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Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring in Swing on Primitive Handmades Mercantile!

As I sit typing this my fingers are flying but freezing as well!  Another cold cold but sunny day here in the northland!  We are purposely keeping the thermostat down to around 66 or 67 degrees these days. The firewood is almost gone!   Ahhhhh .... but there is a glimmer of hope... I spied the first Robin of the season!   Unfortunately not a real one but in my latest little hooked mat that I've offered for sale over at the Primitive Handmades Mercantile selling blog.  Have you been over there yet to check out Spring in full swing?  Bunnies, hooked rugs and more are flying off the site!   Soooo many wonderful creations... there are some wool wrapped Easter eggs that one of our new sellers Michelle from OldeFarmHouseSimples   is offering!  What could be more charming than a woolen egg in luscious colors!  I want a bowl full!

I am so excited about my upcoming beginning rug hooking classes at our local technical college!   There are at present eleven students signed up!  Oh how that makes my heart beat faster!  My visions of a big rug hooking group right here in Rice Lake, Wisconsin is nearer with each class to becoming a reality!   So this weekend will be spent getting the patterns and frames and little details all ready to go!   There is snow predicted again towards the end of next week...  a little snow won't stop a hardy northern WI gal from venturing out in the evening, but if it should be another huge dumping of the white stuff it could put a different light on things.. but we shall see how it all plays out!   One way or another the class will prevail even if it has to be postponed!   So get your scissors ready if you are one of the students signed up already!  That's all you need bring to class and the urge to have some fun!     Hookers just wanna have fun you know.... and make lots of rugs!!  

                                               Cathy G


  1. Beautiful Hooked Robin !
    It is so good to begin seeing some Spring designs coming out of hiding. ;)
    It has been a long and COLD winter.

  2. Hi Cathy, found your blog at The Middle Sister blog. I'm new to rug hooking and wish I could attend your beginning class. I live in California so it's a little far to commute. I'll just have to follow you from afar.

  3. I just found your blog too, and missed getting that wool on the sale site! Dang! Love your works! Not sure about commuting from Virginia to learn how to hook rugs tho! Hugs!

  4. I love your robin we are looking forward to spring too. we have had 2 really lovely days it got into the 40's but we headed into a deep freeze for the next 3 days. Our wood is holding out lord I hate to pay the oil man.

  5. I love your Robin. I hooked a couple robin mats and was so dang proud of them. Now I want to use my same pattern but for a purse and not mat.

    Love it!


  6. How nice I need to do something like that so we could have rug hookers in my town.
    I love your little rug.
    Well keep those fingers warm.

  7. love your robin!
    hope all goes well with the upcoming class!

  8. That is a beautiful piece, I do love doing birds in the spring.


  9. I love your Robin,Have fun in class.Hugs Cheri

  10. Love your Robin. I punched two on a branch last year. Can't wait to see the real thing.

  11. LOVE the Robin!! Hope your class goes well and your fingers don't freeze!!

  12. what a cute birdie!! lovely, cathy! i am so excited about your eleven students, that's wonderful!! i hope the weather won't mess things up for you!! i cannot wait to get a peek at your classwork!!

  13. Love the hooked Robin! Makes spring seem a little closer :)


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