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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Wool Shop Grand Opening!

When I received this lovely invitation in the mail to Caroline Dahlager's grand opening of her new wool shop in Chippewa Falls, WI, I knew I had to be there! Caroline's shop, Hooker's Wood and Wool is 52 minutes from my house! My friend Lisa and I hit the road yesterday with the plan to hit some garage sales as well in the Chippewa area.

shop opening Chippewa

shop opening Chippewa
Here's Caroline (in the Angel Girl T shirt)   showing the new rug pattern she has just finished drawing on the backing. This is going to be a very large rug and has the name of her shop worked into the design. Caroline really is an angel and it was wonderful meeting her. However she was so busy with customers all day that we didn't get to visit nearly enough.

shop opening Chippewa
A cute chicken rug hooked by Caroline that I spotted on the floor!

shop opening Chippewa
The wool selection was fantastic! Lots of as found wool from garments that Caroline had washed and stacked in piles!   She is one of the lucky ones to own a Townsend Cutter!  I was trying not to swoon  and cry too much as the Townsend Co. has closed and getting your hands on one of these babies will be next to impossible!

shop opening Chippewa
Another happy friend and customer admiring the selections of wool.

Gene Shepherd hook
I made some purchases while there. Some wool for my Secret Challenge Rug and a few essential rug hooking supplies. I treated myself to a new bent shaft hook by Gene Shepherd. I've been wanting to try one of these for awhile and Caroline highly recommended it. So I better get that challenge rug going and cut up some wool! I think I'm having a little too much fun running around the country side!


  1. My, my those wools look yummy - irrestiable - I know you had a good time in that show! (moments in Time)

  2. Looks like a great little shop. I'm drooling over the shelves of wool. Such pretty colors.
    With less than an hour drive, you can visit often.

  3. That looks like a really great store.
    Great distance for a nice day trip.
    Let me know how you like the bent hook.

  4. Wished I lived closer. I'm down in Mauston (by Wis Dells). Hardly ever go up that way.

  5. Cathy ~
    The shop looks heavenly.
    I've never tried a bent hook. Let us know how you like it.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. This sounds like a FUN outing! And what a neat rug design with all those leaves. What fun that would be to hook.

  7. Oh, Cathy! I'm so glad this wonderful shop opened in your area!. (Less than an hour away!!!) It looks fantastic!
    This should generate a lot of interest in hooking and maybe get a group or two started, do you think???
    Keep working on that challenge piece! I can't wait to see it.
    And please let us know if you like the bent hook.
    What a happy and inspiring trip!

  8. Uh, Cathy, the invitation says decadent desserts were being offered. In all the excitement you seem to have forgotten to take a picture! hehehe!!!
    I will forgive you this time since I know how hard it is to choose between wool and chocolate!

  9. Envy!!! Would love to have a place like that close to home! Great photos!

  10. Hooker's Wood & WoolJune 15, 2010 at 6:58 PM

    Cathy: You are so special to feature me on your blog. Thank you so much for doing this and es-pecially for coming to our Grand Opening for Hooker's Wood & Wool! People like you are of such encour-agement and wonderful to have in my life! Everyone (both near & far) are welcome to come and shop in the studio. I committed "H.W.& W." to the Lord last year when I opened and must give thanks to Him for all those He has brought my way. I am so grateful and blessed to have so many special people in my life!
    Hooker's Wood & Wool
    Caroline Dahlager, Owner
    Hours: Mon-Sat 12-5 or By Appt.
    You might like to call before you come a long distance to make sure the studio will be open when you arrive.

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH Cathy! You are so sweet to feature my Hooker's Wood & Wool Studio on your blog. It is w/all sincerity that I say how much folks like yourself serve as such an encouragement to a fresh business....MANY THANKS not only for this but for coming and being a part of our Grand Opening and bringing a friend along....WOW! Our studio has a phenomonal day w/visitors and sales and I must say that when we dedicate our business to the Lord, He honors it with such a presense and in a way that no one else can! Anyone is more than welcome to shop w/us at "H.W.& W." but you might want to call first if your coming a long distance to be sure that we will be open.
    Looking forward to meeting many of you that are also friends of Cathy's.
    Joyfully A Hooker, Caroline
    Hooker's Wood & Wool Studio
    (715)723-6875 Hours: M-Sat 12-5

  12. Kirsten MartindaleJune 24, 2010 at 2:58 AM

    I've known Caroline my whole life...literally! Thanks for the great coverage for Mom's shop. She's passionate about rug hooking and loves to teach as well. If anyone out there is thinking about rug hooking, give her a call. She's a pro!


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