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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little Burst of Creativity!

A couple of days ago I had a little creative burst that came out of nowhere!  I kept envisioning some type of hooked hanging heart with a lot of texture.... like a birds nest with sticks and fibers entwined to create a hanging pocket of sorts.   The photo above shows what I created.
 I lined the inside with burlap and added a felted backing so things could be tucked inside. The handle is wrapped rusty wire.  There are even scraps of linen backing hooked into the design.  Interesting.  I wondered what would happen and if it would work.  I liked the effect.  I was in creative bliss and thinking like a bird on warm spring day picking what she could find from her surroundings and weaving it into her nest.

The next burst of energy I had was spent rearranging a part of the studio.  There was a cabinet I wanted to move to the front entrance to house new dyed wool.  This particular cabinet was filled with things needing to be sorted and stored elsewhere.   After completing that task and moving the cabinet... the corner ended up looking like this...

I was even able to incorporate a little coffee and tea bar tucked in amongst the wool....

Hopefully those of you in the path of this big winter storm traveling north and eastward stay safe!  Sounds like a good time to stay home and get some hooking and stitching done on those projects!
I will be putting the kits together for my beginning rug hooking class that starts on Feb. 21st and hooking on the Mr. Chill rug for a customer.  And you never know... I may just get another burst of creative energy!

Cathy G


  1. really love the heart and the studio looks great!

  2. I love the little hanging heart nest Cathy! love that you used what you had on hand, and included burlap and linen into the work too. Perfect for a little touch of spring, and I'll bet if you hung it outside ~ I'll just bet a little feathered friend would find it perfect too!
    Are you serving any cookies with that tea? and what time shall we all be there?

  3. Adore your clever little hooked heart !
    Your Studio is grand and welcoming. ;)

  4. Wow, Cathy, your creative juices were sure working over time. I love this but then I love everything you do. You have such great taste.
    You studio looks amazing and very inviting right down to the coffee bar.

    I want some spring NOW!!! I'm getting to be a complainer because of this cold temperatures. I just don't care much for winter except the soft white fluffy first snow fall and then I'm satisfied. I'm ready for spring now. Spring, Where are You? I think that this would make a nice rug if you could come up with a design. Get your juices going again....


  5. I NEVER get tired of seeing pictures of your studio! Great little heart you hooked! Love the texture.

  6. Your hooked heart is so full of life !! all of the textures make it come alive !
    I want to come visit your studio some day and just sit and stare...I love looking at the pics and my eyes move around from your furnishings to your finished pieces hanging on the walls...the colors...wow...

  7. Cathy ~
    The studio looks wonderful and that heart is just too cool!
    Love the rug in your header. Is it vintage? It sure does look it.
    Hugs :)

  8. oh my... LOVE that hooked heart pouch! It's perfect! We're getting the bottom edge of the storm... so staying indoors and stitching today...

  9. Cathy,
    Your heart is so creative! Love it. I didn't realize how big it was until I saw it on the cupboard. Love that cupboard too! In fact, I love your studio!! The antique rug in your header is neat. Reminds you of the northwoods, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing. Always fun to see what you've been up to. Hugs, Lori

  10. You done great with your creativity.....love the hanging heart.......Your studio is so cozy, I would never leave....Also your Header hooked rug is so wonderful, love it, Blessingsa Francine.

  11. Oh Cathy, I LOVE the heart & what fun to do!!! Wish I could come to your house,would you pick me up???

  12. Very creative! Love the house rug in your header. Sarah

  13. It is the cutest studio. I just love the way it looks. Your heart looks fantastic too. I just love it when that creative touch comes in and you can see how it will look.
    I love how it looks with all of those pretty rugs on the walls.

  14. Just love your hooked heart pocket, perfect! Your studio looks so inviting!


  15. Oh, how sweet your make~do hooked heart is. It looks just perfect on your cupboard. Stay warm. We are expecting
    3 to 6 here in Philly, but I'll be indoors stitching and creating by the fire : ) Happy day to you Cathy!

  16. Your Heart is So Neat !!! Love the textures !! The rug in your header is so pretty too !!!

  17. Love your little heart Cathy! I love those colors. Your studio looks so cozy. My wool room looks like a bomb went off. One day I really need to re-do it and make it organized! Stay warm and safe in the storm.


  18. Your studio looks so great I wish I had such a nice space. I love the rug in your heading.
    It looks so old fashion.

  19. Your little "burst" was fabulous. Darling heart hanger and the studio looks wonderful.

  20. Cathy, your studio is so warm and inviting...how I would love to come for some hooking! Your clever hooked heart is wonderful...such a versatile piece. Gorgeous rug in your header...a great pattern there.
    Stay warm...enjoy your weekend,

  21. what a cute little project - i love it!! you have the sweetest ideas.. how you decorated with twigs and that wire hanging, great!!! your studio looks so inviting - i love seeing your rugs on the walls, too!!

  22. Please come visit here with a burst of energy! All the pictures were inviting and I loved the lead picture and guess it is an antique ~ LOVE it.


  23. love your creative heart and your wonderful cozy studio! enjoy!

  24. Your studio is beautiful Cathy!!! I'm still trying to get mine organized! Love the heart!

  25. Wonderfully organized studio. I just want to say; That house rug at the top of your blog with pine trees is very spectacular. It reminds me of where I live. And those otters that your husband photographed, that's a special sighting. I'd love to see the rest of the pictures~

  26. Your studio is inspiring, and the wool heart so primitive and whimsical. Love the idea of tucking a coffee and tea area into there. I'll imagine you there with a nice warm cup of something, hooking and looking out the windows at beautifully falling snow. Your comfy chair looks just like mine - except mine is gold. If it is the same chair, I find mine perfect for hooking! Love your finished rugs and other decor too. An inspiring spot to explore your creativity, or work on commissions! Jo


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