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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings-April 18th

The hooking is now complete on Mary's Garden Rug!  She had a sneak peek of it the other day and from what I can tell she is delighted. The bold colors and happy dance of flowers across the rug are right up her alley!  

I will be binding it this week by using a twill tape that I hand sew around the edges.  But first things first! One of my students from my rug hooking class is completing her second project and wants to do another kit.  Soooooo.... I have decided it's about time I design a rug hooking kit for the student who wants something a little more challenging than a small trivet.  It needs to be simple yet a little more challenging and interesting.  So hopefully by Wed. I will have something done!  Whew! 

I wanted  to let you know how the refrigerator drama panned out. Well, repairman Daniel and his assistant ( a repairman in training) came last friday and installed the part. Mr. LG is humming along in happiness. I'm happy, he's happy, the checkbook sort of happy.  The final bill was $178.00.  And we have the added satisfaction of knowing Mr. LG served in the training of a new repairman. It's a comforting thought that there will be another good refrigerator repairmen in the world and that Mr. LG could contribute by letting him work on his relay and overload parts. 

I'm off to the studio and hopefully will have something to report in a couple of days.  Oh, just as an afterthought... since weather is sometimes of interest when it's being naughty or nice..... our forecasters are predicting possible 6 inches of s-n-o-w ( we don't say it out loud here anymore)...on Wed. 
Isn't that lovely.


  1. Good news about Mr. LG, bummer about the s-n-o-w. I feel the same way about high w-i-n-d-s right now.

  2. Mary's rug is awesome. As for that nasty S-word, I am not saying it out loud until December. I believe in the jinx factor. Just keep repeating - daisies, daisies, daisies

  3. Wow Cathy! Mary's Garden is so cute! We are getting snow in Michigan too. Not sticking since morning - yuck! SUE

  4. A magic meadow where the daisies emerge from wool ... beautiful!!!

    Warmest Regards

  5. The rug is fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with for a kit!!

  6. Wow! Great job on the rug! It's fab! Good news about the fridge. I really can't believe you're getting s*** forecasts! Yuck. Look forward to seeing what's happening in the new kit!

  7. Gorgeous flower rug!!! Now go wash your mouth out with soap (after even spelling that naughty 4-letter word)!!!! :-)

  8. Beautiful garden rug. I love the pop of the flowers on that dark background! You spelled the "S" word.....Naughty!!!


  9. Cathy, your magical fingers did it again, another winner of a rug. I love it.
    I'm positive that your next kit is going to be great. I was working on my very first primitive rug kit that I won from Rugs and Pugs when my frame broke. The little wooden piece that swivels on the ball, broke and I glued it together and set it to dry. It was getting harder to swivel and I pressed a little too hard and I cracked the piece. My husband is supposed to make me one out of aluminum. I'm still waiting for it.

    I hope that the weather warms up very soon. I want to play outside. JB

  10. Very COOL Cathy!
    I love the old antique feel to your rug.
    Spring has to arrive soon ....if we keep saying it long enough maybe it will come true! LOL.

    Wonderful header!

  11. Beautiful Cathy! Love the vibrant colors, I'm sure the new owner is going to just love her new rug! Looking forward to seeing what the new hooking kit is going to be. Blessings, Julie

  12. Another beautiful rug! Way to go - So happy about your LG - Always good when it's not to expensive! I'm sure your kit will be wonderful - And sorry about that nasty four letter word! I hereby ban it!

  13. Wonderful rug Cathy! Love the color choices..
    Happy to hear a newbie is learning on the job :)
    Not enough hands on experience out there!
    I really thought that white stufff was gone. So hoping that was a late April fools joke lol.

  14. So glad Mr LG is feeling better. He certainly has made two new friends! Love the rug - glad your class is going great. Let us see the new kit.


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