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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple Coneflower Beginner Rug Hooking Kit


My efforts of last night and today are shown here with the creation of this advanced beginner rug hooking kit for one of my students.  (notice the beading on the flower stem which I thought would give a beginner a little bit of a challenge)

  1. Drew the Pattern on backing ( on the straight of grain!!!!!)
  2. Cut the wool strips
  3. Hooked the pattern/ counting the number of strips it took for each element and the background
  4. Prepared another pattern on linen. 
  5. Sorted the strips and labeled the bundles 
  6. Measured the binding tape
  7. Photographed the subject
  8. Will be including a life size photograph in the pattern (9 by 7 inches)
  9. I hope she likes it.
  10. It was really rather fun creating my first kit!  Maybe if I had a different cutter I would consider making some of these to sell.  Or maybe I need to just go ahead and make some to sell and then use the money for a new cutter!
I'm off to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution while sewing on the binding.

                                                            Cathy G 


  1. You should be selling! I love your patterns. I would buy them. (seriously)
    #10 - Do it

  2. Thoroughly enjoy your blog! Inspiring, informative, and fun. My husband is from Richfield, Minnesota, so I appreciate Mid-western humor.
    Charming pattern. Appreciate "the steps" involved in creating a kit.
    Kim's correct...do it ~ #10.

    Happy Easter...to Mr. LG, too!


  3. Cathy ~
    You have been a busy little hooker! Great kit. You need to make up some kits, sell them and buy yourself a Beeline Townsend. You won't regret it (after the initial heart palpitations spending that much money...lol!).
    Seriously, I have read many time how blog readers are wanting to hook and don't know where to start and there was a lot of interest in my "so you want to be a hooker give-away".
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Great little starter kit, love the vibrant spring colors. I certainly would purchase one of your hooking designs especially If It came as a kit, just a thought!

  5. I especially like the beading on the stem.!

  6. Wonderful kit!! And yes you should make the kits to sell and purchase another cutter. You are VERY talented!!! Go for it!

  7. Great design! Great colors! Yes, you should be selling! You had a super snowman pattern on the side of your blog that I would love to hook! Naturally, their are other designs of your I admire too!

  8. Yes, yes, yes...make more kits and start selling them! Plus, start selling your patterns too! Between the two, you could get a new cutter relatively soon! I love your stuff. I'd be a customer for sure.

  9. Sounds like your future is on the move Cathy! Start selling and then buy that cutter.. I sold my Bliss and some piece of mine and finally bought the Townsend a few years back.
    Your new pattern is cute! I can tell by your followers that you won't have any trouble selling them :)

  10. Hi Cathy, seems to me that you are on the right track to a rosy future. Buy that Townsend - you won't be sorry!

  11. Cathy,
    Think about an electric cutter... save you hours and days if you are considering making kits babe!

  12. Cathy, I love that charming pattern. I'm intrigued by the beading. I've never hooked beading in a rug. I wouldn't know how.

    Your kits would sell well because they are so appealing. Your teaching and designing are taking off in a positive way. I'd start to sell kits and keep focused on getting a top of the line cutter. You are so worth it. JB

  13. Hey, Cathy, you should make the kits to sell. Your designs and colors are bright, cheerful and very appealing. I think they're a winner!

  14. Another member to add to your "love the pattern - sell the pattern" choir. But above that, you are amazing to count the strips for the student. I have never done that - just guess-timated, so am never sure that I have given enough for them to do it all. Great tip.

    You could definitely sell your patterns and as all have said, you'll have your cutter before you know it.

    BTW, the garden mat is gorgeous!

  15. Garden mat ~ gorgeous! Little rug kit ~ great! New header picture ~ love it, too! You're on a roll ~ enjoy your journey!

  16. What a great kit. I love your colors. Hope you start selling kits!

  17. such a sweet pattern. those are my favorite flowers that are in my garden.
    have a wonderful Easter


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