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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowy Owl

The hubby is back at it.... taking wildlife photos! He never ceases taking photos of beautiful birds or other fascinating things in nature.  I couldn't resist making a collage of his snowy owl perched on top of an electrical wire.  That insulator is pretty interesting isn't it! 

We are making little to no progress on the kitchen this week.  Hence no photos of the kitchen just an owl.
Our contractor friend is in Colorado skiing ( he lives to ski) ... so he won't be around til maybe this weekend.
We've seen more of our friend Ross, the plumber though.  Our water heater decided to jump ship so Ross is going to put a new one in.  It sits in a box in the garage already.
Keeping my fingers crossed nothing else will konk out,
as we don't really have any rich banker friends to come to our rescue! LOL!
We plan to start putting down the new flooring this weekend... photos for sure!
A DIY project so we'll see how that goes!
I have been doing a lot of wool appliqué for models in my shop and for an upcoming quilt event here in town.
March 28th is the date for that!
More details to follow!
Hope you are keeping busy... keeping an eye out for that warmer Spring like weather that's supposed to be heading our way!!
I'll believe it when I see it!!

Cathy G


  1. Oh those peeps are grand !
    (The owl is pretty amazing, too) ;)
    Stay warm

  2. That owl is magnificent! Great photo, Dave!

    I can't believe that skiing takes precedent over finishing the kitchen. LOL! Hope he gets back to work soon.
    Have fun with the floor project.

  3. Such great shots of the Snowy Owl. Dave is a pro with that camera.
    So sorry the kitchen renovation is staled for ridiculous reasons. I'm sure your new floor will make you feel better. I hope your contractor returns soon to finish the job.

    OMG, those little peeps are adorable.

    Take care, spring is waiting to make it's appearance somewhere.

  4. Breathtaking pics that hubby took. Thanks for sharing.
    Your little peeps are pretty cute, too.
    Hugs :)

  5. Very pretty owl shots. I do love owls. I love your chicks! That is so cute. Very springy.

  6. Those are gorgeous shots of the owl. We have some that come out at night, no idea what they are since I can only hear them. Love your chick piece, that is so cute.


  7. Great shots of the owl. We had one show up and stay on our neighbor's roof for a few hours. Unusual as our area is south of their normal home. Will have to send them to you so you can compare-----or have I already done that? (sorry, can't remember) Have fun with the floor (?)--take lots of breaks, wear knee pads and when done a beer or wine will be well deserved.

  8. Love the little yellow peeps! I shared the pics of the owl with Annie...she was very impressed, as am I. What beautiful pics!

  9. Morning, loving the Snowy Owl picture, beautiful. Also the Yellow chicks is so cute.Blessings Francine.

  10. Love the owl photos! And the chicks are indeed cute : )


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