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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Tongues Have Spoken!

And I listened!  Do your rugs ever speak to you?  On occasion mine have done so!  I didn't know for sure what wools I was going to use for the tongues in this pattern.  They are such a big visual in this rug!  All the way around the border!  I was worried what ever I did use was going to over power the rest of the rug.

( rug pattern is from the Needl' Love Book French Market Threads~design by Maggie Bonanomi)

So tell me what you think!  I am using the same wools that are in the leaves and the cream color in the berries.  It looks white in the photo but it is a really nice sandy lighter cream. I have already made some slight changes in the body of the rug since I took this photo this morning. I am really making good progress.  The 8.5 cut speeds things up quite a bit.

We got a couple of inches of snow last night and boy the weather forcasters were right!  Cold and windy!  I snapped this photo of my boys out by the wood pile. When Dave put that old wool jacket on I stopped and said...."Hey!... I forgot you had that old thing..... let me see how thick it is......."  He said "Oh no you don't.... this jacket is the warmest thing there is for bringing in the fire wood!"  I had to laugh.... that old jacket belonged to his Dad as a matter of fact! I think it's real cute on him so I promised I wouldn't cut it up for a rug!   Smokey and Max got new fleece jackets this winter.  They love the snow at least til their little feet get cold!

Cathy G


  1. I like that you used the same colors that are in the leaves on your tongues.It looks great.

    I had to laugh at the the thought of Dave's jacket going through the cutter. lol...
    With all that snow., I can understand that he doesn't appreciate giving his warm wool jacket to a rug hooker.
    here we had a really warm and sunny day today. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

    The dogs coats looks like nice wool too...hmmmmm

    Hugs, JB

  2. Cathy,

    I can't believe how fast you are knocking this wonderful rug out! love it! Smokey and Max look soooo toasty!! Freezin cold here today even a few flurries....
    So are you for hire? LOL... I have had a hooked rug pattern and cut wool for hmmmm... I bet 5-6 years, just waiting for someday.... OLM

  3. What a cute picture. I laughed about you wanting to touch that wool jacket. I think you chose just the right shades for the tongues.
    It really balances it out. I love that you are using 8.5 it looks really good. I can never get my 8.5 to look that good. I really love that rug.

  4. Love your new header. We have had beautiful weather so keep your cold and snow there please:)
    I still havent made any decisions on the wool I will let you know.

  5. I love the colors! It looks great!
    That's a wonderful photo!

  6. Speaking in Tongues???
    I love the way that rug is turning out! The colors are just perfect.
    Great picture of the guys in their favorite jackets.
    The snow is lovely, just not sure I'm ready for it yet.

  7. Cathy ~
    You are making the most amazing progress on your rug :)
    ALL the boys look pretty spiffy in their jackets!!!
    We got our first snow flurry this evening. I wish it could also be the last...sigh!!!
    Hugs :)

  8. Hi Cathy, you are making such great progress on your rug, I love your color choices,it's coming together quite nicely. Sweet photo of all your boys, love their jackets! I completed my yard work today and washed the windows, let it snow!!!!Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  9. Your rug is looking wonderful and love all the colors you are using. Your lil' pups look nice and warm in their winter jackets...wishing we had some snow!

  10. The tongues speak the truth! :-) They balance the rug out nicely! So glad you are getting a few days off to relax and create. Sure does look cold there.... but that picture looks to be a great holiday card!

  11. your house looks so pretty! i love snow and red together! i always hang the old long red underware somewhare in the snow. love your rug cathy and the tongues are perfect. the other day when i was cutting up wool it was so weird it was like it was giving me ideas. i musta needed a wool break cuz i really enjoyed handleing it. and the fur babes enjoyed laying on it! your pups are so cute in their little jackets. when i was at the vet the other day they had a bunch of fleece jackets hanging for sale. i should get angies koa one he hates to be out in the snow. and big ol oliver doesnt want to come in. i am always looking at the bottom of dishes or clothes that people ware lucky i dont come across pasley very often cuz i probley would cut if off someone. love pasley. your man looks great out there in the wood pile... the fur babes have a perfect pose! enjoy your day cathy!!!

  12. Cathy, Oh but that was a cute play on words...."the tongues have spoken". And I sure DO like how you are hooking the tongues and also love the background and how it changes dark colors to look like 'that was all se had' and then filled in with a similar but different dark. It really gives a nice old patina to the rug.

    Pups are cute and appears as tho they are posing for the photo.


  13. Looking beautiful!!! So fast on the hooking. I love creating with Maggies patterns too :) Max & Smokey are too cute with the jackets! Enjoy Your Day! My Best, Kimberly

  14. The picture of your husband and dogs is framable. I think it would make a wonderful winter accessory. If your rug is speaking to you, it is saying,"I am so beautiful!"

  15. Cathy, I really like the way your tongues are turning out...and I think the lovely blue you chose for the urn really sets the rug off! The picture of your DH and dogs is so cute, are they poodles? Brrrrrr, it looks cold.

  16. omg !!!! LOVE this rug, your choices of wool are amazing....that is the hardest part for me is picking my colors.....and the most important. Sometimes I think if I go with my first choice that is the best, the more I think about colors the worse it is. Loving your blog !


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