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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Handwork to Sooth the Soul

I swear.... I haven't quit blogging!  But sometimes I feel like I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth! The days turn into weeks and then MONTHS! 
So much of life seems like it's passing by in a blur...
A blog post is in order...  
but of what shall I speak?
Perhaps the subject doesn't matter as much as that I am here
I am alive... and able to type a thought or two
and keep in touch with a much loved audience. 
Thank you for reading and listening.


I do try to keep my thinking on the positive.... with world events swirling about 
the mind tends to try and follow the madness.
Handwork helps immensely... soothing the soul, quieting the mind with each stitch and cut of the scissor.
This lovely wool Red Geranium mat I'm working on is by Primitive Gatherings.
There are lots of tiny red petals to cut out (80 to be exact!)  
When I first sit down and start cutting it seems at first like an overwhelming task. The petals are sooooo small. 
Then as the cutting begins... a little soft music playing in the background... each little flower pot 
starts to take shape.
Before I know it I'm half-way around the mat.
I keep thinking about the stitching now... which thread will I use?  How am I going to stitch these tiny little things and which needle would work the best?
Oh... not to get ahead of myself... as there will be some steam pressing 
of all the little pieces to the background  before any stitching can commense!

The preparation before the stitching can be therapeutic as well... but give this some thought...

Keeping supplies organized and at hand,  perhaps in a medium to large sized basket can make
preparation more enjoyable.
Putting together a basket of supplies and sewing necessities can be fun and soothing to the soul as well.
I have many such baskets about the studio.
One can never have too many you know.
Maybe a post is in order about the contents of one of these baskets...what do you think?

Keep on stitching and making beautiful things....
soothing your heart and soul.

Cathy G



  1. I want to see what's "hidden" in your baskets. I have a few, for wool, rug hooking supplies, quilting supplies, patterns, wool snippets (saved to stuff pin cushions) and even one to hold my supply of homespun fabric. There is always a use for a basket.

  2. I would enjoy seeing your basket contents. I too have strategically placed baskets and containers holding the necessary tools to do various handwork.

  3. Stitching is what keeps me sane, well some would argue that I'm sane, lol I will be so glad when this election is OVER!

    I have done the geraniums as well, once you start you just keep going and end up with a lovely piece.

    Hope your mom is doing well.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled stitching.

  4. Evening, oh I would enjoy peeking into those baskets.Can never have to many baskets.... Hope your mom is ok.Blessings Francine.

  5. I will agree it seems like the world is out of control and some type of hand work is soothing.

  6. I feel blessed that I have my hand work and creative outlet, it keeps me sane in an insane world.
    Love the wool mat, that is a beautiful design and beautifully made.


  7. Love your work. I tried using baskets but mine always look so messy I hide them

  8. So glad to hear from you. We all enjoy your updates. I would love for you to give us a picture tour of your studio (including all your baskets) . I have seen bits and pieces of your studio but never a tour. I love your red geraniums.

  9. Kathy, just reading your post made me feel relaxed and calm. Thank you!
    It does seem that the older I get the more I feel like I'm not living to the fullest but spending (wasting!) my time on the petty details of life. My handwork is the saving grace along with the kitties.
    Love the red geraniums! They are my favorite flower for color on the front porch in summer.

  10. Such true words. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have something to keep my hands busy. I think handwork is such a joy of life.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. It was so fun visiting with you yesterday. Your shop is amazing, warm and inviting. Surrounded by all the beautful colorful wool is soothing in itself.

  12. I say-----one can never have too many baskets, too much fabric or thread, nor too much soothing of the soul. Love your thoughts. Thank you for sharing. TLC


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