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Monday, August 15, 2011

In The Dog House!

Things have been a little hairy around the Orange Sink household the last few days.  The fur boys needed haircuts and baths  of which I am usually the designated hair clipper and Mr. Orange Sink the bather.  Both duties however, fell to Mr. Orange Sink this weekend while I was busy in my office screwing up the computer!
   After baths and haircuts Smokey and Max retreated to their indoor doghouse, an old willow bench in our breezeway.  Dave calls it their cabin. Max on the top bunk and Smokey underneath.


So while the boys were drip drying and resting up from their bath and haircut ordeal, I remained in my office screwing up the computer.

Things for me progressed from bad to worse as I attempted ( read computer dummy here) to install a newer version of Flash Player on my Mac which I found out  later is too old to support the new version. Who new?  I was lead to believe all would be well if I uninstalled the old version then the new would work.  Wrong!  Having no idea what I was doing in the first place I  kept getting in deeper and deeper.  Things popped up on my computer that I had no idea what was happening.  All I was trying to do is get my photos from PhotoBucket to my blog.  I like being able to have a bigger photo than blogger provides without having to click to enlarge. It works slick to upload to PhotoBucket then copy and paste the code into the blogging box.  Well....it USED to work slick. 

Thank goodness Mr. Orange Sink works with a computer wizard  at the newspaper.  I knew I was in the doghouse when he had to call John to fix my mess.  A couple of hours and some fancy work later I now have my computer back to where it was before I started messing with it!  Whew!  

I think I will stick to rug hooking, cleaning and moving my stuff around the house for Fall now that I'm out of the doghouse.  Mr. Orange Sink thinks so too.  So maybe tomorrow I can show you the little Halloween Mat I've been working on.   See you then!

                                                                   Cathy G


  1. Smokey and Max looks so cute in their bunkbeds! Isn't it funny how a simple little software update can change the plans for your entire day? And, it happens so fast too! 3 Cheers for John!

  2. Uh Oh! A little computer curiosity is a dangerous thing! LOL! We're lucky there are people out there who can untangle the darn things when we goof them up.
    Doggie Daddy did a great job grooming the boys. They look adorable!
    Can't wait to see what you've been hooking.

  3. Love Smokey and Max's bunk beds. Too cute. I hear ya on the computer glitch thing. The more you click, the worse it gets. Yay for john coming to the rescue.

  4. Oh Cathy the picture of Smokey and Max is adorable! And they look right at home in their "log cabin" bed!! Too cute!
    I'm glad your computer is all straightened out. Have a great day! Lori

  5. Ah, yes, the black hole of tampering with the computer! It seems so simple at first, then pow...
    I'm glad you guys have someone you know who can fix things up quick!

  6. Love the puppy picture! Does look like a double decker! Your computer experience sounds like I tried to fix it for you -------

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  8. Happy to hear computer is back in order.
    Puppies look sweet and probably smell the same.
    Looking forward to seeing the Halloween mat you are working on.

  9. The puppies look gorgeous...all freshened up and resting after such an ordeal...that is if they are like ours. The bunk bed is great and yes, we think we know our computers but it lets us know that we don't...lol


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