathy!!!! What a fright that would have been! I haven't heard anything about our neighbor bear being up and about yet but I'm sure he is! Just hope I don't see him that close!!! YOu sure do have a lot of snow yet! Most of ours is gone now!

  12. Holy cow...a bear!!!! I would have screamed! I am scared to death of bears!!!!!

  13. I had to tell you...I read your post to my hubby when he got home from work...He was in stitches...He said I probably would have thrown something at him across the room if he opened that door a crack...YUP I probably would've...and I have a good arm....taught all my boys to throw a football....lol

  14. Oh you lucky girl!! I MEAN that (as long as all is safe for people and bears, that is). I've seen several bears in the west and there's lots of bear sightings in the woods around here. I just told my husband the other night, that I would love to see a Missouri bear out in the wild. This time of year the sightings always increase as they come out of hibernation and start to roam. A guy and his dog spotted one along the creek not far from here about a week ago. He said it was getting a drink, spotted them and just went on his merry way!

  15. YIKES! That encounter was a little too close for comfort, huh? Glad he went on his merry way with no harm done to you or yours!

  16. we haven't seen any bears yet. We have a fair amount of bears here. and they will be hungry and no food you have to feel bad for them.
    keep the light on when you take the dogs out.

  17. I live near the Adirondacks in NY. I have never seen a bear that close up. Several people spotted a bear cub last fall without his momma. Unfortunately he was found on the side of the road before the police and animal control could get to him.

  18. Very exciting! I haven't seen ours that often but love it when I do. Hope it found a decent meal somewhere without getting itself in big trouble.


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