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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Martha Made Me Do It!

I've always been a fan of Martha.  That's why when I won a give-away last week on Sharon's fun blog MoosecraftUSA I couldn't have been happier!  I won two Martha Stewart books on organizing the home and home solutions.  Just my kind of books. Thanks so much Sharon!  I like to read and reread these kinds of publications  hoping to gain some insight on getting my messes and home squared away.

Paging through the Simple Home Solutions book I spied this idea for storage under the bathroom sink on page 107.

Judging by the storage solution under MY bathroom sink, I think I have a ways to go before meeting Martha's yellow gingham lined basket standards.  Ya think?

(I can't believe I'm actually showing you a pic of under my bathroom sink!.... )

Oh well. I have all winter to worry about what's under my bathroom sink. Sorry Martha.  But I do have to report that Martha has inspired a little French decorating in my bathroom.    French Bulldog that is.
If you are a Martha groupie you probably know she has two adorable French Bulldogs named Francesca and Sharkey.   Of course they even have their own blog The Daily Wag.    
A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning and redecorating a little shelf in my bathroom. I've had this little French Bulldog figurine sitting in my office among some other clutter.  I thought why not give an ode to Martha by finding a home for it in the bathroom.  It found a new home on the shelf over the tub.  Maybe it will remind to do something about  the clutter under the 
sink one of these days!

Thanks again Sharon!  That was a fun give-away!  

Cathy G


  1. Love Frenchies!!! Used to have some friends that showed them. Lucky you for winning those books. I need help like that, I should look into getting those for myself.

  2. Loved ths post - too funny - and under the sink - ISN'T THAT WHY THEY PUT DOORS ON THE CABINETS? Sharon's a gem for sure!

  3. Joanne ~
    Congrats to you! If you run out of things to organize, you are welcome to stop by my house!
    Those Frenchies are too cute. I'll have to check out their blog.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. You're very welcome, Cathy! I am glad you are finding inspiration from the books! Now... if the weekend would get here... I could start making Mr. Chill wooly! lol! :-)


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