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My home town is Rice Lake, a small town in northern Wisconsin. I own Red House Wool Studio~ an in-home wool and rug hooking business. I enjoy collecting and decorating with antiques and primitives. Orange Sink Blog is a journal of my interests and ramblings about life. Cathy Greschner

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Open House and Studio Tour!

It's about time you say!  Why doesn't she update her blog?!!!  I hope you'll forgive my absence from blogging lately and accept an invitation to our first Open House and Studio Tour!

We are in the process of transforming my studio into a shop, gallery and fun place to come and get inspired or pull out a frame and hook a few loops!

Hand-dyed wool is everywhere!
Patterns and kits for hooked rugs and wool applique galore!
( even a few antiques and hand mades thrown in for good measure)
Cookies and mulled cider to keep the chill away and the spirits nourished!
For those who can only join us in thought that day I will be taking many photos to share here before and during the event.

When: Saturday November 17th (Opening Deer Hunting Season here) 

Where: Red House Wool Studio- 1505 Fencl Ave. Rice Lake, WI

Time: 9:30 to 5:30



  1. Since I'm too far away to attend, I hope you'll be taking lots of pictures to share!

  2. I would love to see the photos too, everything you do is just so great.
    Hope all goes tremendously well!!

  3. Please take lots of photos, I wish, oh how I wish I could come and see all of the work you have done.
    I am excited and yes, I am very glad you updated your blog. :)

  4. How exciting, Cathy! I wish you much success in your open house and shop...wish I could come :0)

  5. Me too!!! Just a bit too far for a day (or even weekend) road trip.
    Jill has the most wonderful wools and her hooking is as perfect as I've ever seen. Yes, please take lots of pictures to share with us!
    Hugs :)

  6. First of all I love love your header picture! So sweet!! Oh what fun you are planning!! Sure wish I could visit. Sounds like loads of fun and awesome inspiration. I'll look forward to seeing the pics of your day. Hope you have a great turnout after all the hard work. And we would love to see what other rugs Lisa has done so tell her to let you take pics for us. Hugs, Lori

  7. dearest cathy - now whatcha make of this??? - i will have an open house studio tour on exactly that same day!!! cheers to us wooly girls!! in spirit i will definitely be visiting you, my friend! what a wonderful update, i cannot wait to get a sneak peek on what you have been creating!! and now i am off to my woolens....busy busy and wish you fun creating and playing with our favorite materials!!

  8. Wow Cathy, such great news and I'm so glad that your hooking business is keeping you so busy. Your transformed studio will be an amazing place to gather and all that beautiful wool surely will be irresistible. I just wish that I lived closer to go see it in person.
    I'm looking forward to your next post and all the photos. Take care.


  9. Cathy, you have been missed. First I must say what an adorable photo of your sweet little pooch (is that a John Deere collar I see?) Oh how I wish I could attend your open house and have a tour of your beautiful studio. I will be there in spirit! Looking forward to future pictures, your friend from Maine, Julie.

  10. So glad you are ok. Been worried about you. Good luck with the shop! Sarah

  11. Evening....love your Header picture....so cute......Would love to visit your studio to......great hooked prices.....Blessings Francine.

  12. Cathy,

    Love your new header!!! peek a boo! Wish I lived closer, I would sure pop in for a visit, so I am going to need that "sneek peak" plz! OLM

  13. How fun and sure wish I lived close I would be there in a heartbeat! Can't wait to see the sneak peek!

  14. Can't wait to see all the "goings on"! Best of luck!

  15. Hi Cathy...sure wish I could be there! Best of luck to you and I LOVE your header photo!!
    Karen & the Hounds

  16. Good luck. Wish I lived closer. Take care, Janice

  17. Hi there, I was coming this morning to leave you a message asking if everything was ok, and I see it is more than that!! Congratulations on your first Studio Tour. I am sure it will become an anticipated Annual event. Like so many others, I wish I could just attach myself to this message and be there to participate. All the best - and I too look forward to seeing the pics. Adorable shot of the sweet pooch!!! oxox

  18. hi cathy! love the picture of your fur babe! my grandson has sooo much john deere...i dont think he has a dog collor tho! congrats on your studio tour/open house. i will be in the cities for my sons graduation..but will be waiting for the next best thing! lots of pictures! i just love your studio!! cant wait!! enjoy your evening and dont work too hard!

  19. How exciting Cathy!!!I can't wait to see your pictures!!! I so wish I could come!!!


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