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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going for the Golds!

I suppose you've all been watching the Olympics!  I've caught bits and glimpses of it.  I like to catch up on what's happening on the evening news.   I marvel at the fit and trim athletes and their intense focus on winning.   The gold medal is the highest sought after reward for their hard work.
I've been going for a little gold of my own here lately. The kind you can only get when wool meets the dye pot and simmers up some of the most luscious gold colors on the planet!
My quest for the perfect gold resulted in a few of the pieces you see above.
And below...

What I'm after is a great sunflower gold!  I think a couple of the pieces will be perfect for my next rug design. I hope to begin hooking it shortly so I can show you!  I am going a little nutty with the color planning.  Sometimes this happens where I can't decide which way to go with a new design.  The choices are too wide open. Dark background or light?  Expected colors or not? Wide cut or not?  All the things one must decide before hooking. 

This morning after breakfast found me playing in the dye pots again.

Guess I got a little carried away with the chartreuse and key lime!   Oh well..... Halloween is not that far off!  LOL!  Seriously though there is a method to my madness!  It has to do with my next paper pattern release.  The "Sassy Sunflower" rug which I designed a couple of years ago. The paper patterns will be ready this week if all goes as planned.  I'll make an announcement here so you know when it's ready and listed on my pattern selling blog.

Back to the studio for me!  
See ya soon!

Cathy G

p.s.  For you local hookers and you gals from Duluth and Washburn...... If anyone is up to hooking this week I am planning on Thursday August 2nd to meet here at 2:00 pm.   The studio has lots of new wool!  Hope to see you!


  1. LOVE your Sassy Sunflower rug, Cathy!


  2. Cathy ~
    I think you've won the gold with all your luscious wool!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Super fun sunflower rug! The blue really makes it pop!

  4. I love the dyed wools on your fence. Dye day is always a blast, isn't it. It's like making magic...and you can never ever get enough colors.

  5. Hello Kathy, love the gold, really great colors. Also sweet Sassy Sunflower, looks good. Blessings Francine.

  6. Love your gold wool. You win first price for that gold. All the other colors are beautiful too.

    I hope that you have a productive week.
    Hugs, JB

    Hug, JB

  7. You certainly get the Gold Medal for your dye efforts. Beautiful wools.

  8. Love the sassy flower and will add it to my wish list. Of course I will try it in prim colors, but the bright colors are beautiful too. I also love a good gold wool. I was just thinkin that I need to see what's on tomorrow. I work in the evenings and miss. Lot of the coverage. I did see the opening ceremony and it was fantastic! I would love to be in London right now!

  9. Love the golds and your sassy flower is a beauty!

  10. I'm more of the gold wool type person rather than a gold medal type person! Nice and fluffy! lol! ;-) Love the sassy sunflower rug! The brighter colored woolens look great drying on the railing!

  11. Love that flower rug! You've got me itching to get into the dye pots again!

  12. Lovin your Golds!


  13. As for me, I can NEVER get enough of chartreuse and lime! Love seeing pictures of your dye session. Wish you lived closer, we could have great fun dyeing together!

  14. Yummy golds and re the lime, it is key lime pie season after all. Don't know how you can go near a pot when it is as hot as it is here. Oh well, excellent results. A medal for sure!!! And I love your sassy sunflower. There's something special about the word sassy, isn't there? xo

  15. Golds and mustards are the hardest colors to get when I dye sor some reason, so I'm really admiring your beautiful results! YUM!

  16. Gorgeous golds, Cathy! Love the shot of the wool drying on your railing....I love going to my friends house when she's dyeing - she has wool and wool yarns all over the place. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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