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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spiraling into Control!

A couple of weeks ago Karen Kahle had a blog post on her new blog about hooking a spiral chair pad HERE.  Have you been reading her blog?  It is so full if inspiration and wool eye candy!  I eagerly await her new posts which are almost daily.  If you haven't checked it out do so today!   The creative energy there is flowing!

So today my desire to have some fun after a few weeks of "nose to the grindstone" work got the better of me!  I found some of those unruly wool strips some affectionately call worms that lurk about the studio and drew up a spiral on some linen.  It always makes me a little crazy that something like this huge pile of chaos...... 

......can actually be turned into something rather inspiring and organized.  

Taking care of all the matters in daily life, trying to start and run a business, teaching others the joys of rug hooking while staying inspired myself has been sort of like this spiral. Whirling around and around sometimes at break-neck speed!  Colorful and joyful.  A journey that starts as something small and twirls into something bigger.
Sometimes I have to admit it feels a bit like the spiral is twirling out of control.  Like being swept up in the tornado wondering where I will end up!  
Hooking  on this spiral today made my mind focus and helped me to look forward to what lies ahead. New students to inspire..... new designs and patterns to create..... a business with growing pains that needs lot of attention and time. 
The key is to find some balance. Much like picking the right blend of neutrals, dark and light values in my spiral.
I'm reminded that the spiral eventually ends with a border that contains the design.  Holding it all together.  My hope is that the border is gentle,  allowing me time for my own creative endeavors as well as keeping the business end of things going.

I'm glad I drew up this little design today. Thank-you Karen Kahle for the inspiration and for sharing your creative energy with all of us!  I feel like I may be spiraling a little more in control because of it!

Cathy G


  1. Cathy ~
    I LOVE Karen's blog. Like you said, it is so inspiring! I want to try hooking one of these, too. Too many rugs I want to hook and too little time :(
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Wow does that look good! Can't wait to see the finish! A hooker...and a sage! Great post!

  3. It's looking great and it feels good sometimes just to slow down a bit and work on something with those scrappy worms!

  4. The iPad likes to make up words for me! We all know I meant 'beautiful' colors!

  5. Cathy, this looks great. I have mine drawn out, but need to dig out the worms. Thanks for the inspiration! Kathy, aka the Grinning Sheep

  6. Wonderful post Cathy and your spiral is awesome ~ Love the colors!!!
    Prim Blessings

  7. boy life does sure swirl at times! congrats on your classes tho, looks like so much fun. i love your studio cathy! and i love your rugs your working on, thanx for all your great pictures! enjoy your day!

  8. Oh beautiful friend
    Live near Pa? I would love to learn your joy.:)
    Hugs & JOY


  9. I love your colorful spiral Cathy. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Hugs JB

  10. Well chosen words! And, your spiral chairpad is looking great!

  11. I love Karen's blog as well. I'm so proud of you and the creative path you're taking with turning your love of rug hooking into a business. Your blog is something I look forward to as much as Karen's. I have this spiral chair pad on my to do list. I even sorted through my worms. I'm between rugs now. I should draw it up and give it a go! Love your post today!

  12. Cathy
    What a great anaology for your life right now....glad you're looking at it as spiraling INTO control....just remember those borders that help keep you in balance. Taking time for yourself is ALWAYS time well spent!

  13. Cathy, what a fascinating piece you are working on.
    I'm always inspired when I come here for a visit....THANK YOU.

  14. What a perfect analogy, Cathy. I, too, love Karen's blog. Glad you're putting a border around yourself so you don't spiral right out of the picture!!! LOL Keep up the good work...XXX

  15. I made the Karen K. spiral too, what fun!! I think I will do another. Love your blog and look forward to reading what you and your students are up to. Debby from Maine

  16. Your spiral is turning out beautifully! I also want to make one..... great way to use the worms. I love the way Karen had hers hanging on the wall with the pussy willows beneath it. I'm experimenting with hooking a doll.... getting ready to stuff and attach arms and legs today. It may not be "postable" but so far so good.


  17. Ok...so I didn't get very far and here I am unable to resist a comment. This was a truly wonderful post my friend - I love the analogies - so spot-on. I think I need to hook me some borders. ;o) Love it!! Smiles & Spiral Hugs ~ Robin


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