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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where's the Dang Tooth Fairy?

All day I've been craving these!  In the worst way!  Well, get over it!  I had a tooth pulled yesterday and one of the rules is NO nuts!   Oh nuts!   I wonder what would happen if I'd put em in the food processor?   Liquid chocolate and nuts?

To keep my sanity while nursing my poor sore jaw I've been playing around on Photobucket.  I tried to make a collage of some photos I took around here today. A little of this and a little of that.    Well, I'm off to the fridge to find some yogurt for supper.  Did I mention that I'm starving??!!!



  1. Oh Cathy, you have my sympathies. I go through the same thing every 2 months after my orthodontist appointments. Mashed potatoes, oatmeal, apple sauce, yogurt are NO substitute for chocolates, candies, big honking slab of steak......
    Save those chocolates for another day when you can completely indulge, pain-free!
    Love the collage. The tomato pin cushion brings back memories. My grandmother had the same one and for some reason it was one of the things I saved.

  2. Oh, poor Cathy ~ I feel for you!!! Been there! Love the collage!!

  3. Cathy, when I go into chocolate attack mode I've even gotten into my chocolate chips for baking. I just can't help myself. I know that there's no substitute for dark chocolate but at least I satisfy my chocolate craving until I get the real thing.

    Hoping that you will all be better soon. Love your pics. JB

  4. Cathy, love the collage. I need to learn to do something different with my pictures.
    Sorry you can't have chocolate or nuts right now but if you want to send it to me I will take if off your hands.
    Just think how good it will be when you are all healed up.

  5. Oh Cathy, hope you are feeling better soon. It is awful to get the "hungries" when the jaw is hurting and the Dr. says NO!!!! I am thinking of you

  6. ouch! I going for a filling next wed and I am a bit freaked out by that. I think we want what we can't have. feel better soon.

  7. That Sucks!
    I have to have one out in the next few days.....I'm gonna go eat a whole bag of Pecans tonight, right after I dip them in chocolate!
    I have not seen the Dentist in ten years, untill today! No cavities! Yea! Just one to pull and one bridge...My first...
    Hope you get to feeling better and thanks for the heads up! I didn't even think about the food limitations... I'm so gonna have a hard time with this.....I'm such a whoosie!

  8. Ouch Cathy....hope you feel better soon!

  9. Oh my! I hope your jaw heals up quick! Been through that and know how you feel. It always seems we start craving the one thing we were told we can't have! lol! LOVE your photo collage! Very festive!!! The wool wreath in the lower left is made by you?

  10. Hi Cathy,
    Should I send you a can of Hershey's syrup??? LOL!!! A few glugs would cure your chocolate craving (and everything else).

    Like your new blog format and header photo.
    The collage is great, with the way you balanced the touches of red in each picture.

    Hope the soreness in your jaw goes away soon and you can get a taste of those lovely chocolates. Oh, how did drool get on my keyboard???

  11. Hey Cathy! Your photo collage is super! I'm not sure what photo bucket is, but looks like something I need to know about. Sorry about the pulled tooth. That's what I need right now to keep me away from all the sweet goodness showing up everywhere!

  12. Cathy ~
    I hope you are on the mend :)
    Great job on the photo collage!
    Hugs :)

  13. Have some ice cream - that should help with those chocolate cravings! Hope your feeling better really quick! Love your collage!


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