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Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The Better to See You With My Dear"

You might wonder what the title of this post today is referring too!  LOL!  You'll have to read to the end to "see"!! 
 After my last post you must be wondering what kinds of things I keep in my sewing baskets.
Some contain jumbles of this and that and change on a regular basis.
But this one... my most favorite and workhorse of them all, pretty much always has the same contents. Every now and then I straighen and take out balls of thread, bits of fabric, and maybe a pattern or two of the current project I'm working on... but the basics pretty much stay the same.

The basket itself is one I found several years ago for $5 at a thrift store. It's very sturdily made by a craftsman in the USA.  Found in it's natural color ( a light oak) but then I stained it a dark walnut.  That HUGE god's eye where the handle is attached has always intrigued me.  It makes me think God must really have an eye on things around here... I'd like to think so anyway!

The handle on your sewing basket ( yes, in my opinion it MUST have a handle!) should be very sturdy. 

Your basket should be medium sized... not too small or too big. Every stitcher probably has a feel for what size she prefers.  Mine has to be big enough to hold at least 3 or 4 pincushions!
Yep... pincushions are my love and my greatest needful item in my basket!
I love keeping my pins and needles seperated and in different pincushions. I made all of these from wool and stuffed them with the wool lint ( from the dryer after I wash my wool) and walnut shells.
The one with the sewing machine applique'  is a quilted piece with wool applique' done from a kit by Primitive Gatherings.

I try to keep my other sewing supplies to a minimum in this particular basket.  Embroidery scissors, a needle threader, a couple of spools of thread in neutral colors, a couple of hand wipes, a pocket sized package of Kleenex ( for which I made a cute fabric cover from a sparkly acorn fabric), a piece of chalk for marking on wool, a retractable tape measure.....

an air erasable fabric marking pen, some little plastic Clover wonder clips, and my newest found sewing item I can't stitch without a thread conditioner called Thread Heaven!  Waaaaayyyy better than wax!  It's very cool stuff! Their website is www.Threadheaven.com   I carry it here in the studio for you local gals who might like to give it a whirl! 

So there you have it.... a little run down and glimpse of items in my personal sewing basket.  

Now for the title of my post..... if you're still with me... I had to buy some new specs this past week.  My prescription had changed from a couple of years ago....seems my arm wasn't long enough when holding a book or my phone anymore to read...lol!  So I decided to get some new frames.  In the past I've always picked something kind of wild, red ones, vintage frames with rhinestones, etc.  So I picked the wildest ones I could find at my eye Dr.s!  Still getting used to the prescription change however and I take them off when reading... I thought that I wasn't going to have to do that! ?? 
Any how... the better to see you with my dears!!

Cathy G



  1. I love your new glasses!! I also like seeing what you have in your sewing basket. Such fun. I just finished two of your patterns. I love your patterns so much. They are just fun.

  2. I love your glasses! I use my leftover snippets to stuff pillows but have never thought about using my wool lint. I save it and hang it outside for the birds to use in their nests. I will continue to share it with the birds but will keep some back for myself.

  3. *Love* your new glasses.
    Your sewing basket is grand !

  4. you look MAHvelous!!!!!!! love your basket and everything in it :)

  5. Love the glasses. I wear readers and I find I have had to increase the strength as my arms grow as well. And I love the wild ones, particularly red!

  6. I'm off to my eye doc today. I hope to find some neat new frames, too. It's a big decision for me as I wear mine all my awake hours and I have to have sun glasses too so I expect to come home very poor. :-) Love that God's eye basket and all the goodies in it.

  7. Oh they are so cool. Auntie just got a new pair and the guy talked her into getting ones with a little "bling" on the sides. So much fun

  8. Great glasses, look good on you...basket of goodies, wonderful.Blessings Francine.

  9. Got my new specs last month (with my $150 off from Medicare). Having worn contact lens most of my life, usually my frames were usually silver- or gold-wire frames. Now at 67 I thought I would go all out and get some "WOW" glasses. Now I wear a purple frame. But still no wires around the bottoms. Love yours but am taking baby steps.

  10. what a beautiful basket. I have always wanted to hook rugs ( or any other item) One of these days , I hope.

  11. I desperately need new glasses, too, but I say that every year. I am one who buys the least blingy glasses possible...lol!
    That is the biggest God's eye I've ever seen on a basket.
    Hugs :)

  12. I was just thinking the other day to load up one my many baskets similarly.
    I started storing projects in plastic containers but I do love carrying a basket here and there, And you're right to keep just the bare essentials for that project you're taking.

  13. Hi Cathy,
    Wow! What a deal on that amazing basket!!
    Love the God's eye and what a great reminder He is watching over you!!
    Love those new glasses too!! You look Fabulous!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Warm Hugs~

  14. Love your shop wish I could be there more often,I'm hemming the big patroic rug its going good. We are enjoying duluth3to4 days a week,its called retirement, trying to figure it out, so far its good.


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