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Monday, June 7, 2010

Chocolate Mint and Homespun Delight Winnings!

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate mint as you probably know is very invasive in the garden if you don't contain it somehow. My solution is to dig it up and plant it in an old galvanized tub with handles. I can plop it here and there, wherever I'm in the mood to sit and watch it grow. The scent is heavenly. The dried leaves make a relaxing tea. I like a fresh picked sprig in a glass of sun brewed iced tea.

Pat Towel/soap

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised that I was a lucky winner in a give-away over on Pat Wenger's blog Hook Hand and Heart. My heart skipped a beat today when I opened the package from her and eyed the fabulous homespun towel she made and the bar of Rose Geranium handmade soap. I have been a collector and lover of antique homespun for a number of years. I have to tell you that this homespun towel she made is pure primitive luxury. The touch is like silk and the workmanship is excellent. Made to use I know, but forgive me because I shall hang it with my prized pieces of antique homespun and enjoy it's simple beauty. I know that others have urged Pat to offer her weaving on her website. What a treat that would be for those primitive lovers like me who would love to own a hand woven piece.

Pat towel/soap close

The Rose Geranium soap happens to be one of my all time favorite scents. Pat you really know just the right things to make a much appreciated give-way package! Thank-you generous friend from the bottom of my heart! If you haven't had the pleasure to check out Pat's blog be sure and click here to be transported to an earlier time through viewing her lovely homestead.

Here are a few more photos of my gardens and some of the old salvaged junk from the farm that we use for garden art.

siberian iris/wheel
Siberian Iris in full bloom.

horse drawn plow
An old rusty horse drawn plow.

coral bells/tub

Coral bells by an old galvanized tub with annuals.

wenger homespun/close
I couldn't resist a couple more photos of your towel Pat. Doesn't it look wonderful hanging with some antique homespun and early calico? Love Love Love it!!

wenger homespun


  1. Lucky girl!! Yes, I, too, appreciate her work so much ~ I am privileged to have a friend who is a weaver and I am lucky enough to have a couple of her pieces. It's like gold, isn't it?
    In regards to mint ~ I have apple mint that I should gather up in a tub!!! Wow ~ can that stuff travel!! Love your primitive garden accessories!!

  2. More beautiful garden pictures! I am sooo envious! Wish I had your energy. That is more work than I can imagine.

    I'm glad you liked the towel and soap. Your photos are great. Wish you lived closer so I could hire you to do my website photography. I just can't seem to get in the mood for it.

    Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather.

  3. Cathy ~
    Congratulations! I, too, was one of the lucky recipients of the give-away. I received the most wonderful towel that she wove ~ it is to die for gorgeous. Did you know she also made the soap? She is one of the most versatile, talented persons that I've ever come across. I don't think there is anything she can't do!
    I learned my lesson planting anything with the word "mint" in it years ago ~ never again!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. OMG Pat,
    Now I learn that you make soap too!! Is there anything else I should know about that you can do? I think I'm coming out there to live for sure? :)) In the meantime I'm sending you some rain for your garden!!

    (thanks Lauren for filling me in on the soap! I wondered if she possibly made it...... it smells divine!)

    Cathy G

  5. Hey, Friends!
    The One Thing I can't do (and won't do) is cleaning house! hahahaha!!!
    I do all the other fun stuff to avoid ever having to do THAT!

  6. I love chocolate mint, and WISH mine would become a little more invasive.... wonderful winnings! Your garden pictures are fabulous!


  7. I love the galvanized tub idea. Makes such good sense.
    Your woven towel is awesome also Love how it is woven.
    I need to go check her out.

    Enjoy your soap and towel.So nice to have special touches from friends.


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