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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blowing Snow!!!

We could have used a sleigh to go with these bells today!    The weather people were dead on with the forecast. We have a  ton of snow and tonight it's blowing and howling like a wolf out on the frozen tundra.

And tomorrow it's dipping into the single digits with below 0 overnight.  Let's see....who out there in blog land would like me to send some your way?   No?  and I thought everyone wanted a white Christmas?

Poor Dave!  All he did all day was shovel snow and carry firewood into the basement.  

We are the only ones in the neighborhood without a snow blower.  I always have to chuckle a little when the neighbor guys ( who are all younger than Dave)  get out their snow blower's and plows attached to ATV's and Dave's out there givin' er with a shovel.  Check out Al our neighbor up in the right hand corner of the photo above with his snow blower.  
Another neighbor John,  who lives between us and my Mom's was kind enough to snow blow her driveway for her today.  I guess he thought Dave had his work cut out in our driveway.  

Well Hon, don't put the shovel away just yet.  The drifting will start in tonight you know!
This afternoon my brother in MN called and told us he went out and bought a new snow blower today. 
He sounded almost embarrassed to tell us!   However, they did get about two feet of snow there last night and today.  I'm glad he bought one.  He's a truck driver and gone on the road most of the week.  I think when he's home he likes to be doing something other than shoveling the huge banks of snow that the plows leave on the sidewalk by his house.

As for me?  Well, I don't shovel snow with or without a snow blower.  My preferred place is right here in front of the fireplace!  Been hookin'  a little.  Will show you what soon.  

Stay safe where ever you are.  Find your self a good shoveler or maybe invest in one of them thar snowblowers if you're in the path of this storm.  It was a doozy!

Cathy G


  1. Ho, ho, ho! Dave looks like he's dressed for the occasion! Winter is sure doing it's thing in WI. Yuuuck for those single digits and zero is totally not nice.
    The best way to experience the outdoors in winter is to look at out the window. Stay by the woodstove and happy hooking!

  2. Hey Cathy...send me a few flakes down here in sunny Arizona!! You look so comfy in your pink socks in front of the fireplace. Is that a hooked rug you are resting those heels on??
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I enjoy my storms like you curled up and nesting.I'll enjoy it from the window.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. You really did get the snow didn't you.
    We had just a dusting last night but the wind for the last 24 hours has been awful. It is 18 degrees, but I don't know what the wind chill is.
    Not even venturing out to church this morning.
    Wish I had a wood stove to warm my feet by. Stay warm and hook away.

  5. We have been lucky so far - nothing shovel-able. I know how Dave feels...my neighbor across the street has a snow blower and he watches me shovel. (that's just mean) lol
    I hope Santa brings Dave a snow blower.

  6. Looks like a very white winter for you. Love your attitude with the pink socks and wood stove. Keep warm and have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Wow, what can I say!
    Look at all the snow!(looks pretty from here, bet the hubby doesn't think so LOL)

    thanks for sharing
    keep warm & safe!

  8. OH Cathy, please keep the snow your way :). I would be thrilled if we only got flurries throughout the winter, but I guess that is asking too much. I think it's pretty, but just don't like it. My husband broke down and bought a snowblower last year. Last one in Shippensburg, and the day before we got a couple feet of snow! Good timing for sure....
    Oh, and I had to giggle at your commnet on my blog. My mailbox is only a few feet from my door down the driveway lol. Just didn't want to go out in the cold!!

  9. Sorry for all the snow you got this weekend Cathy. I must say, that Dave is doing a great job. You should join him for a good old fashion snowball fight.

    For some reason I like shoveling snow. It gets my cheeks all rosy and gives me some exercise. Then I come in for a nice hot chocolate drink and a cookie.

    We only have a light blanket of snow and we're supposed to get rain.

    I love that cosy picture by the stove and your rug looks great with your pink socked feet resting on it. JB

  10. Well Cathy right now this a.m. it's raining in Ohio which is what the weather people have been saying it would do since last Thursday. Then later today into Monday we're supposed to get hit hard with snow!!! Really bad for all those out there that have to drive,cause there's gonna be a total layer of ice under the snow!!!
    I LOVE that hooked rug by the fireplace!!! Is that your design???

  11. Geeeesh! I just got a huge craving for a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows!!! ;-) Love the Winter Gathering rug you've got there!

  12. You are looking mighty comfy while that snow is blowing! Had to laugh at men and their snowblowers! We have a few of those here in our townhouse development! One neighbor cracks me up - the snowblower is bigger than him and he doewsn't even like a snowflake on his parking area or sidewalk and then the township truck comes thru and plows him (and all of us) right back in! soo we hear the whurrrr whurrrr of his blower all day and night!

  13. Cathy, Seems like we are a day behind you here in NOrthern Michigan. We woke up to snow this am. It is so beautiful!

  14. Cathy...Loved seeing your Dave shoveling...
    My Dave would have loved being out here this morning too...he loved it.
    My neighbors all came to the rescue...wonderful neighbors.
    Enjoy the season...now back to my closet!
    Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  15. Cathy ~
    The snow has arrived in northern Ohio and they are predicting some nasty weather for a few days with winds up to 50 mph. BBRRRRR! Wish I could just hunker down and cozy up to a fire, but it's back to work in the A.M. (But I am not going to complain {too much} because I am blessed to have a job to go to!)
    I went to your picture trail. Thank you for sharing. You take such great photos.
    Hugs and warm wishes :)

  16. Glad to see you are snuggly warm Cathy!

  17. We got the storm today -- all rain and wind! Bah humbug. I wouldn't mind a little snow -- but just a little!

    Love the rug under your toasty toes!

    Stay warm and make that husband of yours a cup of cocoa.


  18. Aren't we lucky to have shovelers?! Didn't snow enough here to have to shovel, but we are getting the cold, that's for sure! oh well, better hooking weather!

  19. I just read your post as my poor hubby is outside behind our new giant snow blower. I love the snow - especially up here where it's clean and white - but it is a bit of a pain to move around. Enjoy your spot by the fire. Can't wait to see what you're working on.

  20. Loving the pic with your pink socks near the fire. Best place to be :)
    Our neighbor has a plow and was nice enough to plow our long road for us today. Otherwise we'd never get out of here.
    Stay warm and cozy.


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