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Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Chillin'


Mr. Chill is just chillin' waitin' to be bound. He measures 19 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

 Hooked in mostly # 8 strips except for the snow. I cut wide strips by hand for that from a fluffy blue and white large scale plaid wool from my stash. 

 I used kind of non traditional colors in a softer palette than some of my other rugs. 

 I think the red hat and mittens really make this rug! It doesn't scream red and green Christmas so you can leave it out long past the Holiday season.

 Mr. Chill  can't sweep that falling snow away fast enough!

I am thinking of maybe drawing up a pattern or two on linen for sale. Any thoughts or opinions?

Cathy G


  1. Mr Chill is so cute ! he would be great to leave out all winter. I sure wish I could Hook..

  2. I like your colors in this one as well....sometimes it's good to outside of our "norm"....love the soft and worn look of it...very peaceful.

  3. I love it, Cathy! The colors are so nice. You make me want to drag my frame out.


  4. Cathy - Mr. Chill is COOL! Love the colors you used!

  5. Hi Cathy,
    He's a winner!!!
    Yes, I think you should make up patterns.
    The colors are great. I like the subdued look and the background is just perfect.

  6. Love it Cathy! Wonderful to see you use different colors. And yes, why not put the pattern out there. We never know until we try! Lots of snowman lovers out there!

  7. I love Mr. Chill. I love how the snow is sitting on the tree branches. Good job.
    And yes put that pattern out there.

  8. Hi Cathy

    Mr. Chill is absolutely gorgeous. Only a thought, but another version could make the sky dark blue with a starry night sky, with some sparkly white added...

  9. Love your rug! The colors are great!! The pattern is really cute.

  10. Cathy, I love your snowman pattern. He's got class. I love the colors too. You did a great job. Have a great weekend. JB

  11. Very nice! I like how you did the stars (snowflakes?) in the background.

  12. Mr.. Chill is GREAT! I'd love to hook a pattern of him... though I'd probably match (as close as possible) the wool choices you made! ;-)

  13. As usual, your pattern is perfect. The browns in the sky are a real surprise, but a pleasant one. I really like it.

    Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog re the "letdown". Isn't that why we share here, because we know our readers get it.

    BTW, are you selling the pattern for your mitts? I'd be very interested if you are.



  14. Mr Chill is great! I love his facial expression!!

  15. Standing Ovation for Mr Chill...he's fabulous!!!
    the hat and mittens are the perfect touch...

    absolutely offer it as a pattern...

  16. Cathy ~
    What a great rug and I love your colors!
    Hugs :)

  17. Oh, he's just Perfect Cathy...Such an eye fir color...
    After our weather here in Ct. last evening anyone would have a time sweeping the snow away...
    Enjoy the weather while you can...Winter's Here!!!


  18. *****charming pattern...would purchase one if you decide to draw it up.

  19. Would like to purchase one. He is just adorable.


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