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Friday, April 6, 2012

Tis a Gift!

Happiness to a rug hooker is completely finishing a rug no matter what the size. Getting them bound and labels sewn on a labor of love.  Love for the rug and in this case love for someone special who is going to be receiving this little spiral mat as a gift.  I can't tell who at this point as this person reads my blog.
 While I hooked this mat and chose each color of wool strip I thought about this person. So you could say their spirit and life energy is hooked into this mat. The spiral represents the journey in life they are on.
I think I mentioned before how hard it is for me to part with my work. One of the things that helps is to keep my mind focused on the person whom the mat is being given,  hoping that in days and years ahead they will find enjoyment and think happy thoughts of me when the mat is being looked upon and used.

Of course this little mat had to look fabulous in every place I put it in my home! It could live here in comfort and grace the little tables and warm the hearth where a candle holder sits.

But it will be united with it's new owner shortly!  I'll let you know next week who the person is!

Here is the start of a new chair pad that I designed and am making into a kit for two of my students. It is a 14" round pad and has some really gorgeous primitive country colors.  It is half way hooked already and I'm counting the strips as I hook!
Happy Easter to all my faithful readers out there!  I see my followers are over 200 now!  That means I should be having a give-away to celebrate!  That may have to wait for a little while but before the sun sets on the last day of May maybe I can rustle up something sweet for you friends!  I appreciate all of you and your comments thrill me and keep my spirits high!  Your blogs inspire me!  

Cathy G


  1. Oh Cathy, what a jewel that little spiral rug is. Lucky person who receive this generous gift. The colors are perfect and as you put it, you have kept focused on the person for whom you hooked it for makes it so special.

    And your hook has no time to cool, your loops are so neat. I wish I lived closer to you to see your wares close up. Hugs. Have a blessed weekend.

    Happy Easter.
    Hugs. JB

  2. Cathy - Your spiral rug is wonderful! And I know exactly what you mean about thinking of the gift recipient while you were working on it - that happens to me every time - and my son is the same way now too!

  3. Oh miss Cathy G, your spiral mat is the bomb girl! Love how it turned out. I wish I had time to do one but I have so many other things in the works. I don't know how you can part with it! It really does look great in your home. What a giving heart you have to gift it to a lucky friend! Also love your chair pad pattern. You are so inspiring to me! Love seeing what you are up to in your fabulous wool studio. Have a wonderful Easter my friend. Hugs, Lori

  4. Wow! Your spiral mat is wonderful! And yes, it really does look great wherever you placed it! lol! Lucky person to be receiving this lovely as a gift! The chair pad start looks great too!

  5. Cathy: I do love how your spiral mat turned out. I love that you thought of that person with each color and strand of wool. I have always done that when I have made crocheted blankets for friends going through changes/illness...sort of like a mental mantra I go through as I try to put good energy into whatever I am making and hope that it transfers to them somehow. I believe in these things and their powers and love reading that you do, also.

  6. What a beautiful and mesmerizing mat, Cathy!! I've never seen one like it! I love the symbolism of the journey - your friend is a blessed friend indeed. It truly looks perfect in your home....Think you might have to duplicate that journey for yourself. ;o) I so need to pick up my hook again - it gives me comfort and balance and I'm in need of that these days. Loving your chair pad as well - great colors. Sorry I've been MIA a bit....hope you understand. I'm here now though, and about to do a little catching up. (I'll try not to annoy you by leaving overdue comments on every past post - but I can't promise it will be a completely silent "journey!" Wishing you and yours a blessed and beautiful Easter....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Stunning and special spiral, kudos! Your special friend will treasure it:)

  8. Cathy ~
    I love how your spiral mat came out. Lucky friend! It looks so perfect in your home I think you need to hook another one to keep!
    Congrats on 200+ followers.
    Hugs and Happy Easter to you :)

  9. Love the way your spiral rug turned out and most of all the thought you put into each loop and strip! Your friend is sure to be very surprised and very pleased! The new little chairpad is wonderful, too....you just keep creating treasures!

  10. Wow Cathy, I had no idea how gorgeous that rug was going to be...thank you for sharing and your recipient will be happy beyond words.
    Your new one that you started is going to be lovely...I only hope someday to have my stitches half as neat as yours.

  11. who ever is getting that rug is one lucky person!
    Love your new chair pad.

  12. What a wonderful rug and what a lucky friend you have! I'm sure they will treasure it knowing how hard it is for you to give it up - but isn't it the best when you are hooking it and knowing who it is going to and thinking of them. Love your new pattern!

  13. WOWSER!!!!!! What a beautiful piece you hooked. I would find it difficult to let go of such a wonderous work of art. The recipient will be one lucky duck!!!!!!


  14. Love the spiral mat Cathy!!! How pretty!

  15. What a beauty your little mat is! Your friend is twice blessed...a lovely hooked mat...and a lovely giving friend. Happy Easter!

  16. Beautiful spiral rug! How wonderful to gift it to some lucky recipient! I'm working on one right now and I agree with your symbolism. It's helping me get centered while I go through some tough times at work.
    Your new kit is wonderful. So many creative things are flowing through you out to your students. I'm so glad to stop by and see what's "hooking" in your studio!!
    Happy Easter!

  17. Cathy your spiral looks Fan Tas Tic!!! I started one too when Karen so kindly shared it with all of us.I had to put it aside to get some other things finished though.Mine looks very similar to yours!!!
    Happy Easter To You Too!!!

  18. Happy Easter, Cathy!
    Love the spiral mat! I know your friend will treasure this wonderful gift.
    The star chair pad is delightful! Great colors!!!
    Hope you nad your family have a great weekend. Please give those doggies a hug from all of us.

  19. Cathy:
    You are so precious.................what lucky friends you have.
    (I loved the mat on your little round table).

  20. Beautiful!!! Looks perfect with the spirals in the candle holder!
    Love the colors and design in your newest creation!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Prim Blessings

  21. That is an awesome spiral rug. Looks great on the table.
    Lucky friend, I know they will love it.
    Happy Easter.

  22. oh my goodness cathy g! i cant believe you finished that perfectly great rug! and yes it looks at home where ever you put it! and...you have been working on another.. can sure tell you love what you do! great rugs, great colors and a happy rug hooker! enjoy your day!

  23. So Beautifully done Cathy! I may have to try this one day with all my worms!

  24. Wow,what a beautiful job, I have never rug hooked, and I am reading and learning from blogland; I hope to start sometime this year :) I am a new follower :)

  25. I have this pattern for the sprial mat to start but you have inspired me to get going! It does look lovely on your candle table and you are a sweet person to give it up. I feel the same way but when it is someone special it is easier to let go! I just want to know that the work is appreciated.


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