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Monday, November 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye!

Yesterday was moving day getting the last of Mom's belongings from the house she's lived in since my Dad passed away in 1991.  It is a cute little cabin that my youngest brother Tracy built for her that year.  She and Dad were wintering south in Arkansas and the gulf coast around Lake Charles, LA.   Three years into his retirement my Dad passed away and Mom found herself without a house to live in.  Their 5th wheel camper was home.  So my brother designed and built this one bedroom cottage for her in a wooded area on land that they owned.  Leaving here is not so easy for her but she is looking forward to moving into the nice little house she is buying next to us.  

The weather was perfect for moving this weekend.  Made it a little harder to leave as it was so quiet and sun shiny yesterday down there.  But one has to visualize the scene any day from here on. Wisconsin winters can be brutal.  So we know how lucky we are that it has held off this year while we move.
My younger brother Tracy, ready to get the last of Mom's stuff out including that ugly MIL tongue plant in the background!

Here's some of the muscle who were helping us with the move. My nephew Terry and his girlfriend Stephanie.  Terry has served a couple of tours in Iraq with the army.  So we're glad he's home now and lending a hand!  Cute kids heh?

Mom's house from the back.

The trailer and truck all loaded.

Cheer up Mom! You are really gonna like your new house in town!  

She's a little bit of a thing but strong willed.  Next Sun. Nov. 14th is her 80th birthday.   We still have to move her things from her apartment where she has lived this past year here in town.  She  is really looking forward to getting out of that apartment.  So as soon as all the papers are signed the truck and trailer will be making another trip from her apartment to the new house.  I sure hope the moving crew are still around!


  1. Love that last picture of your Mom!
    She looks like she's gonna skin the next person that tells her she's gonna love it in town....
    It sure was great that your Brother could build her a place...I'd hate to leave that little place!

  2. Cathy:
    What a sweet, sweet story. Yeh, I agree with Tisha, no one better say another word about her loving it in town. NO BODY! She looks like such a (darling) little pistol!
    I have thought about following your blog for quite some time. It seems like where you go, I go and where I go, you go. We love many of the same blogs and people ----- so finally I decided I needed a peek at your blog.
    Nice talent. Great frame of mind. Strong minded woman. Yep, I loved your blog.
    Keep hooking. I am a pokey-slow hooker ---- have been hookin since 1992. I need to adopt the "10 minute hooker" method, for sure! Keep up the darling blog. It's a real breath of nice clean air. I feel like grabbing a cup of coffee.....and sitting and enjoying all your pictures. Ter'e/Florida

  3. Good going ~ I'd like to live next to you ~ she will, too!!! Someday, that will be us!! And I won't be smilin' either!!

  4. Change is never easy for any of us and I can only imagine that sentiment multipied as we get older. You mom is blessed that she has a caring family. When she gets settled into her new home, make sure to mark the occasion with a small gathering or special meal. She should start the next chapter with a happy memory. Give her a hug from all your blog buddies!

  5. That is so great she gets to live by you. Your mom is so lucky to have you all to help her!

  6. Yes do give her a hug from all of us.
    I know she is going to love living next door to you.
    And yes I hope the moving crew is still available, how very nice of them.
    Great little cabin your brother build for her, how nice of him.
    Best wishes to you all on the move. Happy day ahead.

  7. Cathy, I'm so glad that your Mom is closer to settling down in her own place closer to you. She is leaving a lots of memories behind and this must be difficult for her. I hope that she will love her new place. You can count me in for the blogger group hug for your Mom. I hope that your Mom stays healthy for a long time. Great job done Cathy. I could be wrong but I think that your younger brother looks a lot like you without the sun glasses. JB

  8. AWWWW, bless your mom's heart! I know how hard this must be for her. Change is so dang hard! Love the cabin, I'd move there!!!

  9. Cathy ~
    Your mom is just too cute!!! I'm sure it is difficult for her, but lucky her to have you for a daughter and a neighbor.
    Hugs :)

  10. Hi Cathy,
    Yep, your Mom looks like a determined, independent little lady! I think she'll enjoy having you right next door.
    She'll have her own space, but you will be there when she needs you.
    Hope it soon all gets sorted out and the two of you can settle in for a warm and cozy winter.

  11. Moving is such a job - gosh glad you had helpers! Your mom looks like she knows what she wants. Us old folks do get set in our ways!!! Hope you will enjoy living next to one another and have many happy times together.

  12. Cathy, what a bittersweet story. Loved reading it and it brought a smile to my face on how things will change for your mom now. She's adorable. How lucky she is to have such a wonderful daughter, and to be living so close to you now. She'll be making new memories! Tell her we are all wishing her well in her new home :).
    Give your nephew a big Hug and Thank you as well for serving our Country!!! We wouldn't have what we have if it weren't for those who serve...

  13. Hi Cathy

    I am visiting my mom now and as you know, we live miles and miles apart. I often worry about her on her own with me so far away but she is as fiesty as your mother and very independent. As I recently read in Deanne Fitzpatrick's new book, Inspired; you have to ride the horse, don't let the horse ride you.

    Wishing your Mom all the happiness in her new home and blessings on such a loving daughter as you are!

  14. Cathy, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The rain has stopped and the wind picked up and it's cold but the I saw stars in the sky and the waxing crescent moon on my way home from the barn this evening. We are supposed to get two full days of sunshine. Hooray! JB

  15. Bless her little heart. I'm sure you'll do everything you can possibly do to make your momma happy! I can just tell that about you!
    xo, Sheri

  16. I remember going through those changes with my folks...those changes don't come easily. As I get older, I understand this more clearly. She is very fortunate to have such a loving family looking out for her.

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