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Monday, January 2, 2012

A List and Two Old Foggies

I actually started out with two lists this morning.  The first was my to do list..... a mile long.  Then realizing the dogs were completely out of chewies   (a national disaster around here) I thought I better get a grocery list together and head  down to Walmart. 

I usually never go grocery shopping without a list, especially at Walmart because I tend to get sidetracked  down the plastic bin isle and buy more bins for  things I'm  supposed to be getting rid of.  That was one of the things on my to do list today.  Start the pile for getting rid of.

Any hoo.... off I went to Walmart and upon getting into the car I realized I forgot the 25.00 gift certificate Dave received for Christmas from his employer,  which we decided to spend on groceries.  Instead of tracking snow back into the house I opened the garage door and hollered  for Dave to please look on the dining room table and find the gift certificate that was laying there in plain sight.  Hollering back says he: " I don't see it." Says me: "Well, it's laying right there on the table in the envelope with the pic of a  big Christmas bulb on the front..... nope he still can't see it. So I come back in the house tracking snow and go into the dining room and see the durn thing laying right there in plain sight. 
So me being a bit snarly says to him " maybe they need to check your eye sight on Thurs. instead of your butt". ( he's having a routine colonoscopy on Thurs). I know... not very nice of me. 

So off I go to Walmart.  The weather today was freezing cold with a nasty wind that had me wishing for a hot flash on the way into the big Super Store.  Grabbed a cart and started to dig through my purse.... Oh s##!  yep.... my list was laying back home on the dining room table!  Now are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Why didn't man see it laying there when he looked for the gift certificate........ oh yeah....  his mind was elsewhere today.  Then my snarly attitude lightened slightly as I recalled that this was the second time in the last few weeks I'd gone off and forgot my list on the table.   I chuckled and thought to myself what a couple of old foggies we're getting to be.  At least we seem to be losing our faculties at the same pace.
After checking out my cart full of things I decided to give Dave a quick call to see if I had remembered everything on my list ( don't ask why I waited until I was completely checked out and on my way to the car). I had most everything on the wayward list except my favorite instant iced tea mix of which I can't live without.  So I dashed back into the big warm store and bought the tea and a pair of jeans.

photo via pinterest

Perhaps this is the size list that would be helpful.  At least Dave could maybe see it..... ya think?!

( as a side note..... nothing on the first list got accomplished today) 

Cathy G


  1. OMG was this funny! I could picture the whole thing. Love it!


  2. Cathy ~
    THANKS for the laugh!!!
    Oh, I just hate when I forget the list!
    Hugs :)

  3. "...and a pair of jeans" - Doing a little passive agressive shopping there buddy? Hehehe
    Shopping without my list is dangerous - that's when all the junk food flies in the cart for me.

  4. Oh Cathy, Love the giggle...or not...If I forget my list, I am screwed...don't remember half of it... Hubby comment, totally get it! OLM

  5. Cathy , thanks for the laugh ,you see its only funny cause its you and not me , I do that every week I go to the store ! lol have a great week hugs lilraggedyangie

  6. i too have the list forgetting problem, both forgetting to write or bring it with me....could be age or my mind wants to spend time pinning than grocery shopping!!! cheri

  7. Cathy, that was hilarious. We're doing the same thing right now at home, we're confusing the heck out of each other with what we have to do today that we forgot to do yesterday. I'm glad we aren't the only ones.

  8. LOL....men can NEVER see anything! But on a side note, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten to the store and my list was missing in action!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Karen & the Hounds

  9. hahaha - what is it with guys and finding stuff...!
    i once found the perfect anniversary card for my sweetie: cartoonish:
    guy standing in front of open fridge containing nothing but butter top to bottom, hollering to wife in background "where is the butter, honey?" - perfect, right??!!
    happy new year, dear cathy!!

  10. I have called to ask my David to find something nope can't find it never saw it only to go home and it is on the counter where he is standing when he is telling me it just not here.Men!

  11. Now that was good for a laugh! Of course it happens around here, too :)

  12. Oh, yeah....SOOOO get it. But the men not "seeing" things right in front of their eyes has nothing to do with age....My Dear Only Son has the same genetic deficiency. At least you have the blessing that you're both "going down that path" at the same pace. I swear my husband has a 10 year head start on me and it's driving me NUTS!! Hopefully, one of the things I soon forget will be how crazy he drives me! Wishing you a wonderfully blessed new year Cathy - so glad our paths crossed this past year....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. I laughed out loud, you, are a funny lady!



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