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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bundle Up!

We're going on a snowshoe hike with Dave and his camera!

A study in neutrals.

A study of the rustic but delicate beauty of the deep woods in winter.

Catch a snowflake on the tip of your tongue.







Experience winter in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Then stop by Red House Wool Studio for a warm mug of hot cocoa!

( gosh this almost sounds like an advertisement)

Just wanted to share some of Dave's exquisite photography work.

Thought I better after giving him such a hard time yesterday!

Cathy G


  1. They are such beautiful photos, Cathy.

  2. Great photos! My favorite is the one looking through the woods! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beautiful photos! It certainly looks like winter in your neck of the woods. Makes me want to settle myself near the wood stove with a cup of hot cocoa. No snow here in Maine just frigid weather, I'm beginning to miss my snowshoes! Hugs, Julie.

  4. dave's photos are not only absolutely stunning but they remind me why i live in sunny so. california.....

  5. Cathy ~
    Many thanks to Dave for the breathtaking photos. My favorite is the first one with the barbed wire! I wish I could be that creative with my pics.
    Stay warm, dear girlfriend!
    Hugs :)

  6. He's very talented. That was wonderful. We haven't had much snow here yet...not that I'm complaining...but that sure was pretty!

  7. They are all beautiful... but my favorite is the pine boughs and oak leaves one. Gorgeous!

  8. You can't be too old and fogieish if you can go out and hike in the Wisconsin winter! That's a feat of endurance even for the young.
    Lovely photographs! Please send me some of that beautiful snow. We only got a dusting, but the arctic air has blown down on us. Brrrrr!!!

  9. Gorgeous photo's. I'm such a neutral gal. looking at all that snow in those neutral photo's makes me warm and fuzzy :)

  10. PERFECTLY FANTASTIC....oh thank you I love looking at these kinds of photos...

  11. Beautiful (even if it is snow) :) My favorite is the snow topped post with barbed wire!
    We are getting a dusting today, not too much hopefully.

  12. Those photos are great examples of why I love winter! Looking forward to seeing what these photos inspire in your own work. PS My favorite is the snow on the little flower.

  13. Cathy,
    Dave has a wonderful eye! Those pics are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing them. It reminds me to be calm and at peace and to stop and smell the roses. That there is beauty in everything. I am one of those that loves winter. Hugs, Lori

  14. Cathy
    Beautiufl photos~ oh, can he capture the beauty~
    love the snow on the barb wire~
    what is it about catching a snowflake on our tongues? oh, just love to do it & giggle ~ maybe it reminds us of child hood or just the taste of nature that intrigues us~
    thanks for sharing
    keep cozy~

  15. Cathy what excelent photos your Dave took. Oh I wish I was there. I want snow so much. A real nice soft snow that keeps us in the house for a day or two. Makes the world a whole different place when no one comes out and you can literally hear the now hitting the ground. That is my favorite. I love it and am anxiously waiting it. Greag pictures make me feel content. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Oh those are wonderful pictures...sure wish we would get some snow. Would like a good foot of the fluffy white stuff!
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Great pictures we have no snow so we can not snow shoe. Looks like a lovely afternoon.

  18. Cathy,
    What amazing winter photos. I had to put a sweater on while I enjoyed them. brrrrrrr. You are such a great blogger. I like your style. I am so new at blogging that watching your talents helps me learn. Stay warm! Green bathtub says HI to orange sink.

  19. I wish we were getting some of that snow here in Utah where we're 'enjoying' unseasonably warm temps and NO snow! DRAT!

  20. Beautiful pictures - awesome photography - Makes me "almost" want snow! I did say almost!

  21. Cathy, So glad you shared, these photos are WONDERFUL! Look at some snow...WOW! Something we have yet to really see! OLM

  22. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! and topped with hot chocolate, wonderful!

  23. I just love Dave's photographs. They are so creatively beautiful. Thanks for sharing his talent with us Cathy. Your posts are always so interesting. I never cease to be impressed. JB

  24. Wow, wow, and more WOW! I think Dave should be a guest poster now and again on your blog...His photos are AMAZING! (And I don't even LIKE snow!) ;o) The man has a talent and a wonderful gift (even if he can't find something right in front of his nose....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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