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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter White Tuesday's Delight!

We'll have a white Christmas. I think I can safely assume that on Dec. 25th we will have white on the ground. Temps are predicted to go below the O mark sometime in the next few days.

As for us the wood fire crackling in the basement assures our noses and toes and paws will stay warm this Holiday season.

My photos today are taken as a result of something fun going on the blog  Gable House Musings. Misi has a Tuesday Display Chain going.  Thought I'd try my hand at it.  Winter White is the theme. So after you feast your eyes on my photos, head on over to Gable House Musings and see what everyone else came up with.  You might want to join the fun!  Why not!  The more the Merrier!

(p.s.  my tooth is healing up quite nicely although chewing is still a bit rough.  Pat, I have a can of Hersheys chocolate syrup on my grocery list for this week!  Not kiddin' either!)   

The white stripes in these Chocolate  stoneware bowls make for a nice contrast!   sigh......chocolate

Lace panels in my dining room  ( a secret.....they're plastic......don't tell anybody...:)

The view from my kitchen window this morning.

Hope you can take delight in your Winter White today!


  1. I love your new header.
    And those chocolate bowls are to die for, fantastic.
    Puppy looks like she is enjoying the snow.
    Stay warm.
    We have not had any snow yet.

  2. Hello!
    So many Pretty Whites!
    I just think the pup is adorable!
    I became a follower, I also join in on Misi's display chain! I now so look forward to I call it "Terrific Tuesday, so much fun!
    So pay me a visit & check my post out

    enjoy the day & keep warm

  3. So glad you joined today.This is my first visit to your blog.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Great pictures. Especially cute is Smokey(?) or Max(?). Girl....you have a LOT of snow! We have rain puddles but no white stuff. (But that's OK hehehe)
    Keep that wood fire burning and stay warm.

  5. I'm dreaming of snow for Christmas! You can send it our way if you are getting too much.
    Your photos are great! I love the whites!! Smokey looks adorable with the snow on his face. Is he wearing a cute jacket?
    I can't believe you bought a can of Hershey's syrup. Thanks for supporting one of PA's fun products! ( as opposed to beer and deer! LOL!)

  6. Cathy ~
    I'll be generous and let you keep your freezing temps!
    Love all your photos.
    Hugs :)

  7. Cathy, I love your white lace plastic window panels and all your white photos but my very favorite is that adorable furry friend of yours.

    We have a snow cover on the ground but frankly I could do without it. I like snow at Christmas and after that, I'm done. I don't want anymore. Lucky ou to have toasty warm feet. JB

  8. Just lovely Cathy...what beautiful photos! So glad you joined in! I can't resist the last picture of your pup. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So pretty glad your tooth is feeling better. I am in for a filling tomorrow.

  10. you do sound better, great!
    and i love your photos! thanks for sharing!

  11. Cathy, so glad your tooth is better. Yes, in Newfoundland, our weather is extremely odd for us at this time of year. We don't often have green Christmases. But then, February is our snowy month, so we might make up for it then.

    hugs and blessings


  12. I am so glad that you joined in Cathy!..This is my first visit to you blog * It's going to be fun reading today!..you have such pretty winter whites..and I will keep shhh, but your panels are so clever!..i use that same print (by the foot) for my table protection during the holidays...now you have me buzzing with an idea for my barn windows!! Thank You for joining in , hope to see you next week!
    Merry & Bright Bliss, Misi

  13. Cathy....LOVE your photos and new background.

  14. Hey Cathy,
    I love the new profile layout and the header! I NEED to remember to keep checking your blog!!! Anywho, from one snow-covered locale to another: Have a great day! ~Adam.

  15. I'm wishing for winter white as well! Loved seeing your collection of pics today!


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