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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Surviving A Tornado!

You may have heard about the deadly tornado that ravaged through Chetek, Wisconsin yesterday afternoon leaving one man dead and 25 people injured! My sister and her family live right in the path where this dangerous twister went through!
Gail was home babysitting four-month old Carter,  when the sirens started going off and the hail started to hit the house.  She has two dogs and a cat that would not follow her down the basement stairs when she gathered up the baby and made a mad dash for cover!
What she said "seemed like an eternity" the wind howled and there was so much noise she was certain the house above was gone!
Praying and holding on to little Carter ... who didn't even cry... Gail heard the window break out of the bedroom next to the one they were in!  She said you could just feel the pressure!

Thank goodness the house survived! Broken up a bit but the roof stayed on! 
Gail, Carter and the dogs and cat made it through!
When she came upstairs and looked out the window.....  the barn had collapsed! (above photo)
The little shed behind the house was completely gone with only the cement foundation remaining!

It was devestation everywhere she looked!

My hubby surveys the remains of the barn ( I think he's eyeing up that nice old barn wood)  and will probably be down there tomorrow helping to clean up and rescue some of that wood!

And Maggie, Gails horse has survived as well!  She was somewhere near the barn and I can hardly believe she didn't get hurt!

My brother-in-laws machine shop... part of the roof blown off and insulation covers everything down below!  What a mess to clean up!

The Ford tractor met some leaves from a smaller tree!
Lots and lots of  big old pine trees are down.
The landscape... which was so pretty with all the trees is now open and the neighbors can see one another!  Not good when you live in the country and enjoy your privacy!

The Oriole feeders were busy and they all were left hanging just like this after the tornado.... and the birds sure were feeding.  I wonder where they all go during these huge storms? 

The chickens survived! Their coop was in the barn but not sure where the chickens rode out the tornado!  Shortly after the storm Gail's dog Babe... grabbed hold of one and injured it. They don't think it will make it!  Sure...  a chicken makes it through a tornado only to be brought to an end by the family dog.
Ah yes Babe..... but then maybe it was your brother Duke who was the culprit. I don't think he's telling...
The local restaurants Red's and the Bowling Alley in Chetek donated Pizza to all who needed food after the storm.  With the electricity off cooking is hard!   The kids...my niece Alicia and her hubby Justin chow down after helping clean up! 
Justin is a logger! How convienient that your son-in-law happens to be a logger and knows just what to do!  

A processor picks up the big logs, cuts them in eight foot sections and loads them up! 
Clean-up made easy.... the power line crews  were pretty impressed as they stood watching! 
Hopefully they get those lines back up and electricity restored!

My sister Gail is still smiling through it all!  She is one tough cookie but was not looking forward to using this Luggable Loo... a toilet seat that fits over a 5 gallon bucket!
She was pretty darn happy when her hubby got the generator hooked up so water now flows freely to the toilets and showers!   
She said the Luggable Loo is going back to the store.  
I don't know Gail.... they say more storms are coming tonight!  
I think you better keep it around for awhile and go buy some flashlights.... which she said they didn't have one in the house that worked!

You done good little sister... and I hope you get your life back to normal soon!

I also would like to send prayers to those who are injured and the family who lost their loved one.
We have to count our blessings even after the losses we've endured.

Cathy G


  1. That is so scary and i cannot imagine living in an area with tornados. I am glad to hear that the family is ok, stuff can be replaced.


  2. Oh Cathy, I'm so glad you were spared but feel very sorry for your relatives who suffered damage. It's a miracle the horse didn't got hurt or killed. Tornados can be so deadly.
    It's good that the sun in law had the logging machinery to help cleanup.

    We were in the path of Hurrican Arthur a little while back and had so much to clean up after and before that was the flood. Mother nature is very powerful.

    I sure hope your sister will not need the Luggable Loo because of bad weather.

    Prayers for all those affected by the tragic loss of life and the wounded in this tornado.

    Be safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. WOW! Scarry stuff, thankful everyone survived (except the chicken)

  4. Wow!
    Thank goodness they are alright!

  5. OH gosh, so thankful your family members made it through yesterday's storm. I live near,Milwaukee and the tornado was all over our news. The video of the damage is unbelievable. We are under a tornado watch tonight and the radar looks nasty, so fingers crossed the bad weather will pass quickly. Best wishes on the cleanup. Jane

  6. Oh WOW! thank god everyone is ok!

  7. You've lots to be thankful for even tho there was some minor damage. When I get alerts for tornado activity I'm scared out of my wits. There is no basement here for me to retreat to so guess it would be inside a closet somewhere.

  8. I am so glad everyone is safe. I have been in a couple and it has been so scary. I am glad the house is okay. I am really glad the animals are too.
    How handy having a son in law who knows just what to do.
    Keep safe Cathy.

  9. Hi Cathy,
    What a terrifying experience!! I know you and your family are very, very thankful that everyone is safe and I'm sure they are happy to be alive! It's so hard to believe the destruction caused!! What a miracle that the animals made it through, safe and sound....except for the chicken!
    Take care and give your sister a Big Hug!!
    Heart Hugs to you~

  10. wow that is just awful what your sister and her family went through so sorry!
    But everyone is safe and that is the most important thing.

  11. So sorry to read this! How horrible! So glad your family is safe!

  12. So happy to hear your sister and family are fine, but that poor chicken.
    Hugs :)

  13. Love it. My husbands nephew remodeled a small old home and put an actual barn door on the rolling track in it. Clever. And it cost next to nothing.



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